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  1. smileguy

    Cool Stuff in Other Cities

    I recently stayed at New York Edition, and a hotel of this caliber will really be a game-changer for Tampa.
  2. smileguy

    The Yard at Ivanhoe | Mixed-Use [Proposed]

    Slow and steady - here are a few photos from yesterday. Still not much movement on the north end of the project. From Midway Dr. From Alden, south of Virginia From the Rock N Roll Heaven parking lot
  3. smileguy

    Union West at CV| Creative Village | 15 Stories

    I found some new (to me) information on the developing partner's site - four cameras and floorplans for the rooms. Some will be truly dorm-style with double occupancy rooms and no living room/kitchen. Cameras: Rooms:
  4. Yes - Barnie's was a concessionaire running the coffee service for DPAC performances. Foxtail has since stepped in. In any case, not a full coffee shop, nor open to the public.
  5. smileguy

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    What's happening south of the plaza on Turkey Lake? It looks like you can either access that directly from I-4 or heading Westbound on Sand Lake, avoiding the intersection?
  6. smileguy

    LOCAL and Florida Politics

    @AmIReal, I appreciate your skill to pull apart polls like these, plus all the other national rankings and such that are posted here, and make the statistical intricacies easy to understand for those of us who don't live in that world. Thank you!
  7. smileguy

    UP-ORL Coffee Breaks

    Live in Eola Heights and work in Winter Park
  8. smileguy

    Loch Haven/Ivanhoe Village/FL Hospital

    In addition to the Pulse Memorial and Museum, the TDT's ARC recommended a grant of $4M for Orlando Ballet for Harriett's Orlando Ballet Center. My understanding is that before she died, Harriett got the word of several other local philanthropists to ensure that this project would have the funding to be successful.
  9. smileguy

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    All they needed was a good sign!
  10. smileguy

    Pulse Memorials and Services

    Today, the ARC (Application Review Committee) recommended a TDT Grant of $10M for One Pulse Foundation. Pending budget adoption and approval by the Tourism Development Council and Board of County Commissioners, this represents such an important investment in the fabric and culture of our community as we see the Pulse Memorial & Museum come to life.
  11. smileguy

    UCF News

    UCF spent a hefty chunk of state money that was supposed to go to operation on capital improvements -- not good! Trustees and administration fear it will hurt the school in the upcoming legislative session... I hope this doesn't impact future investment in UCF Downtown.
  12. A couple photos from the adjacent Library Garage. It looks like the bottom couple of floors of apartments will have garage views. Also, note the wonky columns that are - so far - still keeping the building upright.
  13. smileguy


    A rainbow over Will's this morning on my way to work.
  14. smileguy

    Union West at CV| Creative Village | 15 Stories

    I found myself on top of the Library Garage today, and you can see Union West peeking up just past the Marriott.
  15. If it ain't 32789, it ain't Winter Park! Fight me.