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  1. I'm done with this. This thread wasn't fun like it used to be. People were happy to be getting unique stores that couldn't be found for hundreds of miles. Now, if anyone even mentions something about luxury stores, you get called a snob and superficial. I am so done with this. 700th post and this is my last.
  2. Long term permanent leasing at SouthPark is done by Sara Hogan, according to Simon's website. http://business.simon.com/leasing/southpark Her contact info is halfway down the page. Also, I believe that they still consult with Tisha Maley, who I think used to be in charge of the leasing of Lenox, Phipps, and SouthPark. Now, she has her own firm but I believe is still a consultant for these malls. Her website: http://themaleyco.com
  3. Hartmann isn't really bad, it is just that it would be better suited for the Belk or Macy's wing, not the NM wing. I didn't see an As Seen on TV store last time I was there.
  4. Okay, just to prove my point again: Hartmann, the maker of luggage already sold at Mori Luggage AND Belk at SouthPark, is opening in space N12A, which should be the space next to Armani. Seriously? In a great space for a luxury tenant. I thought Jimmy Choo would be interested. They are already in Nashville, and Charlotte has higher income and higher population. Nashville is more touristy, but I don't think Green Hills attracts them like Opry Mills does. They have quite a bit of Jimmy Choo at NM, so having a store wouldn't be crazy or anything. This is why I am a little worried about SouthPark. It is a better place than it was a few years back, but I still think they could be getting stores a little better than this. SouthPark will be a better mall if it can get brands that you can't find elsewhere, or are harder to find; not brands that are already found in a few stores in the mall, and in other nearby malls.
  5. I said temporary store. Kiosks are different. They (or most of them) are very tacky, and I hate them. The one that sells custom ornaments around Christmas is okay, though, as is See's Candy. I don't really see how people keep saying this. I just said that I wasn't completely happy with how things are going around there. I even said that the stores they were adding were good. I never said anything about it being a sub-par mall. I just thought they could do a little better with leasing and store placement. Good stores, I just thought they would do a little more for a luxury remerchandising. I guess I didn't seem satisfied at first, but it's because I like the mall so much that I want to see it improve a little more than it is. A few months back I remember I was pretty confused at seeing a Vans poster thing in front of Neiman Marcus. Didn't make a lot of sense to me. I love SouthPark, but things like that make me a little skeptical, as well as adding 2 stores as a "remerchandising". Makes me wonder a little, that's all.
  6. There wasn't any room for a long time, but now there was and nothing is going in, unfortunately. I thought that they were able to support more than 2 new retailers, but I don't know now. There is a small space next to Armani and BCBG that is just sitting empty. Also, Juicy Couture closed and will be a Vince Camuto. Sur la Table moved and now Microsoft and Boston Proper are opening. That's 4 stores that could have became luxury retailers, but that didn't happen. They were some of the best spaces in the mall, with close proximity to the center court and/or Nordstrom and NM. If a retailer is holding out for a better location than SouthPark I think they will be waiting for a while. I think we'll just have to wait another 5 years when more leases expire. If the economy continues, to pick up, I can't see why 4 or 5 new luxury retailers won't open up if the space opens up. The good thing is that I don't think there's a single tacky temporary store left in the mall. Some of them were okay, but a few others were pretty tacky.
  7. Very, very true. SouthPark is on par with the premier centers of any city it's size, and even better than many. You just get your hopes up for more than 2 new stores when they mention a "luxury remerchandising". That's all. I can shop to my heart's content and leave with my wallet much less empty. I just want it to continue improving. It is improving a lot, but it needs more men's stores too. Armani, Burberry, and Neiman Marcus are about the only high end men's (clothing) stores. In the middle there are J. Crew, Banana Republic, Vineyard Vines, Lacoste; and on the somewhat lower end there are Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, Express, and soon to be H&M. It isn't too shabby, but a few more would be great. Especially because some of them are more for teens. Of course all of the department stores have Men's as well.
  8. Millenia is just too successful as a high end center to share it with Nordstrom. Florida Mall is successful, but never as a high end center. I wonder what they will do now. I believe Orlando will now be the largest city without a Nordstrom. I was actually a little surprised to hear this. I always assumed they would try to secure space at Millenia before closing at Florida Mall. Edit: "A spokesman for mall owner Simon Property said in response to a reporter's questions that two new anchor stores have already signed leases for the space being vacated by Nordstrom, but didn't identify the new tenants." Orlando Sentinel I suppose it will be like the former Lord & Taylor.
  9. No, I would say this is pretty spot on. Good point.
  10. I think most of it is a combination of wishful thinking, and the fact that SouthPark is supposedly undergoing a "remerchandising to increase luxury offerings", but I don't think that adding 2 new stores and expanding one is not really a remerchandising at all. Also, this fact also makes it seem like others could come, but they are not. Before, SouthPark was full and the recession was in full swing. That's not the case anymore. SouthPark's luxury stores seem to be much healthier than the recession. Back in 2009, there may be 1 or 2 people browsing in Louis Vuitton on a busier day at the mall, but now on a busy day I see at least 5 or 6 and a few making purchases. It doesn't take a lot to become profitable for these stores, and somewhere I heard that our store is one of the better performing ones. The fact that they are expanding shows that they are doing well. Now the Armani store on the other hand, it seems to always be empty and apparently not a lot of people know about it. Also, it is different because this a brand that is just now opening up their own stores. Before, they were always in department stores only and it may take them some time to get everything right. As far as I know, there is only 1 other Collezioni store in the US. I mean, the brands that I mentioned weren't exactly crazy or anything. I think that if there is enough wealth to support an Hermes store, then there is enough wealth to have some more others. I think it is probably more of the retailers being more cautious, and also maybe slow online sales in the Carolinas. It is not like I mentioned something like Alexander McQueen or Dolce & Gabbana that wouldn't ever come here, and probably wouldn't sell much either.
  11. I really don't like Gucci, I just think that Charlotte could have more high end retail. It is really more just having them just to have them. I like high end stores, but not Gucci. At the moment SouthPark is the obvious best location for high end retail in Charlotte. I really like SouthPark, but I do agree that it would be nicer to have a nice walkable district with high end stores as well. I feel like just about any high end store would go into a high end mall by default with this being America. With the exception of New York, LA, Chicago, Palm Beach, Aspen, Seattle, and Boston, you can't really find, unfortunately, a lot of walkable shopping districts. Also, I think that a lot of it has to do with already having the local boutiques like Coplons, Capital, etc. that have been here longer than Neiman's. Concord Mills is essentially an outlet mall. That is why it it is not a traditional mall, nor is the Premium Outlets, or Birkdale Village. They of course should not be counted out for discussion. Now that I think about it, however, Charlotte isn't exactly behind cities of similar size. I think as it grows into a larger city we will get more. Mainly it is more about many leases expiring at SouthPark. Now, it is kind of at the point where SP is "stuck" and won't really be able to add any more high end retailers until 5 years or so. In 10 years, more leases will expire and the mall will be "shaken up" again, kind of like this year with all of the new stores and stores relocating and expanding.
  12. I think a medium sized Gucci and maybe even a small Prada store would do okay here. Maybe not very well, but I think it is an investment and they would end up benefitting from the investment of the market as it grows. I suppose I should have said that Charlotte has only 3 traditional malls. Yes, these others are retail, but they are different. I would say for the high end dollars that SouthPark competes with Lenox and Phipps more than the other Charlotte malls. Also, I don't think there are that many high end shoppers at outlet malls. Often times the quality is not the same, and I have found better deals at NM for full quality items rather than Saks Off Fifth with lower quality. That one up in Concord Mills is just dreadful. There is hardly anything there that is not at the full-line stores, except for Saks' brand. Now for the regular shoppers, I am sure there are many overlapping with regular and outlet. Either way, I still think that Charlotte could support more retail space in the way of a traditional mall. Northlake has some nice overlaps with SouthPark at the moment at least, but I really can't see any new to market stores choosing it over SouthPark, but SP has no space and will have to get rid of other stores to attract them. Also, on Tisha Maley's website (the merchandising advisor for SouthPark), she has in her portfolio David Yurman SouthPark and the Louis Vuitton expansion as a "luxury remerchandising". Adding two stores (Yurman and Armani) and expanding one is not a remerchandising, even for SouthPark.
  13. SouthPark is getting pretty good stores. Just not in the right areas. Microsoft and Boston Proper are opening in the former Sur la Table location. Then Vince Camuto in the former Juicy space. I don't really understand this. Again, these are nice stores, but why can't SouthPark get anything that is more unique? A new mall in Sarasota, Florida is supposedly opening with Gucci, OMEGA, Hugo Boss, Salvatore Ferragamo, etc. Why can't SouthPark have any of these? Also, a CH Carolina Herrera recently opened up in San Antonio, Texas. Jimmy Choo has been in Nashville for years. It would be nice to have these stores in other areas of the mall, but I think the Nordstrom wing and especially the NM wing should be reserved for higher end tenants. When Ralph Lauren closed, many people didn't even realize that it existed, and I think that Vince Camuto will be the same. It is sold in the higher end department at Belk and the lower end department at Nordstrom, and these people aren't exactly NM's target client. People passing by NM would shop at any of the stores above, but not very many would shop at Vince Camuto, and vice-versa. I know Charlotte is clearly not a mecca of high end shopping, but a few nicer stores would do okay here. I think lately Simon has been pretty lackluster with a lot of their malls lately, and I am disappointed. I love SouthPark, and I think it is a great mall, but Simon isn't doing a lot to improve it and make it an all-around better mall. I think they are doing well to add more popular brands like they have lately, but it is at the expense of the higher end stores. Also, I know the mall can't do too much without an expansion. The fact that the Charlotte metro area has nearly 2.5 million people and only 3 malls isn't a lot of shopping, and an expansion at SouthPark is necessary and would do well, it is just not very practical.
  14. David Yurman moved to the space next to Saint Laurent that has been empty for years. Mac has moved into one of the spaces between Crate and Barrel & Bloomingdale's. I'm guessing that Rolex will move to the David Yurman space for Louis Vuitton to expand.
  15. Emporio would have been good, but I think they just opened up a store in Chicago not too long ago, so I don't know how well they would to here. On the other hand, Collezioni is a major improvement over both Sports & More and Ralph Lauren considering it was mostly all Polo merchandise. Also, I think Emporio Armani is more suited to Atlanta than Charlotte. My understanding is the Collezioni line is more traditional and slightly more expensive than Emporio, so I could see that doing well here. Besides, I believe a large chunk of NM's suiting is from Collezioni. Maybe with their own boutique opening up NM will carry less Armani and have Brioni, Isaia, and Tom Ford.
  16. So, I was looking online and on Armani's website they have jobs listed for an Armani Collezioni boutique in Charlotte, it doesn't say Emporio? I'm pretty confused. The lease plan clearly says Emporio Armani and I thought Temeteron confirmed it with his sources. Maybe they'll sell both lines, or maybe it really will be Emporio, I don't know. Emporio Armani recently opened in Orlando and Detriot so I don't believe that a Charlotte store would be too surprising. Maybe Armani Collezioni is taking the space next to Emporio? Also, LUSH Cosmetics is opening a store at SouthPark. Not sure where it's going.
  17. I think it's funny how quick Belk committed to opening a new store there. They must really be afraid of Macy's. A similar thing happened in Knoxville. They actually closed off the lower level of the Belk store and moved Men's, Home, & Children to Parisian after they bought it. Now, the bottom level of Belk just sits empty. I kind of find it hilarious because in the south Belk is often a better store than Macy's. In fact, the rumor is that Macy's can't compete with the Belk flagship store at SouthPark (along with Nordstrom and Dillard's) and they are rebranding as Bloomingdale's. Not sure if it would happen but I would be happy! Macy's merchandising is not very good, and even though many people say they want Macy's in various cities across the south, it's usually smaller and lower end than Belk. In fact, the only Macy's stores that have ever impressed me are Lenox Square in Atlanta, Mall at Millenia in Orlando, and Pentagon City in the DC area. I really am surprised their Columbia Place store has lasted so long, though.
  18. Looks like Gap is combining their stores together at Millenia into one (Gap/Gap Kids/Baby Gap) and is opening an Athleta store in the former Kids store. I wonder what they will do with the food court at Florida Mall now. Also, if Zara is expanding to 30,000 square feet, maybe they are putting Zara there?
  19. I think that Saks closing had a lot to do with Florida Mall. It's not attracting high end customers like Millenia is. It's an extremely profitable mall, but even Nordstrom at Florida Mall at 170,000 square feet actually has less items for sale than the 80,000 square foot store in Naples. However, with Saks as a company I do agree that there is absolutely no way whatsoever that they would open a new store in Orlando at this point in time. However, if Nordstrom got tired of Florida Mall then they would probably move somewhere else, though Saks wouldn't The Belk flagship store in Charlotte is very nice. They sell St John, Theory, and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Before Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and the mall expanded, they sold Fendi, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Ferragamo, etc, however, they don't sell those brands anymore. It's easily just as good as the Macy's at Millenia, which is a very nice Macy's. These stores don't really appeal to the downscale customers very much, and in SouthPark's case, they hide the low end stuff upstairs. If Nordstrom at Florida Mall closed, I could see them opening a flagship Belk or a Von Maur in it's place.
  20. So, the Louis Vuitton expansion is absolutely for sure happening, and also, they are calling this a "remerchandising strategy to increase the luxury offerings at SouthPark Mall" with bringing in these new stores. I know that adding Gucci, Emporio, and expanding Louis is significant, but not really a remerchandising. So, if they added a few more stores AND Bloomingdale's then that would be remerchandising and would be great. Many malls changed quickly. In 2005 I believe that all Lenox Square had was a tiny Louis Vuitton and a few other stores, but look at it now! Completely renovated, expanded NM, and around 15 boutiques. If Sur La Table moves to the Dillard's wing then that would leave around 2 medium spaces or 3 small spaces for luxury retailers, and also next to Emporio and the Juicy space, that's 4-5 total. http://themaleyco.com/portfolio/#
  21. That's good! I think a lot of people really like Sur la Table, so that's great. The Apple store is now a David Yurman boutique and Kate Spade is opening in the other half. I think they would do better in the Nordstrom wing than NM wing.
  22. This is old news, but I haven't heard it until today, so I'll share. Juicy Couture is going to be sold exclusively at Kohl's and all their boutiques are being converted to Kate Spade or Lucky Brand. Since SouthPark has both I'm sure they're giving up the space. That leaves the space next to EA and Juicy, hopefully for Jimmy Choo and Ferragamo.
  23. Bloomingdale's is planning on opening in Honolulu, Miami, and a relocation for the Palo Alto store. Also, they recently opened a store in Glendale and they are supposedly looking to open a store in Bethesda, Canoga Park, CA, and Dallas. All of that together makes it sound like the company is doing well, so a Charlotte store wouldn't really surprise me.
  24. I was wondering how they were going to fit such a large store, but that makes a lot of sense. I know it's just a rumour, but I'd be very excited for a Bloomingdale's...and it makes me hope that it might scare Neiman's a little into expanding. Bloomingdale's is obviously a little different, however, the newest Bloomingdale's in Glendale, California is very upscale with a whopping 48 vendor shops or customized spaces including Gucci, Louis Vuitton, & Chloe. Bloomingdale's seems to get Dior and Fendi easier than NM does for some reason, so they definitely have a lot of sway with luxury brands, but not as much as NM.
  25. Wow, my day is made! That still leaves the rest of the RL space. I'm guessing Jimmy Choo or Ferragamo. My guess with Gucci is that they will take over the Nordstrom wing and circle court storefront and St John will take the smaller half next to Coach. I guess that means Gucci in NM will close, which I would assume would be replaced by the Gucci-Group brand Bottega Veneta. This is so exciting! The LV store is beautiful, but the new designs look great also! The new store will be 5,000 square feet. I wonder if they will add any product lines or if the store will just carry extra merchandise. Currently, they only have Handbags & Accessories, Sunglasses, and Shoes. Most stores that size carry watches as well. This is about the size of Lenox's LV store before they expanded. I hope all of these stores open before Christmas!
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