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  1. There will be a college bookstore in the new parking garage.
  2. smileguy


    It looks like everything with the NID (Division St. and northern gateway improvements) and Opportunity Zone status of the neighborhood, plus OH's growth, and the Pulse museum and memorial will spell major growth for the neighborhood. City has been saying a projected. $1.5 billion in development over the next 10-15 years. Let's see how long the recession holds.
  3. Here's a rendering from the 2012 Orlando Weekly April Fools edition. I like how it references the region's iconic architecture while keeping the form of the current capitol. 10/10!
  4. Anyone looking to install a plaza in Orlando -- I have a naming sponsor for you!
  5. I wonder how that density number looked before (or without) the annexation of Lake Nona. It's a HUGE swath of land with very low density. Combined, Lake Nona and the airport take up almost the same amount of space as the rest of the city. If the Convention Center and associated hotels were downtown, as is the case in most cities, we'd have a much different skyline.
  6. Three more weeks until classes start, and there's still a lot of work to do. The park will come in 2020. The parking lot right across from the UCF building will remain, with future office use slated for that parcel.
  7. RA's move in Monday, I understand -- maybe it's a week from Monday. There are still finishing touches on residential and instructional floors. Here's a peek inside and out. Basic culinary kitchen. The three floors of instructional space each have progressively more advanced kitchens as you go from floor 3 to floor 5. Pastry Kitchen Office overlooking parcel M Looking up from the amenity deck.
  8. I used to go to these when I visited my grandparents in Arizona - very much like Chuck E Cheese. I wonder if it's the same company.
  9. Coming out of the recession, Dr. Phillips Center absorbed much of the incremental philanthropy in town, leaving producing groups to scrap for every dollar they could raise from a position of scarcity. Now, the Center is squeezing these groups for more dollars - perhaps from a TDT subsidy - without consideration for the sustainability or growth of the organizations that ultimately create the cultural product of the region. At the end of the day, Dr. Phillips Center will be fine. If they drive the Ballet and Philharmonic out of business, they will book out of town artists, leaving our musicians, dancers, actors and singers in their wake, absorbing the ticketbuyers of the local organizations without having to share any profit.
  10. You'll be pleased to know that I saw some dark green and grey going on the building this morning. I will report back when I know more.
  11. Don't forget that Indian place that was at 55 West -- what was it called? I've forgotten.
  12. A couple of shots from the Amway Center today - you can really see how the interchange hugs the building and goes over Hughey, plus the emergence of the WB tolled lane flyover exit onto 408.
  13. Looks like Thornton Park Central is getting a paint job... is white better than blue? If it stays white, I'm not sure I will recognize the building. The colors were dated, but really gave it an identity.
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