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  1. There is a proposal to build 279 apartments in two 4- story buildings on undeveloped land near Sentara Leigh, but there is a debate as to whether or not the use is appropriate for the site and Planning Commission recommended against the project because of concerns associated with potential LRT to Military Circle. The city council session from this week is worth a watch if you have time. Interesting insights on LRT (potential for extension up to JANAF) and the different attitudes toward transit and development in general. Council will be fully updated on LRT/BRT at the upcoming Council Re
  2. https://www.pilotonline.com/government/local/vp-nw-city-council-retreat-0915-20210914-nbzb6e5bx5hmfofb3whimei7ey-story.html “Councilman John Moss said he and Councilman Guy Tower are working on a plan to “build the best local beach and resort in the country,” and they support a new model for managing growth at the Oceanfront including Atlantic Avenue improvements, parking opportunities, public safety enhancements and community outreach. The plan, dubbed “B-4 Conservancy, Inc.,” involves creating a nonprofit organization with a board of directors comprised of corpora
  3. I really lament the fact that light rail failed in VB and the most we can hope for in NFK is a 2 mile extension to Military Cir. Even if we could have gotten the rail to Town Center, I believe we would have seen much, much more TOD, especially around the Harbor Park, Military Hwy, and EVMS/FT Norfolk stations (vast undeveloped surface lots) and I think it would have facilitated and accelerated development in Town Center. I used to dream of this area developing somewhat of a transit culture where people wanted to live near the light rail and business activity started to consolidate
  4. https://www.virginiabusiness.com/article/pamunkey-tribe-names-w-m-jordan-suffolk-as-norfolk-casino-builders/ “The 300-room hotel, casino and entertainment venue is expected to produce at least 2,000 construction jobs. Groundbreaking is set for later this year or early 2022, the tribe has said, with the casino opening scheduled in 2023”
  5. I am also curious about Gravity 400. I don’t think there is a problem with demand right now. Waterside could definitely use more residents in close proximity and maybe it could activate the park more. Waterside is decent, as is, but it could use more activity and vibrancy and daily use. As it is now, it feels more of a place for visitors than an actual city marketplace. On another note, I absolutely hate the empty lot at 1500 Monticello and would love to see a new proposal for that lot in the near future.
  6. The new mixed use project was discussed at the planning commission tonight w/ renderings— looks 6 -7 floors with ground floor retail on Hampton and 41st
  7. https://www.theresidencesatredgate.com 6 new townhomes under construction at the corner of Hampton and Redgate
  8. At this point, I personally am just thankful that we are starting to see demolition and some new construction and infrastructure improvements in SPQ. over the years, I’ve come to realize that we all have a different perception of what norfolk is and different ideas and aspirations for what the future of Norfolk and the 757 should look and feel like. If some of us, pro-urban, pro-development, pro-transit, die-hard Norfolk supporters had our way, SPQ would be transformed into a true extension of downtown with mostly 6-10 story buildings and a few 12-15 floor towers to capitalize on be
  9. First Fridays returns to Downtown tonight. Events like this are great for showcasing all the new changes and developments we’ve seen over the past years and really gives me hope for the future. If you haven’t been downtown in a while, this is an excellent opportunity to see the progress that is being made. It is very exciting to see the mini apartment boom happening in the area, spreading to Fort Norfolk, NEON, and now even St. Paul’s. Going west toward Ft.Norfolk/EVMS looks entirely different as it now has developed its own mini skyline. I imagine this area with proximity to the ho
  10. Construction is progressing nicely on this project. I didn’t have time to snap a picture but there is one building 3-4 stories tall and what looks like two other buildings with the foundation laid about to go vertical. It’s great to see this area starting to progress.
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