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  1. Taking the political out of it, with the Disney projects on indefinite hold - and likely any hotel/hospitality projects as well - there is quite a number of construction workers out of work here locally.
  2. I am on a COVID call with Rep. Soto, and he is hopeful that the next wave of relief funding, focused on infrastructure, will help move up the timeline of Beyond the Ultimate.
  3. Can we have three more? Baker Barrios, are you listening?!
  4. Rep. Eskamani has a terrific resources, including programs for specific industries and Orange County rental assistance information. It also has great info for small businesses and a number of different facets impacting the region. I advise everyone to scroll through. https://annaforflorida.com/2020/03/21/florida-coronavirus-update-3-12-2020/
  5. Step 1: Rent an apartment...
  6. smileguy


    It's pink now.
  7. Just the east side. It will be wrapped by apartments facing West and North.
  8. I think it's more about creating a connector to the Lake Underhill trail as part of the beltway - for through riders, not local riders. I'm thinking that the urban apartment/condo dwellers will be less likely to take up arms against this than the folks living around and passing through Curry Ford. Downtowners are much more used to dealing with change.
  9. It sounds like the Green Room at DPAC will no longer be a rehearsal hall as originally planned, but a jazz club/cabaret space. I assume any kind of music could be programmed there.
  10. smileguy


    They slid apart in my fingers!
  11. smileguy


    I ordered the sliders recently from Uber Eats, and they don't travel well. Looking forward to trying them at the restaurant or off the truck.
  12. It's gonna look great! Love the name dap are making for themselves in town - good folks!
  13. They already did... kind of. https://www.orlandoweekly.com/orlando/bloombergs-25-million-climate-grant-to-orlando-comes-with-a-catch-theres-no-cash/Content?oid=23604405
  14. Porto-potties spotted on Modera/Parcel U site!
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