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  1. It may be because a lot of people come to Murfreesboro for medical care from for McMinville, Smithville, Shelbyville, Tullahoma, and Manchester. I don't think Franklin has as many feeder cities needing healthcare. Plus Rutherford country is larger and growing faster.
  2. St. Thomas is also building a 25 million dollar neighborhood hospital not far from the Vanderbilt hospital. https://www.dnj.com/story/news/2020/04/17/saint-thomas-plans-neighborhood-hospital-blackman-area-in-murfreesboro/5149294002/
  3. Plans revealed for Methodist Church property in downtown Murfreesboro. Highlights. - Multiple buildings tallest being 12 1/2 stories tall. - Church is being saved. Will be a restaurant or event space. -156 residential dwellings - 110-room hotel - 647 Parking Garage - Retail located along N. Church and East Lytle Streets - Office Space 56,215 square feet https://www.dnj.com/story/news/2020/02/19/downtown-murfreesboro-will-add-156-dwellings-in-church-redevelopment/4814248002/
  4. Interview with Giarratana on downtown in the Nashville Ledger. What are some big challenges Nashville faces as it grows and tries to maintain its character. “One of the biggest challenges we have is that planning has, historically, not favored vertical. They've wanted to grow horizontally rather than vertically, and I think that is why non-urban neighborhoods are feeling pressure. If planning would begin to think more vertically, meaning taller buildings in concentrated nodes of development, I think it would take a lot of pressure off the non-urban neighborhoods.” https://www.tnledger.com/editorial/Article.aspx?id=122710
  5. 95% of homeless people are not homeless because they don't have a home. They are homeless because of other issues. They are either mentally ill or addicted to drugs. Until they open back up the mental hospitals and they are put where they can be taken care of. We will continue to have this issue. There are several places that will help homeless drug addicts and that's where they should be sent for help. They should not be allowed to take over a tax payer funded park and beautiful library.
  6. It looks like we may be getting something similar the Daily Memphian as Steven Cavendish is planning to relaunch The Nashville Banner. https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2019/01/25/local-media-veteran-preps-relaunch-of-nashville.html
  7. The redevelopment project of the old church has not stalled. The developers are currently in their "due diligence" period before they close on the property. I believe the city gave them 6 months to conduct their due diligence which should be ending soon.
  8. Murfreesboro expanding airport terminal in hopes of enticing corporate HQ. https://www.dnj.com/story/news/local/2018/12/12/murfreesboro-airport-new-terminal-construction/2290493002/
  9. Most of the homeless people are mentally ill. There is no "teaching them to fish". They need to be put in schismatic facilities like in the past for there own safety and care. The next group of homeless are drug attics that can be helped with the right programs. There are very few that are just on hard times. Those type are temporarily homeless but usually get back on their feet on their own. Regardless, they should not be allowed to harass people and take over public spaces so nobody else can use it. Until they bring back the mental hospitals to lock up many of them the homeless problem will continue to exist.
  10. One problem with Murfreesboro's square is the proliferation of law office that take up all the street level retail spaces. It's hard to build any synergy downtown when there is little retail/restaurant space available because of all the law offices. That being said, things are slowly changing more reseraunts and retail are pushing there way in. The old neighborhoods are also improving with lots of renovations and infill as well.
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