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  1. It looked to me like something big hit the scaffolding over the weekend and took out the corner of it, it could been a semi taking the corner too tight turning right on Main from River. Either way it was all bent up. They may just be taking care of that.
  2. westendlvn

    The West End

    Here's an update on a few stores in the West End: Carolina Triathlon is moving down and across Main Street to a bigger space about a block closer towards Flour Field. Benetz is having a store closing sale, but the manager is apparently trying to buy the store and keep it at that location. So hopefully it won't close after all. Compadres is expanding into the old Sara's space next door.
  3. westendlvn

    The West End

    I too first thought that painting over the original signs was a tad gimmicky/disney, it felt a little unauthentic. The more I thought about it though I realized that the old signs were only going to continue to deteriorate over the years and that this was the best way to preserve that character. And as these new signs age, it's only going to look better and better.
  4. I'm a little late in the game here tonight, but are we saying that Delta and US Air are "mom & pop" businesses? That seems a bit of stretch. Maybe when the big bully SW comes to town, the entire Delta plane will be empty so gsupstate can enjoy his drink all to himself. This is capitalism at its best, right?
  5. Isn't the Southwest model to have their flights all be jumpers? I remember on my honeymoon flying "direct" from New Orleans to Seattle, but it took about nine hours and we stopped about five times without changing planes. Even the crew changed during one stop. My wife and I were the only ones on the entire plane that made the entire direct flight. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all about Southwest. It would be a life changer for us.
  6. I'm Southern and I enjoy crawfish, and for that fact beer too. But the crawfish boiled at this gathering couldn't have been that good. Was anybody there to taste them? I've enjoyed the bantering, but let's agree to call a truce.
  7. I don't think that could be the same building. The outside pic has a single pitch shed roof, while the interior pics have a complicated hip-type ceiling and what appears to be an Elvis turret. But honestly, how often do VCs get used anyway. I've never set foot in one before - I guess I've never wanted to look like a tourist, I don't know.
  8. Sorry btoy, your post addressed some of the things that I pointed out as well. Just didn't see yours by the time I posted mine. Your too quick!
  9. The developer is just as upset about the fountain as anybody, probably more. This fountain is part of the downside of a public/private partnership. The fountain is actually city property, which means the fountain construction was won by the lowest bidder instead of being negotiated to competent tradesmen. The dev. now has started to front his own money to finally fix all the problems that the city seems unwilling to do. As far as the bells, I'm not sure if they fall into this distinction as well, or not. I believe he also pays to maintain the grounds around Riverplace, even though it is c
  10. I think this has been discussed in the West Greenville thread
  11. Yeah, it's coming later. The developer is still working out some of the design details. The building will now have more of an L shape to it with frontage along Church.
  12. Looks like Bi-Lo is filing for bankruptcy. I guess they finally met their match with Publix. Bi-Lo Bankruptcy
  13. Thanks gsupstate - that does help clarify the question. I agree that cheap knockoffs really don't cut it. But still, I think we are probably coming from totally different camps. Which is the beauty of this site - where we can still be friends. When I think of our city's architectural achievements I think of the Poinsett and the Liberty Building. I guess I feel that modern architectural movements go out of style so quickly. What is cool today is "dated looking" tomorrow. Where as traditional architecture will always look good, because it makes sense to us with our own human scale and
  14. Do you have any more info on this, I know my wife and I would be very interesting in something like this. Kind of like a co-op huh?
  15. For a second there, I thought I was going to be the only one that felt this way. To be honest, I kind of threw up in my mouth a little when I saw the Phoenix building. And I'm not sure what was meant by cheap faux facades. How can using classic traditional materials be considered cheap or faux? Even further, how can building a ghastly glass box be considered a wise use of federal funds in these times, as one says? Greenville - I'm tracking with you on definitely stearing away from the law enforcement building.
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