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  1. I guess they're not going for the Wow factor with phase I...two parking garages and some street improvements!
  2. No new updates, but these articles summarize several of the items in this thread Summary of Chamber's recruiting strategy over the past year: http://charlotte.bizjournals.com/charlotte/stories/2010/07/12/focus1.html?b=1278907200^3616181 Summary of major financial services industry announcements in the past year: http://charlotte.bizjournals.com/charlotte/stories/2010/06/14/story5.html
  3. +1 This isn't just great news for Charlotte (because we got a piece of the pie) but, IMO, it's great news for America (because there was a Public Transportation pie to be had in the first place)
  4. sammyjoey

    The Vue

    Bad analogy - why are you focusing on a swimsuit model's face?
  5. +1 to this DEC's lights look great in this shot Still waiting on 300 S Tryon, though...
  6. Almost every restaurant mentioned in this thread is Uptown or in a surrounding neighborhood - South End, Dilworth, Elizabeth, Plaza-Midwood, Noda, etc. I'm curious to hear everyone's best restaurant suggestions outside this circle - South Park, University, Ballantyne, etc. (If it's in Ballantyne and you don't want to admit you've ever ventured out there, just say you had a friend who had a great dining experience there:thumbsup:)
  7. Why are they going to run 8th street through the middle of the park between Market and Brevard? The plan shows "traffic calming" (speed bumps, I assume), but why have the street run through the park in the first place?
  8. so to summarize... 1. 5/3 moving to ILJ already announced 2. Project Cardinal = Siemens expansion Scope of project is "shocking" rumored on Mar 3 that an announcement coming in the next few weeks - now known to be tomorrow at 11am 3. "Shockingly good economic news" - bigger than the Siemens expansion rumored on Mar 9 that an announcement coming in the next week could potentially be HQ of ENN or Radio Shack 4. Barclay's retail bank absolute fantasy - no reason (yet) to believe this is going to happen any other major rumors right now?
  9. not to sound like a broken record, but... paging 300 south tryon!
  10. sammyjoey

    The Vue

    I wish the setbacks were done so that you could see setbacks from any angle. In that first photo from gigalopolis, it looks like Aon in Chicago or the old WTC buildings in NY (aka - boxy and boring)
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