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  1. I know I haven't posted in a loooong time, but I saw some of my pics reposted here, and I figured I'd share a couple more! :-) Sharing the previous two at higher res. Enjoy. Let me know if you want to know where to find more of my shots!
  2. From what I can tell, these stations will be located on the edges of the street, rather than the center. That is disappointing, as I think it makes an eventual upgrade to light rail less likely.
  3. "For starters, I think they should ditch the "Celebration!" name and signage. Give the theater a classy name and move away from the look of existing Celebration! locations. The current name and signage is really tacky, IMO." I agree. On Harvard Square there is a Dunkin' Doughnuts where the branding is concealed and goes by the name "Eliot Street Cafe." I'm sure there are other examples, but it's the only one I can think of right now. Something similar would be nice for Celebration.. andrew.w points out that the rendering shows a sign that reads "MIDTOWN". On the subject of architects, I t
  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! "Something like the AMC River East 21 in Chicago would be nice." Yep, or the Yonge and Dundas AMC in Toronto, or any of the theaters in Times Square in NYC. Question is, how can we exercise our collective muscle to help make something like that happen, rather than the "glass-and-metallish-crap-encased-suburbanesque-vomit-inducing stink bomb"?
  5. I would estimate about 20,000 sq ft per floor, since the space is triangular, and looks slightly larger than 200 ft on each side (though I could be wrong). So, sadly, that looks like only about 4 floors.
  6. FWIW We probably shouldn't feel too slighted. Surprisingly enough, I've met people (Americans and Canadians) who don't know where New York City is. I also met someone who went to NYC, and had no idea it is near the ocean.
  7. GR Press article about a feature in Men's Journal http://www.mlive.com...ice_things.html And, the feature itself: http://media.trb.com...20-08095336.pdf As the GR Press article points out, maybe the best part is that we're listed as Grand Rapids--not as Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  8. Not to get off topic but, seeing Two Fountain Place in your first pic made me remember my long held fantasy of seeing them build a Meijer in there.
  9. ugh... that sucks. way to break with the style of the rest of the building, which even though its not the greatest, was nonethess at least uniform aside from the tower...
  10. I don't think it's so much a question of what is art, but of basic aesthetics... some things are just ugly. And, those table and chairs imho fit the bill. Again, i'm just voicing an opinion, but they just looked *tacky* up there on the bridge.
  11. I'm not a big fan of the waves, and would have preferred something more along the lines of what GRdad posted. I'll admit though that it could have been a lot worse. Does anyone know if that black section on the south side of the HDCH is still unfinished? It sure looks like it, but I haven't looked at it closely.
  12. yes, its too bad about the aluminum siding. I just had a look at John's April pics (thanks for those by the way, John), and I can only hope it ends up looking better when finished.
  13. I know AirTran coming to GR is not new news.... This was in USA today: http://www.usatoday.com/travel/flights/item.aspx?type=blog&ak=76575.blog
  14. Good points. The flyover idea for the beltline is a nice one. But at that point it's almost an expressway. I seem to remember in Virginia in particular many high capacity roads use a system like that. Of course it is probably in use elsewhere as well. I guess re-working the Beltline won't be high on the priority list, when all is said and done, there are many more pressing issues. Chicago drive, and 44th, as you mentioned are good corridors to eye for some sort of re-working. Perhaps it won't be roundabouts that are deemed most effective, they don't work in every situation. BTW, that fam
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