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  1. would RI be in its extra sucky recession if LETS SAY IF.. if the runway extension and this project were completed 10 years ago?? how beneficial will these 2 projects be for eco. develoooo?
  2. http://www.forbes.com/2008/07/03/housing-a...thisSpeed=30000 more ranking
  3. not sure where to post this..so here it is. http://www.projo.com/business/content/BZ_F...13.2a4ffee.html
  4. has anyone ever thought of what the weather will be like for RI in say.. 100 years?? Do we know if parts of our state will be under water if these projected sea level rises actually happen and aren't a miscalculation? Or maybe we will be safe.. but benefit from warmer winters?
  5. why does the projo allow comments like these in their polls?? "January 21, 2008 04:26 p.m. It was better when they all stayed in the closet. They are disgusting people." concerning the gay evolution poll
  6. We should start a poll thread for 'the best of' or 'the most exciting opening/project' of 07' or 'what my number #1 completetion date in 08' project is' just for some fun around here
  7. if i win the next 300 mil dollar lotto im going to just build an affordable apt tower in downtown and maybe the interest that i have from the money leftover in the bank will cover the maintenance costs thus more peoopleeeee
  8. prov 2020 plan. http://www.providenceplanning.org/matriarc...tsProvidence202 click providence 2020..., then the final report link... but check out the entire section!!
  9. a perfect picture for us to ass a 110/W render and maybe some other ideas for the triangular parcel and other lots
  10. :offtopic: :offtopic: So I was at this house party last night when I meet this older girl (30) who moved here 3 years ago from Miami. She apparently had a bad experience or two with a few people here since her move and she spent about a
  11. in the quad type area... the library is to the right, gym ahead, bookstore and caf to left
  12. of course i forgot to turn the friggin history channel on tonight
  13. no one sees this as a positive for providence?? a boost for lupos and the gay nightlife on sundays and mondays which are lagging here
  14. woops sorry I had it on my clip board to paste and everything!!
  15. I thought we had a providence nightlife thread but I cannot find it this is an article from in newsweekly about the planned closing of axis, embassy, avalon, and modern to make way for a new family friendly and destination dining place for boston. could this help the gay club scene from RI's sunday and Monday night?
  16. a couple of pics from miami.. i didnt really take skyline shots.. one of the houses on star island some of the skyline on the way back to the airport versace mansion pretty blue water for a cloudy day
  17. I added the link to my signature just before my last 5 posts I think And with nothing new to talk about lately... all of my posts lack content
  18. yea its been really slow .... im kinda pissed
  19. dont forget to vote once a day :) im trying to figure out a good place to set up 4 or 5 laptops and have free food and drinks for the night life... they can just register and vote there I realllly want this.
  20. Hellllllllllllo lovers "After 19 amazing seasons of The Real World, MTV is revolutionizing the casting process by allowing you, the viewers, to help pick the next housemate. Not only are we are giving all of you the power to help choose who the next housemate will be, you will have a chance to be one yourself! This new innovation in the casting process puts power in the hands of people who watch and love the show. If you know and love The Real World, it doesn't get any cooler than this. " Sooo.. Thats basically what this link will lead you to.. a place to vote for me You can vote once daily for each person so feel free to log on daily and send me a vote http://realworldcasting.com/people/Skylerpunk
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