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  1. As long as its slated for future development, my bet is that they'll do the minimum required of them, but I'm honestly not too mad at it.
  2. Here are a few more color options https://www.facebook.com/groups/eolaheights/permalink/3037738612912914/
  3. My understanding is that Macy's is planning to hold onto their store at Fashion Square through the redevelopment of the property, presumably with a major refresh. We'll see if they stay the course.
  4. I would say that the theme parks are a major reason that professional sports (and arts) struggle to keep the attention of Orlando-area residents. In other markets, people are spending their leisure dollars and time on season tickets and ballet subscriptions, not annual passes.
  5. We have a lot of space for very small events (200 or fewer), a couple of spaces for events with 400 people, and not much else. What we need is a conference space (ballrooms and breakouts) for a 800-1200 (maybe up to 1500) person event, plus a few hundred more rooms to support that. I know the City has tried to lure meetings here but there just isn't a venue that will accommodate, and meeting planners don't want to split up between buildings with different operators, payments, vendors, etc. I think there are plenty of small (for the industry) conventions that DTO could easily secure. I think that the parcel behind DPC would be great for a convention hotel that would have an agreement to rent the halls there for large sessions.
  6. This! It would work as a mid-way stop between Downtown and I-Drive, but not as a destination. Also, it'd barely make a dent in the transportation needs, and busses would likely also be run as they are today.
  7. To your point that commissioners have limited power, I have noticed that a lot of the younger generation of leaders have seen that they can be more effective on staff - folks like Chris Castro, Kathy DeVault, and Chris McCullion come to mind - guiding policy and pushing projects big and small forward without the instability and exposure that come with public office.
  8. Check you facts on this one. DDB planned and paid for those decorations, and most of the City-run programming at Eola. They have the checkbook, FPR does not.
  9. As the city pursues aggressive sustainability goals, continued planting and maintenance of annuals has fallen out of fashion as priorities have shifted to native plants and plantings that require less irrigation, fertilizer, etc. http://www.cityoforlando.net/city-planning/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/2014/03/LandscapeCodeFinal2013-12-09.pdf
  10. smileguy


    I went this past Monday, and it was absolutely filled with power gays.
  11. I've heard we might get our first GreenWise at Fashion Square, as part of that redevelopment.
  12. What kind of organization is this? Government? Nonprofit? It seems like it's time to hire a fundraising staff.
  13. And Hampton Park isn't all that successful. Much of the single family housing is no longer affordable, and the parcel at Bumby and Robinson still hasn't been developed. With HUD's recent shift to supporting mixed use, mixed income projects (as a giveaway to for-profit developers) and it's location in an OZ, I would love to see something of density, with parking and ground floor retail go in there.
  14. When did RH close? They were very much open last time I looked. I did try to go to Colonial Drugs today to find them closed (I'm not often in the neighborhood.) I got what I needed from Taylor's Pharmacy, but they'd be wise to step up their OTC offerings.
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