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  1. Yeah, those things used to freak me out, but now that I see how minor the situation is compared to what I thought would have happened, I feel better about them. I know it was only one that caught fire, but it was contained to that one tank. It didn't really 'explode' like many people have speculated about in the past. Now if they all caught fire, it would be major, but I highly doubt that it would 'take out half of greensboro' like i've heard people say before.
  2. Oh yeah, you can say that one again. They haven't even put the city limits sign back up on Bryan Boulevard yet . I wish I were in charge of DOT in the Greensboro area. I'd fix the Urban Loop confusion and every other thing they've managed to screw up.
  3. I noticed that too this morning when I was going to class. It would be very neat if it were an HOV lane, but is traffic that heavy to support one? I don't really drive on that stretch of I-85 that often.
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