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  1. I would be extremely surprised if Saks is still operating at The Summit this time next year. That store has already been reported (by Saks in statements) as a very poor performer -- one of the third worst in the chain. Furthermore, it is very easy to tell just how poorly it must be doing by going in. No Saks I've seen has less inventory. No Saks I've seen has fewer customers. It has also been reported that Saks, troubled as a whole, will divest of its smaller stores -- I believe they are called "market stores". It will be a shame to see, but I more than fear it is more than highly inevitable. The next round of Saks closings (last was several years ago (and there will be another), The Summit location will not make the cut. That is clearly highly visible and coveted space at The Summit. I wonder what would happen to that space WHEN (not even if, seriously, at this point) Saks shutters there. Relocated Gus Mayer? Crate & Barrel? Would Nordstrom be interested in that space (could add a level, maybe) in lieu of The Galleria? They have only a letter of intent with General Growth - not a binding contract. Discuss.
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