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  1. Why did they move anyway's? (The D League) That's the closet thing Greenville had to being a professional leauge, or sport...
  2. http://www.greenvilleonline.com/article/20...PORTS/908180318 Basketball league adding franchise in Greenville! I guess this is a "Greater Greenville Economic Development"! lol
  3. Any pics of NEXT??? If so please post them...thnx
  4. http://www.gsabusiness.com/news/28210-atla...peed-rail?rss=0 Atlanta Chamber urges Upstate S.C. to back high-speed rail

    The Rumor Mill

    This is not a rumor but I don't have a thread to post it in, but why is the Court Yard by Marriott at Haywood (it's not the Court Yard by Marriott but it's a building beside it) in it's own zip code??? That's so strange to me because it's supposed to be in a 29615 zip cod but instead it's in a "29616". I don't think that post offices have there own zip code! Someone help me please...lol http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source...229.02,,0,-6.03 http://maps.huge.info/zip.htm This is where I got the information from! Never mind they do have there own zip code's!!! lol
  6. http://www.southernautocorridor.com/Portal...fs/250_Best.pdf Pretty surprising that they actually separated Greer and Greenville...lol I like it though
  7. http://www.greenvilleonline.com/article/20...INESS/304080002 $75 million project could transform Westside mill
  8. "If the population can handle a lot of locations than go ahead and build more locations is what your basically saying right"...That's why us Americans are in this recession today, we are too greedy!!! I don't want to see Liquid Highway collapse due to building so many locations!!! I know the entire nation (almost the entire nation) was building a lot of homes and the developers said exactly what you said which is " If the population base can support that many Liquid Highway stores, then I am all for it." but replace Liquid Highway Stores with homes and there you go... "If the population base
  9. Basically I'm saying I want Liquid Highway to grow into a company the size of Starbucks but I don't want it to boom so badly that its two locations on one road!!!
  10. It's GREAT that they are expanding but I can see another Starbucks situation if they don't stop expanding so fast in one area!!! Of course I would love to have a company the size of Starbucks or even bigger than it in Greenville but not if America goes into another recession and Greenville sinks under because of it...(look at Seattle it was one of the most booming cities in America but since Starbucks, Boeing, Microsoft, and etc have layed off or even fired workers it's now not a good place for the recession)! Currently they have 18 locations and they want to have between 40-50 locations with
  11. It aint gonna happen...I wish it did but you know how all these companies are, they want say Greenville, and Greensboro are the final picks, then they choose Greensboro!!! I think they do that so they can get a large incentive package...
  12. http://www.greenvilleonline.com/article/20...SINESS/90312037 BMW PROFIT DOWN 90%!!!
  13. http://www.greenvilleonline.com/article/20...SINESS/90310034 Planned factory openings could bring 250 jobs to upstate!!! Okay what's up with Laurens County and it's recent job boom happening??? Titanium Works, this new factory with close to 190 job, and more!!! I like it lol...
  14. Yea, Greenville is a mini L.A.!!! LOL From the mountains in the skyline to the super-tall's in Downtown...LOL (Just playing around) RestedTravler I'm going to use that as my desktop back ground...
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