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  1. I'm done with this. This thread wasn't fun like it used to be. People were happy to be getting unique stores that couldn't be found for hundreds of miles. Now, if anyone even mentions something about luxury stores, you get called a snob and superficial. I am so done with this. 700th post and this is my last.
  2. Long term permanent leasing at SouthPark is done by Sara Hogan, according to Simon's website. http://business.simon.com/leasing/southpark Her contact info is halfway down the page. Also, I believe that they still consult with Tisha Maley, who I think used to be in charge of the leasing of Lenox, Phipps, and SouthPark. Now, she has her own firm but I believe is still a consultant for these malls. Her website: http://themaleyco.com
  3. Hartmann isn't really bad, it is just that it would be better suited for the Belk or Macy's wing, not the NM wing. I didn't see an As Seen on TV store last time I was there.
  4. Okay, just to prove my point again: Hartmann, the maker of luggage already sold at Mori Luggage AND Belk at SouthPark, is opening in space N12A, which should be the space next to Armani. Seriously? In a great space for a luxury tenant. I thought Jimmy Choo would be interested. They are already in Nashville, and Charlotte has higher income and higher population. Nashville is more touristy, but I don't think Green Hills attracts them like Opry Mills does. They have quite a bit of Jimmy Choo at NM, so having a store wouldn't be crazy or anything. This is why I am a little worried about South
  5. I said temporary store. Kiosks are different. They (or most of them) are very tacky, and I hate them. The one that sells custom ornaments around Christmas is okay, though, as is See's Candy. I don't really see how people keep saying this. I just said that I wasn't completely happy with how things are going around there. I even said that the stores they were adding were good. I never said anything about it being a sub-par mall. I just thought they could do a little better with leasing and store placement. Good stores, I just thought they would do a little more for a luxury remerchandi
  6. There wasn't any room for a long time, but now there was and nothing is going in, unfortunately. I thought that they were able to support more than 2 new retailers, but I don't know now. There is a small space next to Armani and BCBG that is just sitting empty. Also, Juicy Couture closed and will be a Vince Camuto. Sur la Table moved and now Microsoft and Boston Proper are opening. That's 4 stores that could have became luxury retailers, but that didn't happen. They were some of the best spaces in the mall, with close proximity to the center court and/or Nordstrom and NM. If a retailer is hold
  7. Very, very true. SouthPark is on par with the premier centers of any city it's size, and even better than many. You just get your hopes up for more than 2 new stores when they mention a "luxury remerchandising". That's all. I can shop to my heart's content and leave with my wallet much less empty. I just want it to continue improving. It is improving a lot, but it needs more men's stores too. Armani, Burberry, and Neiman Marcus are about the only high end men's (clothing) stores. In the middle there are J. Crew, Banana Republic, Vineyard Vines, Lacoste; and on the somewhat lower end there are
  8. Millenia is just too successful as a high end center to share it with Nordstrom. Florida Mall is successful, but never as a high end center. I wonder what they will do now. I believe Orlando will now be the largest city without a Nordstrom. I was actually a little surprised to hear this. I always assumed they would try to secure space at Millenia before closing at Florida Mall. Edit: "A spokesman for mall owner Simon Property said in response to a reporter's questions that two new anchor stores have already signed leases for the space being vacated by Nordstrom, but didn't id
  9. No, I would say this is pretty spot on. Good point.
  10. I think most of it is a combination of wishful thinking, and the fact that SouthPark is supposedly undergoing a "remerchandising to increase luxury offerings", but I don't think that adding 2 new stores and expanding one is not really a remerchandising at all. Also, this fact also makes it seem like others could come, but they are not. Before, SouthPark was full and the recession was in full swing. That's not the case anymore. SouthPark's luxury stores seem to be much healthier than the recession. Back in 2009, there may be 1 or 2 people browsing in Louis Vuitton on a busier day at the mall, b
  11. I really don't like Gucci, I just think that Charlotte could have more high end retail. It is really more just having them just to have them. I like high end stores, but not Gucci. At the moment SouthPark is the obvious best location for high end retail in Charlotte. I really like SouthPark, but I do agree that it would be nicer to have a nice walkable district with high end stores as well. I feel like just about any high end store would go into a high end mall by default with this being America. With the exception of New York, LA, Chicago, Palm Beach, Aspen, Seattle, and Boston, you can'
  12. I think a medium sized Gucci and maybe even a small Prada store would do okay here. Maybe not very well, but I think it is an investment and they would end up benefitting from the investment of the market as it grows. I suppose I should have said that Charlotte has only 3 traditional malls. Yes, these others are retail, but they are different. I would say for the high end dollars that SouthPark competes with Lenox and Phipps more than the other Charlotte malls. Also, I don't think there are that many high end shoppers at outlet malls. Often times the quality is not the same, and I have fo
  13. SouthPark is getting pretty good stores. Just not in the right areas. Microsoft and Boston Proper are opening in the former Sur la Table location. Then Vince Camuto in the former Juicy space. I don't really understand this. Again, these are nice stores, but why can't SouthPark get anything that is more unique? A new mall in Sarasota, Florida is supposedly opening with Gucci, OMEGA, Hugo Boss, Salvatore Ferragamo, etc. Why can't SouthPark have any of these? Also, a CH Carolina Herrera recently opened up in San Antonio, Texas. Jimmy Choo has been in Nashville for years. It would be nice to have
  14. David Yurman moved to the space next to Saint Laurent that has been empty for years. Mac has moved into one of the spaces between Crate and Barrel & Bloomingdale's. I'm guessing that Rolex will move to the David Yurman space for Louis Vuitton to expand.
  15. Emporio would have been good, but I think they just opened up a store in Chicago not too long ago, so I don't know how well they would to here. On the other hand, Collezioni is a major improvement over both Sports & More and Ralph Lauren considering it was mostly all Polo merchandise. Also, I think Emporio Armani is more suited to Atlanta than Charlotte. My understanding is the Collezioni line is more traditional and slightly more expensive than Emporio, so I could see that doing well here. Besides, I believe a large chunk of NM's suiting is from Collezioni. Maybe with their own boutique o
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