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  1. El Camino Real is the best Mexican restaurant in Fayetteville. Great-tasting, comfort food and very reasonable. I would put camino real at the top of my list followed closely by Acapulco on East Robinson. Has anyone tried Patron yet?
  2. As an outside observer, this seems more like a case of clashing personalities than clashing ideological views.
  3. Looks like I won't be able to hit the trails as often as I wanted to now that the weather has warmed up. The tunnels don't look too inviting on a bike or on foot with all the mud and tree limbs that have washed into them. Oh well, I'm still glad the trails are there, mud piles and all.
  4. You may have gone to Picasso's after chef Barcenas left or just had a bad experience. Picasso's really went down hill after he left. I always thought Picasso's pizzas were pretty good, so I will definately give them a try at Mezza Luna. By the way, I had Mezza's calzone and it was excellent.
  5. I was there last night. The food was great and the wait staff was attentive. As soon as my wife and I saw the sign at the front entrance, we knew it was the same chef from Picasso's. The menu was undeniably Picasso's inspired as well. I'm really glad he's back because Picasso's was one of my favorite restaurants in Fayetteville. And one more thought... Mezza Luna is in a much better location. It is more accessible and centrally located. Also, the setting in the restaurant was very enjoyable. Good luck to them.
  6. That could be feasible if your Segway could get up to about 75 MPH. That would be a sweet ride.
  7. The ideal situation here would be to hop onto a train or bus, near my home, and after arriving near my destination be able to walk safely the rest of the way. Now, unless I worked in Benton County and lived in Fayetteville, riding a light rail train wouldn't have much of an appeal for me. I enjoy going up to Rogers occasionally to shop or dine, but it just doesn't have the amenities to support mass ridership on light rail. The same could be said about Fayetteville. Hopefully I'm wrong, but it seems like other than business travel light rail in the NWA corridor would be sparsely used. The reason that mass transit systems work so well in large urban centers is because traffic and finding sufficient parking is a tremendous inconvenience and expense. Also, and this is really key, pedestrians have easy access to wherever they need to go. Fayetteville and Rogers have all the same basic amenities and are extremely difficult to get around on foot. Will a centralized, light rail system encourage infill and more dense urban living? It seems like it would, but to what extent? Also, would that growth be enough to attract the necessary amenities to create enough daily ridership to justify a light rail? It seems like the more natural course would be letting population growth determine mass transit development. Certainly, it's necessary to plan ahead and have the infrastructure in place for mass transit development and also key to NWA's future growth is focusing on developing pedestrian friendly urban cores to link through mass transit systems.
  8. You know, if Fayetteville would ever take the initiative to develop a true urban core around College Ave from say North to just south of Rolling Hills, it would feed much needed business to that stretch of College and create a vibrancy that would last a long time. Of course, College Ave would need some serious street improvements to change its pedestrian-unfriendly design to a safer and more appealing environment. Also, if these improvements ever took place, access to I-540 would have to be improved to accommodate the increased population living along College. Dense population growth would also create an ideal situation for bus and/or trolley service. I think the possibilities are endless and it is fun to speculate, but College is in serious need of improvements to stimulate growth and spur development.
  9. Personally I'm of the same opinion as you Mith, but if the market ever becomes over-saturated with Mexican restaurants then the bad ones will get weeded out and NWA will only be left with excellent Mexican food. What a shame huh?
  10. I noticed that. It was long overdue because people are constantly fighting traffic to get across Sycamore. I will never understand why people don't see the need to stop when they see a pedestrian/cyclist on a crosswalk.
  11. It's incredible to see how popular the bike trails are in Fayetteville. Even on cold blustery days the trails are heavily populated with older and younger people alike. It's also really neat to see all the kids running and biking on the trails. It lets you know that these kids now have extra room to play and be active instead of sitting indoors and watching tv. It makes me wonder how popular bike trails are or would be in Springdale, Rogers, and Bentonville. Would they be any less popular in the rest of the NWA corridor. I became curious with the recent reports of obesity levels in the U.S. at 30%, how incredibly beneficial it would be for all of NWA residents to have bike trails just outside their doors or relatively close at least.
  12. I think the word racist has been thrown around too easily in this thread. I don't think any of the comments have been racist. Racially/Culturally insensitive? Yes. A counter example would be, "Hey, did you here Sixth Street is going to be renamed President George W Bush Blvd. Great, now everyone is going to think Fayetteville is run by a bunch of ignorant rednecks." Personally, I don't think renaming Sixth Street is much of a gesture, but I could be wrong. It may speak volumes to others and help continue to move Fayetteville in the right direction. I hope this is the case. I love the progressive direction that Fayetteville is taking and it would be moving much faster if it weren't for our horrific economy. And, I think that if some of our neighbor cities would look at progress in the same manner as Fayetteville it would go a long way for helping to culturally and racially diversify our region. Once that happens, I think we will finally lose that stigma that has made our city government make an insecure gesture like the one we are discussing.
  13. Although there is no Sixth Street master plan, improvements have already begun with the completion of the Mill District, Frisco Trail, widening of Razorback Road, and Sixth Street is part of the Walker Neighborhood Master Plan. I would like to see continued improvement since Sixth Street hosts tremendous gameday traffic.
  14. Let's be a little more positive. Although I think the gesture is a little past its prime, we all know that sixth street is not a ghetto. Besides, it is on the docket to receive street improvements since it is part of the gateway region into Fayetteville and the University.
  15. I don't know if this has already been mentioned before, but there is a new restaurant in place where Garfields was at the NW AR mall. It's called Garcia's. Also, the Mediterranean restaurant in this article from arkansasbusiness.com caught my interest. Personally, I love Mediterranean and Latin American Carribean cuisine. Good food is one of my passions, so I'm glad another restaurant is going into Lin's former location. It will also add much needed vibrancy to that area. I'm still praying for a PF Chang to open in Fayetteville.
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