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  1. Yup! Still lots of potential! By my count, there are at least 9 large developable parcels left outside of the UCF footprint. Or about twice as much left for private development than has already been developed, but it looks like the project is well on its way to meeting these benchmarks. With the development of public space at the park, getting the apartments at full occupancy and 100% of students in face-to-face classrooms will help. With COVID, what has been built already has never been at full occupancy at the same time. Apartments 256 @ Amelia Court 409 @ The Julian 202 @ Modera *coming soon* = 867 to date. Student Housing 640 Beds @ UnionWest UCF Downtown campus - new buildings, renovated expo center and Flying Horse Editions @ parking garage VC Downtown - space in UnionWest and Accelerated Skills Training Programs 175,940 square foot regional headquarters for EA With the relative success of the live/work space at 420 E Church, it will be interesting to see if Amelia Court gets some retail tenants in the same vein. The units aren't set up quite as well as the Church Street units.
  2. As Tony Mauss will remind us, be the Billy you want to see in the world. https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2017/07/23/billy-manes-husband-tony-mauss-wants-orlando-to-honor-him-by-creating-joy
  3. I think that there is one other building to speak of -- One N. Orange - The State Bank of Orlando & Trust Company, getting ready to celebrate it's 100th anniversary in just a couple of years. With their histories beginning much earlier, and as port cities with much greater commerce and production, both Tampa and Jacksonville have always had much more historic building stock.
  4. Ten bucks says it's just called "the green" 95% of the time....
  5. MCO Starts 2021 as Busiest Airport in the U.S. https://ftnnews.com/aviation/40969-mco-starts-2021-as-busiest-airport-in-the-u-s
  6. MCO posted a progress update on South Terminal passing the 70% Complete mark. There was also a model of the large public art installation at OMA's Jefrë: Points of Connection Exhibit, but I didn't think to take a photo. https://www.facebook.com/flyMCO/posts/10157487812531625
  7. I don't know how long ago you graduated high school, but increasingly over the last several decades, the college admissions game has been blown out of control. When I was in HS, only a couple of people I knew had jobs. Most were so heavily involved in sports or extra-curriculars (usually 4+ hours per day), SAT prep, private tutoring, etc. This is on top of taking AP or Dual Enrollment courses - or other specialized curriculums - that may require 100 pages of reading per night. Just to get into college. The system is self-feeding, with competetive peers and families and the schools themselves feeding into the culture.
  8. smileguy

    Brightline Trains

    And Dr. Phillips Center had a big "2012" flag flying over the site for years. Maybe if someone other than Mayor-For-Life Buddy "The Dozer" Dyer was in office, these large, expensive, and complicated projects that depend on public interest and outside investment would have appeared out of the ground overnight.
  9. Haha! Maybe we were sitting at the same light at the same time taking photos.
  10. The corten on this building adds some finishes not seen elsewhere in Downtown. Overall, I like the look and think it's a wortwhile upgrade. The Dolive building to the south was also getting new windows this afternoon on the second floor... I don't know if it's been used in years.
  11. Yup! Only menu additions during the promotion -- all your favorites should still be there.
  12. We've got a name! MAA Robinson And a website - https://www.maac.com/florida/orlando/maa-robinson/ No pricing, yet.
  13. We have the holiday set and logo set, so just those for now. We are talking about doing banners honoring local veterans along the Airport path each fall, but that's still just an idea.
  14. Great angle -- it looks like a completely different town! And the twilight in the rest of this set (and some others) looks great!
  15. I worked from there a little bit this morning. They're still putting final touches on the space, but good mix of coffee, menu looks good, and some retail, with a small stage and recording booth. It'll be both a nice amenity for the neighborhood and a destination/experiential retail spot for music lovers.
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