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  1. The best thing about St Pete is the beach location. It makes Tampa look really good too; having that Tri-City conglomerate. Tampa, Clearwater and St Pete. I enjoy taking some of our out-of-town guests at the St Pete Pier. Dine at the top overlooking the beach and skyline (a small skyline for now). Marc
  2. I agree that Tampa will definitely have a facelift in the near future. I have a unit in Parkcrest Harbour Island and Grand Central. The best way to get into these is to have communication with the developers and Sales Team prior to the PreConstruction Sales or Auction, Lottery, etc... We were fortunate to have this done in Grand Central. Sort of like a Pre PreConstruction Pricing. I am looking forward for an architect to take it in to the next level and make a unique skyscraper. Something that will say, "That skyline is Tampa." My fiance is from Chicago and you look at their skyli
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