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  1. The fence could be part of the 2nd tower's grand opening. My guess is that the public relations folks didn't want the place to look like a construction zone.
  2. Hotels tend to cluster together; just look at the area around the Square. Just off the top of my head, there are 4 or 5 different hotels within 2 blocks of Trade and Tryon. A major hotel near the Westin actually makes sense (especially with all of the development we've seen around the Duke Energy Center area over the last 5 years).
  3. The following is now my new favorite shot of Charlotte's skyline. I found it here.
  4. Hopefully it is proposed for some of those ugly vacant lots near Bofa Stadium. That area is worse than the vacant lots near TWC arena. As for South End projects, I must say that I am VERY impressed with Charlotte's effort to bring "real" urban life so close to the LYNX. I was shocked at the level of development going on near the Mecklenburg Area Catholic schools' headquarters in South End. The condos and row houses in this area doesn't even look like "Charlotte". It almost looks like something out of Baltimore or Pittsburgh. I LOVE IT!
  5. urban980

    The Vue

    ^^^Great minds think alike lol. Check my edit above. I was thinking about the Hearst too! The Hearst is "up hill" compared to the Vue. How much difference has that hill made? If the drop from Tryon to Pine is 32 feet, that equates to roughly 10 meters off the height of the Vue (when compared to buildings on Tryon Street).
  6. urban980

    The Vue

    Sorry if this question has already been answered. Will (has) the Vue reach 200 meters tall? I know it was going to with the help of the two spires, but will it do so without them (the spires)? The reason why I ask this, is because the Vue might be just as tall as the Hearst (201 meters). The Hearst appears to be a taller building than the Vue, however the Vue sits "down hill" from the Hearst. I wonder how much this "down hill" location takes away from the Vue's relative height in the skyline. I ride my bike quite often Uptown, and I would say there is a good 25 foot drop (maybe more) from Tryon to Pine. Has anyone else noticed this?
  7. Yeah, I am surprised that there aren't more pics taken from "da hood" areas of NW central Charlotte. This area has great skyline views. Also, there is a pedestrian bridge over I-77 near Oaklawn. I have not been on this bridge in years, however I am sure that bridge has an awesome skyline view. The only problem is one would have to aim their camera lens through the fence that surrounds the bridge to avoid any obstructions.
  8. urban980

    The Vue

    Is it just me, or would the Vue make one kicka$$ hotel?
  9. urban980

    The Vue

    Or the project could have exceeded the $180 million mark 2 months ago and the bank said "you're done, no more money honey". The fact that the developer did away with those million dollar spires was probably an effort to get this project back within the budget. I think the developer knew all along that this project will (or did) go over budget. They "hoped" that high condo sells would help them secure more money from the bank, but the condo sells have been flat for quite awhile I've heard.
  10. Since we are on the topic of parking, would it have killed them (the developers) not to build these massive decks? I understand that Charlotte's culture is dominated by the mighty auto. However, I wonder just how many folks living in the "new urban South End" will own cars? In some cases, these decks are almost larger than the actual condo building. It just seems like a huge waste of money and land IMO. If the deck is only 1/3 full on most days, what are they going to do? Are they going to make it smaller? I doubt it. I personally think developers should build decks as needed. In other words, secure the land for the deck, but only build it when (or if) parking becomes an issue. If parking never becomes an issue, the developer can either further develop the land (or sell the land).
  11. urban980

    The Vue

    Me thinks Donald Trump could buy this (soon to be foreclosed) building for a steal. He did say it is "cheaper to buy than build". He probably saw this coming with the Vue and simply waited for the storm to arrive.
  12. I sometimes work out at the Y in the "jukebox" Wachovia building. One of the guys that work there (the uptown Y) told me last month that the Y is "holding off" on its lease at the new tower. According to him (the Y employee), it has to do with the economy and fewer memberships at Y locations in the metro area.
  13. It looks like the Vue's location, not Wachovia's condo tower.
  14. Could that statement of his been PR? Kinda like taking the bank's name off of the golf tournament. I know banks have been under TONS of scrutiny lately (and for good reasons). Being that his bank received tax payers' money, he might have to say something like that even if it isn't true. At any rate, why would Trump say it is "cheaper to buy" and then build a condo tower? I am not rich so help me understand the mentality of a rich man like Trump.
  15. Good Point!!! I think we sometimes forget that LYNX has tons of TODs that have not come on line yet. When people start moving into these apartments, row houses, and condos in South End; it is going to be CRAZY!!!
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