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  1. I would like to add my comment on the floors. They still bother me but I am going to go thru with it. Is this thread dead? Is there no one the will comment on the development anymore? People have to be hearing things. Information is good, it can help everyone out there understand what is going on. Did the Row get sold? Are there people buying in the Ledge that would like to jump in?
  2. anyone get a settlement date yet on there place at the quad? Anyone hearing anything on how many units are sold? My place looks better after they cleaned it up.
  3. People have been let go there over the last couple of weeks. Where are you hearing the 55-60% number from? Are they telling you that? I heard 20 units were still unsold but that has been sometime ago. I am going to close, I just want to know what is going on.
  4. Has anyone gotten an exact settlement date? Does anyone know how many units centro is going to be holding after the first wave of closings? They must be in some sort of trouble. The row I hear is getting sold to investors. Anyone hearing different?
  5. Just trying to figure out what is going on with the project. Had the final walkthru but haven't heard when closings are going to be on the Quad. Anyone hearing what is going on with the Row? Also, what is going to happen to the empty lot next to the Quad. Any feedback will be appreciated. Anyone hearing how many units are still under contract?
  6. Has anyone heard anything on the The Quad, it seems like settlement has been delayed to January. Are more people dropping out? What are people doing about interest rates?
  7. Lets see what happens in January when they say they are going to remarket the condo's. What is your closing date QCkid? Have they gotten the CO for the entire building yet? It feels like its going in slow motion this process. ------------------------- I'm not having cold feet, I am just putting out the facts. The flooring, according to my friend at Paresh flooring, is a big concern. Pre-engineered flooring can easily dent. The people at Paresh have told me that even though the floors could be doing well, doing well isn't going to be good enough. Ackkk. I get so frustrated with this process.
  8. Its a sticky situation in my opinnion. Its either they are having financial trouble (trying to dump the property) or they see the opportunity to unload a building off there books. Would love to understand truly why they are doing this. Anyone buying in the development (the Quad, The Ledge) hear anything about what is going on? Settlement date yet? Anyone having issues with there units?
  9. QCkid, Nice recap, that is what I exactly heard and thought about the Row. Don't you think the Row going to market rate apartments is going to devalue the rest of the condos? Also, with almost 50% of the units on the market still, won't the developer cut prices to try to sell them, ultimately hurting the people that bought in early? Its not an investment, but I don't want to go down 10-20% just because the developer can't sell the units. Wouldn't buying in an established building be a "safer" (relative term) in this market. What I mean is that you will not be competing with the builder if you
  10. I am buying the unit as a place to live, not as a pure investment. Its interesting all the terms being thrown around, laminate vs Pre-engieered vs Solid. To me Laminate is a photo of wood that is very cheap looking and not at all what is in my unit. But its definitely not solid hardwood floor. I never even heard of pre-engineered hardwood until I asked what these floors were. When the floors are cleaned up, they look great. As for the ability to back out, I don't know what the rules are, but each day is making me more and more paranoid. I'm hearing threw another friend who is buying that only
  11. QCkid, Were you able to have anything changed during the process or have them upgrade anything for you after you signed the contract? If you want to send me a message, would love to hear what you paid per sq ft and what you heard the average was for the building? The flooring is difficult to swallow. I had a vision of what the place was going to look like and now I think it looks much "cheaper". Any update on the vacant land between the Enclave and Quaterside?
  12. QCkid, Why would you continue and settle on the place if you are unhappy with the flooring? When are you closing? I'm hearing that there are still 10 unsold units at The Quad and that some people can't make it to closing. I am buying there but am nervous about 1) changes done to the unit 2) people backing out. Is there anyone else out there that is closing on there unit. If more people complain, maybe someone will listen.
  13. Very interesting to hear other people's experience with the Quad and the quality of products used. I will be closing on a unit and have had some issues with the unit I'm buying. Are they legally able to change the flooring that is used in the units? I was told that all the flooring is pre-engineered wood (which to me looks like laminate floor to me). It gives the place a different look. Disappointing to me as the rest of the place looks great. Anyone else feel the same way? I just worry that they did this to a number of people hoping that no one would push back. People that bought early, did
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