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  1. A co-worker was there for a traininng run last night, and said the food was quite good!\
  2. I'm not sure if it's been mentioned ( I searched, but didn't find), but construction on Costco Greenville will begin April 1st & April 2nd on the one in Spartanburg. Both will open early July
  3. Just to throw more confusion into the mix: At a meeting today, I was told it was 13 stories above ground with 2 below. for a total of 15.
  4. There is also a 45,000 sq.ft Whole foods market planned for Woodruff rd.
  5. Anyone hear about the new mixed use development @ VILLAGGIO DI MONTEBELLO? 1 & 2 story buildings - office, Retail, Retaurants & residential Near State Park Rd?
  6. vicupstate -Thanks for the welcome! Camperdown's been floating around for a while, I think with the new team they have in place, things should move a little quicker. Be interesting to see which is done 1st Camperdown condos or the new downtown Hotel
  7. My sources say: Camperdown Condo's construction drawings are complete, and construction should begin within 60 days
  8. The new "East Main" Office building has just been put on hold indefintely. Not sure what the issue is there. Funding? Tenant back-out?
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