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  1. The work that the current leadership has put in, with generous support from the Alfond family, has made this already great institution truly special. Looking forward to the next chapter!
  2. I THINK I remember seeing permits for the park there on a recent City agenda, but don't recall which board or when -- but forward movement on that would be great.
  3. The HTC-GO was just introduced in the Senate last month after being introduced in the House back in April. My hope is that it will be included in a larger infrastructure bill later this year. The changes in Historic Tax Credit will help incentivize more preservations projects (including making Historic Tax Credit funding available for smaller projects, like the ones we would see in Orlando. ) increase in the HTC percentage from 20% to 30% for the first $2.5 million of qualified rehabilitation expenditures for smaller projects provide a drop in the substantial rehabilitation test
  4. I know so many want this to be the local link to MCO, but with frequency and nature of the service, it's not really going to fill that need. The hourly service to Orlando stops wouldn't be meant for MCO traffic, although you could use it for that. We should be thinking of it as a ride from South Florida or Tampa Bay to I-Drive or to Disney.
  5. The Milk District is opening up a new pop-up space and place-based retail incubator on E. Robinson! Our vision is to help build home-grown retail tenants for the District and the city, with a focus on artists and makers by giving them a low-risk environment to test concepts and operations. We are also lining up an 8-week business training for artists that will launch later this year. https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2021/07/12/milk-district-retail-business-incubator-orlando.html?fbclid=IwAR1E8HMfWV5_ftgMZpQ810ZWTjSnvrdUvxWOQCjKc3tv5Oh91jQbTcv5HBI
  6. I think we will see some more of this with the most recent stimulus bill. When I asked about plans for Orlando's allocation, I was told most was going to go to new sewer.
  7. Thanks! For those interested, we just held a big skate event at The Plaza Live this past Saturday with a great showing, and had a lot of great community conversations about the importance place and preservation. The preservation movement is changing, and it need to be more inclusive and equitable than it has in the past. First three photos - Alvie Moore, @aliviaskates. Last photo Patrick Connolly - @pconnpie
  8. Last night, Gov. DeSantis signed an SRX exception for a portion of Orlando. The Orlando Main Street Small Restaurant Incentive Areas bill that now allows smaller restaurants to be eligible for SRX/SFS licenses. Restaurants in The Milk District, Gateway Orlando, Mills 50, Ivanhoe Village, College Park and Audubon Park fall within the special area, giving them the possibility of obtaining an SRX license instead of the much more expensive 4COP quota license now required to operate a liquor bar. Eligible size has been reduced from 2,500 SF to 1,800 SF and capacity down to 80 from 150. At lea
  9. A little bowling alley update! https://bungalower.com/2021/06/30/team-market-group-has-purchased-colonial-lanes/
  10. It's because they kept the curve! Here's the view from a block west. I think this makes a very interesting drive through, and will help define the place, particularly when the gap between ACE and The Julian is filled.
  11. Site pan and conceptual renderings for Lion Gardens apartments, the redevelopment at the Parliament House site. They're looking at just over 300 market rate units in 4-story buildings with surface parking. At a recent community meeting, residents asked that the buildings be stepped down toward the lake to preserve skyline views. The development would also include a small retail building at the south end of the property.
  12. The internal layout isn't good for much -- a few big open spaces, but a lot of odd thick walls and angles. I think a redevelopment would need to preserve the facades and do a completely new interior structure.
  13. Based on that, I am expecting a new bed tower right here that connects to the garages, ORMC, and Winnie.
  14. Here is a rendering from the website alongside the current view -- looks like the expansion will better integrate the Ambulatory Care Center into the main hospital building.
  15. Can they pick up the building and move it across the street?
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