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  1. According to this article, 45 lofts are in the works in the Market District for 2015. http://www.montgomeryadvertiser.com/story/news/local/downtown-montgomery/2015/01/17/dining-options-hundreds-apartments-coming/21932623/
  2. Jimmy John's opening second location in the Alley soon. No location or date has been announced yet. http://www.montgomeryadvertiser.com/story/news/2015/01/19/jimmy-johns-coming-downtown-montgomery/22002949/
  3. Also another group called Helicity will hold an event named The Future is Now on June 3rd in the building of the former Brew Pub off Jefferson Ave. Helicity is another group of young professionals that are hoping to make changes in this city. Search Facebook for helicity montgomery for more info.
  4. The Idea Factory is put on by the Development Department. Hosted by Chad Emerson and Tyler Caldwell. Robert Smith is in attendance to speak with everyone. They at the Dexter Plaza (old One Court Square building) typically hold the events every Thursday 5-7. Dreamland BBQ has catered the last events with food, beer and water so it's save to say that future events should be as well. They show architectural drawings of new projects and ask the public that attends to write down suggestions. They collect these ideas and implement them. Developers and architects attend also to gauge the public on what needs to be built. The office is actually open weekdays 8-5 so they encourage anyone to walk in to discuss any ideas you may have.Previous Idea Factory events have been traveling to Atlanta to explore the InTown neighborhoods, getting an ideas for restaurants that we need downtown and screening the documentary about urban farming called FRESH. Email Tyler at [email protected] to get on the list. When I get the email for the next one, I'll make a post before hand.
  5. Thats sad that they are identical. Hopefully the rest are not cookie cutter.
  6. The Fairview Avenue farmer's market had been threatened to be shutdown to save the state money recently but the city has agreed to let ASU purchase the site to use to trained students how to run a business. The MPD will rent space on the site for 4-5 officers on site. The city has been looking into building a police substation on Fairview. The rented space will not be the location for the substation but just a police presence. http://www.montgomeryadvertiser.com/article/20110309/NEWS01/103090359/Agreement-keeps-Fairview-Ave-farmers-market-open
  7. Fresh Market is moving it's store to the former Bruno's on Perry Hill Road. The Mayor confirmed the move on Tues. March 8. A coming soon sign is placed outside the new location. The current site gives the store 19k square feet. The new location will be much larger and give them an opportunity to redesign the store. http://www.montgomeryadvertiser.com/article/20110309/NEWS01/103090360/Fresh-Market-to-move-to-new-location
  8. 2010 Census population update Montgomery: 205,764 Montgomery County: From 223,510 to 229,363, or 2.6 percent growth Suburbs Autagua County: From 43,671 to 54,571 almost 25 percent growth Elmore County: From 5,874 to 79,303, or 20.4 percent growth
  9. This is kinda small but hopefully it will add a few more tourist to the city. The city approved moving forward with a sky tram for the zoo which will run east to west and stop at some of the exhibits. The zoo averages 240k visitors a year so hopefully this will increase attendance. http://www.wsfa.com/Global/story.asp?S=12879893
  10. WSFA 12 News has also learned that a private developer in Florida is investigating the possibility of building an aquarium off Bell Street near the Alabama River. http://www.wsfa.com/global/story.asp?s=11472480
  11. Fredrick Thomas proposes horse drawn carriage rides in downtown by mid November. The city will have to get a license first. http://www.montgomeryadvertiser.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2009910310324
  12. nowyano That was a great writeup. I love to read about my city from a different perspective. I am hopeful that in a decade this city really will shape up. I must say I was in Birmingham this past weekend for the Barber Vintage Festival and after I was through on Saturday by 2 pm. I and my two friends could not find a thing to do besides kill time at the Summit. We didnt have time to go downtown but even then I dont think there is anything downtown Bham on a Saturday afternoon. We stayed on 280 the whole day. Its the largest city in the state but its no ATL or even Nashville.
  13. I havent heard any serious decisions on other businesses locating downtown other than one more nice restaurant at the Alley and a country music venue that is in the plans for the Alley but the developer is waiting for more traffic. Thats the deal. It will take a good amount of time before more foot and auto traffic fills the streets again. Developers that are less risky are holding out for more people and consumers are waiting for more businesses. More lofts and apartments will definitely help. I really wish they could build levees or whatever they need so that the river can be managed during flood seasons. So that the land across the river can be build up. It would be awesome to have riverside lofts right across from the stadium have a foot bridge to get across to downtown. Build a park. But it can't since its flood plains. nowyano I have to say that that was a great writeup. I like reading about my city from a different perspective.
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