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  1. smileguy

    E. Colonial between 436 and Primrose

    I got a little intel on the Colonial Promenade land. It sounds like the Airport wanted to put multi-use there with multifamily residential and ground floor retail like we're seeing everywhere else, but ran into problems with the FAA, who see residential on airport-owned land as a liability. Now their plan is to clean up the shopping center and lease as it stands, investing in some deferred maintenance - cleanup of the old movie theatre, repairing roofs, etc. Their shopping center getting a Lucky's (and surprise - CRUNCH Fitness) has done relatively well since its re-do, so hopefully they can see the same here.
  2. smileguy

    The Yard at Ivanhoe | Mixed-Use [Proposed]

    I was driving past it today, and it looks like there will be plenty of variation in setbacks along this wall. Hopefully that helps break it up visually.
  3. smileguy

    Orlando Museum of Art Downtown property?

    Harris Rosen already has this resolution drafted!
  4. smileguy

    Hourglass District

    Look up the street! The food truck park in The Milk District is great, and the brewery looks close to opening!
  5. smileguy

    Zoi House Orlando/ New Tallest [Proposed]

    Especially if the X project gets built as proposed, I see this corner becoming a new Main & Main, connecting the Creative Village to Orange Ave and the proposed hotel and apartments a couple blocks to the East. I would love to see the properties immediately east of here to be re-developed in a way that honors the historic buildings there and fills the hole in the urban fabric, adding streetwall and a little density.
  6. smileguy

    Lake Nona - Medical City

    I rode out to Lake Nona over the holiday weekend. The town center is really building its own little skyline. Its midrise development, and not particularly architecturally exciting, but I think it will be a major regional activity center within the next decade.
  7. smileguy

    The Brightline

    What leg is this for? Tampa?
  8. smileguy

    The Milk District

    They're looking to soft open mid-Jan with a late Feb grand opening.
  9. smileguy

    The Brightline

    The BRT idea is interesting. I don't see it as too far of a stretch to build a BRT line with "virtual" windows like NCL has on interior staterooms and the Harry Potter train ride. This would be far less expensive than rail, but provide a controlled environment to make guests feel like they have a seamless transition from resort to park or park to park. Universal could brand or theme the journey and not have to worry about what they are passing en route impacting the guest experience, just like the theming of a queue... I need to get a job there too!
  10. smileguy

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I know there are a couple of conferences already looking to book the space - I hope it does move forward!!
  11. In reference to a re-route, these routes are very thoughtfully planned. The TIGER funding used to build the BRT, I believe, required a minimum of 50% of the route to be on a dedicated lane. Because they weren't able to add a dedicated lane on the East side of I4, they had to go deep into Parramore with dedicated lanes to get that 50%. I don't know about temporary re-routing for events and construction, but I bet if they changed how it ran on the East permanently, they'd have to go back to the Feds to approve the new route and possibly add more dedicated lanes. When it comes to this corner... who knows what they were thinking!
  12. smileguy

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    I drove by today and it looked like it hasn't been touched. The one in the Milk District opened last weekend.
  13. smileguy

    Winter Park & Maitland

    Maybe the Foundation will add to their holdings?
  14. smileguy

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    I'm not on the ground every day, but it seems like the small-footprint live/work spaces at 420 are working a lot better than the larger restaurant spaces at Sanctuary/TPC/101 S. Eola, likely do to rental costs. If this is the case, it seems like the thing to do would be to continue to make available more, smaller spaces where small locals can open with significantly less capital (or more wiggle room as they get going.) This turns away from traditional retail with rows and rows and rows of products, but if the product/service/experience available is desirable within the neighborhood, there is a better chance of them doing well, and if a store fails, it leaves a small, easily fillable hole as opposed to leaving vacant a large stretch of storefont.