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  1. Is there more of a demand for low-income housing than there is for market rate housing?
  2. The People controlling government is just an illusion. The reality is that corporations control government. Government is not in control, the shadow government via corporations is in control of governing. Just saying.
  3. Even more irony is that he authored the bill that he voted against because it got polluted. I guess they couldn't find anybody to name it after and chose him because he authored the bill that provided the funding for it. Keep in mind that naming buildings is all about money. Another irony is that Amtrak did not do the ground work for it. The Rapid made it happen.
  4. Photo by Peter Varga, who said on Facebook: "CSX will not be able to do their connection to our rail until the end of July. So we will have to wait since the AMTRAK service uses their freight line!"
  5. Not quite sure if this is new or if I just learned about it. Add Rapid Routes To Your Maps http://www.ridetherapid.org/ride/add-rapid-routes-to-your-maps
  6. Here are some older pictures: This is one of my favorites. Construction of the Downtown YMCA: JW Marriott:
  7. How many people here think that the LakerLine will have or should have articulating buses?
  8. The Kent County Taxpayers Alliance (KCTA) is basically a wing of the Tea Party of West Michigan along with ITPwatch, which is a part of KCTA. Eric Larson is doing what he thinks is right for the People. We agree on most issues, other than public transit. I have been involved with the Tea Party of West Michigan and left when I saw that the direction of their activism would not result in actually restoring power to the People. I support The Rapid because I view Public Transportation as an infrastructure service. Although I do not agree with State or Federal Funding for local needs or services. That is the reason I voted against the last mileage increase. Yet I am glad it passed, as it also included many improvements other than the SilverLine. And since it passed, I am happy to see the SilverLine happen. I know it is good for the Grand Rapids area, but am sad seeing that people in other areas, states are paying for it also. My political views are Independent with no ideology. I am part if the Liberty Movement and have been involved with the Intelligence Community as a subject with brainwave technology. I understand how the government and even movements are controlled. You see my open Facebook page for more information. With all that said, the reason that I am against streetcars and light rail is because they require laying costly tracks and cabling which is not needed for a more flexible BRT system. I believe that a BRT system with fancy cars and stations would have the same attraction factor as streetcars or light rail. The options, features and flexibility with BRT systems are unlimited. I especially do not want to see overhead cabling. They are an eyesore in my view. The streetcar would be good for downtown, but I think an alternative would be as well.
  9. It was a lot of fun when Medical Mile, River House Condos, JW Marriott and others were being constructed.
  10. The Rapid does publish financial reports. In the last fiscal year The Rapid had a surplus of a million dollars. The SilverLine project came under budget at a million dollars. You offer no evidence of waste. Ridership grows every year. The bus system under GRATA was mostly unusable with undesirable riders and disgruntled non-service oriented drivers. The bus system under ITP, The Rapid has improved to be mostly usable with courteous, service oriented drivers and improved riders. The Rapid does a good job with providing a vital infrastructure service. The Rapid did try using smaller buses during slow times and it failed miserably. There are many times when there is standing room only. The television reports were hit pieces that edited all the good and put in the bad. The BRT and Streetcar Lines are an attempt with CONTINUING to improve the system, providing a better infrastructure SERVICE. The reality is that even the much improved system needs more improvement. Especially with weekend service. I have been watching the ITP since they formed from GRATA and have found them to be very fiscally responsible. How many people, including those from ITPwatch, go to the Rapid's meetings? I have noticed that most who complain about The Rapid, do not use the system. Time will tell, but I am convinced that the SilverLine will be a success and will generate economic developments. I'm sure many will be surprised with the number of people that use the park-n-ride program.
  11. To clarify information here, Eric Larson is an Anesthesiologist. Good night, lol.
  12. Okay, lets look at this in reality. The cost of operating the buses per rider is an infrastructure service. How many bridges in Michigan has one never used or only used once or twice, yet pays taxes on that bridge, which provides a vital service for those that use it on a regular basis? How often does The Rapid provide service to those with broke-down vehicles? How many vehicle owners participate in the van share program? How many "public transportation" services does The Rapid provide? How many people benefit from public transportation? How much has The Rapid improved, resulting in MUCH higher ridership? How many people that use the bus system work and pay taxes? The reality is that public transportation is an infrastructure service. The reality is that even The Rapid was surprised with the number of people that used their park-n-rider shuttle when the S-Curve was being reconstructed. Look at the number of vehicle owners that use public transportation in other cities like Chicago. How many low-end middle income people dump their vehicle to save money because of high quality public transportation? An increased rider system is not needed to promote economic development. Building fixed stations has more than proven to increase economic development. The reality is that businesses are attracted to locations with high quality public transportation. The Mayor of Wyoming has stated that there is much excitement with developers since the construction of stations for the SilverLine has begun. Public Transportation systems that go beyond normal bus service attracts attention from other areas, and in some cases even other countries. And they benefit those that don't even use the system because of the economic growth and stability. Again, public transportation is an infrastructure service. The BRT SilverLine will improve service to many, will attract, cause economic development and attract visitors and the status, reputation for the Grand Rapids area. Streetcars are different than other modes. I am of the opinion that they are mostly an attraction. The Reality is that the Streetcar Line would draw people to downtown Grand Rapids. As like Cedar Point the attraction would not die off. The reality question is, does Grand Rapids need this attraction? I am of the opinion that it does not. There are other attractions in the works; Zip The Grand and returning the Grand River with rapids. I am against laying tracks and see the overhead cabling as an eyesore. The reality is that the streetcar would actually benefit downtown Grand Rapids for business and entertainment. The reality is that there are other options. Could a BRT Line with this type of trolly on wheels provide the same type of attraction? That one is offered by Gillig, who The Rapid favors as a manufacturer. And there are other trolley replicas like the following: The reality is that a high quality transportation system does make sense as an investment, as they improve the area and have been proven to attract business and economic development, stability, sustainability.
  13. If they didn't build roads they could provide everybody with 4 wheel vehicles. Public Transportation is an infrastructure service that benefits everybody in the covered region and beyond. It surely is not redistribution. When the system was run by GRATA it was mostly unusable. The Rapid has made the system much more usable and pleasant to use. Nicer buses, nicer, happier, more service oriented drivers and more. Many more middle class riders. Having a top notch public transportation system sure does promote business and population growth. And that benefits even those that don't use it.
  14. People just don't want to accept the fact that a BRT Line CAN provide the SAME SERVICE as a streetcar. I have not seen a study that shows that a rail system has more economic development than a BRT system. A BRT Liner can be compared to a streetcar.
  15. People would ride this monster: And not this BRT Beauty? Or this one: Why lay tracks and have an ugly overhead cable system?
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