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  1. Yup! Work is ongoing but slow. I've seen some Colonial Lanes renderings from dap design, and some of the same curb appeal from Barton Malow will continue north to this project.
  2. Dharma Southern Kitchen (fka Dixie Dharma) wants to open more locations of their vegan southern concept, and is looking for crowdfunded investors to help! https://www.startengine.com/dharmasouthernkitchen
  3. These proposals that have been successful in other cities have had a solid plan, and have sold the PROJECTS and impact of those projects. They give folks something tangible to rally behind. The ones that have failed have been more amorphous and vague. I fear this proposal may put us in the second group.
  4. I visited a friend at Central Station yesterday, and I snapped a couple of photos from the roof deck for a new vantage point.
  5. Some interesting thoughts from Bungalower -- How Not to Kill Orlando as We Grow. Lots of great points here that most on this forum will find interesting. https://bungalower.com/2022/01/04/soapbox-how-not-to-kill-orlando-as-we-grow/
  6. MetroPlan Orlando Needs Volunteers for Community Advisory and Transportation Disadvantaged Groups Application forms are online, and the deadline to apply is Jan. 21. Get the details here: https://metroplanorlando.org/transportation-news/metroplan-orlando-needs-volunteers-for-community-advisory-and-transportation-disadvantaged-groups/
  7. At last week's MPB, maximum building heights were recommended for increase for parcel 22B, to 20 stories. This is an increase of ten stories, and now has the highest allowed height in the development. (22A is 17 stories.) Someone on the board asked if this was theoretical need, but staff said it would enable the developer to submit a project they are working on now.
  8. At today's MPB, the 3rd Wave apartments, a 293-unit multifamily development with an associated parking garage, just south of The Packing District on OBT moved forward. This is not owned by Dr. Phillips, but shows that the development is inspiring more redevelopment along the corridor.
  9. These photos of the new WP Library from Dror Baldinger are stunning. Still haven't made it over there to check it out myself. After all the Holiday events, for sure.
  10. From time to time I see ads for Crowdstreet on Facebook. From the URL it looks like I am in a lookalike audience. Today, there was an ad for The Julian. https://join.crowdstreet.com/deal/the-julian-apartments
  11. That $6 would be equivalent to about $50 today - still a steal!
  12. I wasn't close to Doug, but spent my share of First Fridays on Mayfair Cir., building relationships and community with some of the hardest working folks committed to making Orange County and FL a more just, equitable, and healthy place. Although prickly, his passion and conviction were evident.
  13. Here's the GoFundMe - https://www.gofundme.com/f/assistance-for-jhnerys-barbershop?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link_all&utm_campaign=m_pd+share-sheet
  14. The Main Street designation doesn't mean anything on this matter. The programs are only in commercially zoned areas, and the apartments are R-3B, making them ineligible.
  15. I disagree with you on that. They will change if the 20-somethings, the artists, and the restaurant and bar staff can't afford to live there or work there. A healthy neighborhood has a mix of housing types and price points to be somewhere where people can make a life and a living in many different ways. They will change as development displaces the workers and traffic will get worse and need for parking increase as fewer and fewer can bike/walk/take transit to work. They will change as development continues to displace artists, removing the character they bring to the community all together. They will change if new retail space replaces old. It will continue to drive up he cost of renting, making it more difficult for independent businesses (i.e. the ones that bring the character) to be profitable. Particularly as there are larger spaces built and under management of large real estate companies, local leasing will go down and chain leasing will increase. And that rent money will leave town to go to investors instead of local ownership.
  16. Gotta give it to the Baker Barrios marketing team. These new video renderings the last couple years have really made their projects look a lot better!
  17. This is a great opportunity to connect the existing retail strips to the North and South of the site to make a more cohesive corridor. With the antique stores backed in by Lakehouse and narrow strip between Orange and the tracks to the North, I think the area would retain a lot of its character while increasing housing units. As for the pink apartments, let's keep 'em. Although the I4 widening has the highway right up against the back of some of those buildings now.
  18. From Growthspotter. Miami firm to build TOD apartments next to Tupperware SunRail Miami-based Waterstone Capital paid $11.45 million Friday for 16.5 acres next to the Tupperware SunRail station and plans to build 448 transit-oriented apartments. This is the developer’s first project in Central Florida, and it’s the third TOD housing community within walking distance of the transit station and Orlando Health Tupperware Campus. Waterstone Managing Director Mauricio Bello told GrowthSpotter they’re looking to do a four- or five-story complex with concrete construction and surface parking. Bello said he’s already met with Osceola County staff, and they’re excited about the project. He hopes to have permits in hand within eight months. https://www.growthspotter.com/news/osceola-county-developments/gs-news-waterstone-tupperware-20211108-wchg2zycmvashjzptfvbhl4cbe-story.html
  19. New construction video of Jewett from OH's Linkedin. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/orlando-health_orlando-health-jewett-orthopedic-institute-activity-6862108899319914496-7Gpy
  20. From the recent GrowthSpotter article on the Fairfield hotel, from one of the same developers. My guess is that this project is still seeing post-covid issues with student leasing.
  21. GrowthSpotter revealed DEVEN’s intention to build a luxury hotel with an attached conference center on 30 acres just across I-4, at the southeast corner of the World Drive interchange, in September. According to the most recent release, the 7-story Fairmont Orlando hotel will feature 550 guestrooms, including 90 suites, 12 villas along the perimeter of three planned pools, and 87 Fairmont Gold rooms. The brand’s signature experience will be offered on the top floor and include a 5,000-square-foot private lounge. Fairmont Orlando is slated to open in early 2025 and will mark the brand’s 20th property in the United States.
  22. smileguy


    Property management has been difficult to engage. Hopefully with the Kimco merger, they become more responsive.
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