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  1. smileguy

    Kudos - Orlando area folks we're proud of

    Orlando Ballet dancer (and artist in residence) Arcadian Broad made an appearance on So You Think You Can Dance this season, before withdrawing due to contractual obligations here in town (a performance conflicted with filming schedule.)
  2. smileguy

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Now you're talking! How many stars on the hotel!?
  3. I got this update on NextDoor - sounds like the main span is going in overnight Saturday night? Beginning Saturday, July 14 at 10 p.m., West Colonial Drive between Orange Avenue and Garland Avenue will be closed for construction associated with the new pedestrian bridge. Detour signs will be clearly posted along detour routes. The road will be reopened on Sunday, July 15 at 4 a.m.
  4. I think the last Daytona Beach International Festival (LSO folks) took place in 2009.
  5. smileguy

    Creative Village

    So... it's gonna be tall, comparatively?
  6. smileguy

    520 Church St. | 12-Story Residential [Approved]

    Has there been confirmation that it's not happening, or just conjecture?
  7. I think developing the surface parking on the parcels along the rail line 2 and 3 and 4 blocks to the north are much more important to the area than replacing the Saloon building and block.
  8. Every other city in the world, it seems, can figure out how to manage development while preserving historic characteristics, but we can't seem to do the same. I just stayed in this building in Toronto, where they built a 50-story condo on top of a historic facade.
  9. smileguy

    Creative Village

    They better get moving on that student housing building, it'll soon be eclipsed by SunTrust Plaza!
  10. smileguy

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    My first thought is how this will impact the SAK space - they have been under the DAD lease agreement and are a great destination catalyst for this corner, bringing out a much more age-diverse demographic than the nightclubs. It also makes me wonder about what the City has in mind for old CityArts Factory. It's potentially well-located and well laid out for a few retail storefronts.
  11. smileguy

    520 Church St. | 12-Story Residential [Approved]

    Oh - I hate that! I have always loved those cute little buildings.
  12. smileguy

    Can Florida Survive Climate Change?
  13. smileguy

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    It looks like that might be happening! Mark has a look at the ARB item for the hotel - The footprint is pretty small, so in order to pack 240 rooms in, there will have to be some height.
  14. I rode up to Daytona this past weekend and had a burger at the place in One Daytona. I am not too impressed with the development - it's a small-scale theme center that'll be nice add-on to a race or beach trip, but by no means a destination in itself. I was also interested to learn that One Daytona patrons are charged a 1% fee on top of tax which goes, presumably, to the developers.
  15. smileguy

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I would also like to see the land just south of Lowndes be added to the park with a new Thornton Park gateway and new, larger children's' play area with splash pad, etc. My second dream for that parcel is, along with everything down to Washington, a museum site.