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  1. Hi! Don't think this has been posted anywhere yet. This new pavilion / plaza / restaurant space is part of the Science Museum's masterplan. Love the airy design! https://www.architecturefirm.co/work-1#/science-museum-of-virginia-restaurant/
  2. Happy New Year! I regularly check ArchitectureFirm's website. I love their work and my gardening company recently worked with them on Common House. Check out this gem!! They had a basic conceptual rendering a while ago, took it off the website, but now it's back and prettier than ever. I hope this comes to fruition. https://www.architecturefirm.co/work-1#/rva-tower/
  3. It's been a while since I've posted on here. Just wanted to mention that I'm really excited about the direct LAX flight and plan to use it to visit family. I have a lot of friends that also like to visit LA so I think it will be a popular flight. I'll probably book something for February.
  4. It's possible this is a separate project, but it's also supposed to be on Leigh. Maybe it will be a collaboration between the firms. I feel like if this was the final design, we would have heard about it on bizsense or another news source in September when it came out.
  5. I was told that HKS was awarded this project. As far as budget, I thought my source possibly meant $90 million, but checked with someone else too. It's supposed to be a huge project.
  6. Guys, if my sources are correct, this is not the final design for the project. Another architect was chosen. Apparently this is supposed to be a 6 year project and around $900 million.
  7. The music is pretty comical, but this video shows some nice photos of the Green Gate development in Short Pump.
  8. Hello, Discovered this while I was browsing the Baskervill website. Don't think it's been posted yet. There aren't any details on it but looks like a pretty cool adaptive reuse concept for that tunnel building between Wharf and E. Main streets. http://www.baskervill.com/projects/concept-restaurant-brewery/
  9. Hey all, I saw some construction fencing up at the old Pleasant's Hardware on Broad. Anyone have current information on the Sauer development that will include a Whole Foods? Timeline or any other details?
  10. Hey all, Former Fultz Architects is now a partnership and is called Fultz & Singh. They've got some interesting projects on their website. Not sure if these are being developed or are just proposals at this point, but the "Date" for each of the projects is a promising sign. http://www.fultzsingharchitects.com/1801-west-main/ http://static1.squarespace.com/static/565377fce4b0b299b81e7cff/t/576db3f22994cae381ccbc9b/1466807290175/?format=2500w http://static1.squarespace.com/static/565377fce4b0b299b81e7cff/t/576db4012994cae381ccbd6d/1466807303261/?format=2500w
  11. Me too. Imagine a 5 hr. flight from Richmond to LA!? I will talk to my sister and report back to you guys. It was my first time flying into the area but everyone I've talked to recommends it over LAX especially if you are going to Orange county. I think it actually ended up being cheaper than LAX anyways.
  12. Hey guys, Recently flew from RIC to SNA (John Wayne in Orange County) via Newark. Not a bad way to get to the west coast. I was daydreaming of having a direct flight though, being that both Richmond and SNA or so easy to navigate... that would be amazing. My sister also flew out there recently on what was supposed to be the same RIC to SNA via Newark, but her flight got changed and I believe she went directly from RIC to Denver to SNA. I need to confirm, but I'll see what she thought about it.
  13. Yea, I'm with you. Grace and Broad are perfect opportunities for some of the retailers you suggested. Even Savannah GA and Norfolk have a downtown Urban Outfitters. No reason Richmond can't. I think Quirk has sort of set the precedent for the area and eventually we'll see some nicer retail options.
  14. “We sense there is a large market seeking the lifestyle we are selling ... one minute from downtown, with a connection to the river and the James River trail system,” Connell said. “People drawn to the cul-de-sacs in the suburbs; that is not our primary customer.” Patrick Sullivan with One South Realty, the Realtor for the project, said he sees the primary customers as empty nesters who want to move to the city and professionals, such as medical doctors at Virginia Commonwealth University Health System." http://www.richmond.com/business/local/article_573c5823-c0c4-5
  15. Just in case anyone missed it. This is a pretty exciting project, especially with the rooftop bar and restaurant. http://www.richmond.com/business/local/article_2c254817-98c8-502a-b03c-fd40c79ea64f.html
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