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  1. Before the recent light rail expansions, the transit tunnel used to accommodate both electrified busses and trains. I think that's changed due to system changes and more trains. It was kind of cool to get off of a train from the airport and onto the local bus from the same platform.
  2. My guess is that this is related to an SRX, and there will be some outdoor seating to hit those benchmarks.
  3. @spenser1058, any insight on the 1980s work on the building? I believe they added 2 stories and either then - or under Kuhn - converted some of the building to parking. Here are a couple of historic images.
  4. A couple shots from July 4. First during the daytime Roe protest, then across the lake pre-fireworks.
  5. I flew last week and my flight time kept creeping leaving me with a 40 minute connection. I was able to standby an earlier flight -- see if you can do the same?
  6. My understanding is that the WP History Museum's lease at the farmers' market is coming to an end, and that the City asked them to submit a proposal. Does anyone have progress on the Alfond expansion or new Rollins museum? This location begs for a cultural/tourism related draw. It's been a few years since I have been in Winter Park every day. Any word on if the new Rollins garage has made parking at the SunTrust Truist Garage any easier? I wonder if merchants are seeing more visitors who can find parking, or less business lost as Rollins community members aren't crossing Fairbanks as there used to be.
  7. There's a lot of non-OH owned land down there -- Mears, the concrete producers, etc . The SODO NID and some of the improvements they've made, like the trail, have been setting the stage for this type of development. I think this will be the first of a new node of Downtown, like North Quarter has developed over the past 10 years.
  8. Who's doing the leasing? Enough room for a Trader Joe's or Aldi.
  9. From March 2009 on Google Maps
  10. Here's a map of the District boundaries (though some changed a couple years ago and this isn't updated.) https://gis.orlando.gov/PDF_Docs/EconomicDevelopmentMaps/MainStreetProgramAreas.pdf Milk has extended down Robinson to Fern Creek and wrapped the north side of OEA to Calvin. Mills 50 has been around much longer, so those borders were in place long before The Milk District businesses were able to get a program.
  11. According to Bungalower, it'll be a bagel shop. The Milk District and Mills 50 main streets meet at Bumby and 50, so this is Mills 50. https://bungalower.com/2022/04/10/new-bagel-shop-opening-in-former-subway-shop/
  12. From Friday -- I did some cat-sitting for a friend who lives across the street.
  13. Let's get a few folks together and invest a billion dollars.
  14. One solution would be to do local/express routes, where there is a transfer point so the Orlando/Tampa bound trains would only stop at Miami, the northernmost city in South FL, and on to Orlando. It may be a two-seat ride for some, but there would be increased retail opportunities at those transfers and they could justify different service frequencies for the different routes.
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