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  1. Here's a few pics I took from the top of Jefferson one, and a few from the 6th floor small conference room. The former Jacobson's prior to the top floor of the parking ramp being removed. Church Steeple, I forget the name of the church, but I have a map of Saginaw from 1885 that shows this as "Congregational Church" and there is a sketch of the building to the side of the map that looks exactally like the building that's there now (minus the modernizations of course). Castle Museum - I love how the eagle is "standing watch" over the flag Castle Museum - Closeup of the Turret roof
  2. Wolverine, I missed some of your posts back around page 4 and 5 about the Jefferson one building (hence the question if you worked for wiggy and tiggy) We share a lot of commonalities, I too ventured up on that roof many times to take in the views and take pictures. I led a campagain to get the flag pole fixed and fitted with a large flag because it would have been seen for miles. The owners fiddeled with it for a while but never gave the okay to do it. I also am an 'amature' historian of Saginaw and love to talk about the old buildings that are now parking lots. If I had mega $$$ I'd buy the Berringer building, saginaw center, and the hotel and make a huge convention complex to go along with the Dow. Have you ever been in Jake's on court st.? I helped the owner with the design and my father was the contractor, that building has a lot of history to it and a lot of potential for the rest of the block (going toward the river). Also, I see the former moose is up for sale, that would make a great condo project I think.
  3. Saginaw MI pic of the day. East side Saginaw, way to beautiful for the abuse that it gets.
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