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  1. That's what makes it more odd that VB and Chesapeake say that here's been little to no discussion about an arena. It shows no level of commitment or partnership when the other cities aren't even in the discussion at the table
  2. Richmond has been killing it lately. They have at least 3x as many projects to keep up with. I’m jealous to say the least.
  3. https://www.wavy.com/news/local-news/suffolk/suffolk-city-council-approves-rezoning-request-paving-way-for-port-460-project/ Good news out of Suffolk. I read that this project is supposed to be the third largest warehouse complex in the country. We need anything we can get around here.
  4. So I just saw a clip of City Manager Filer telling WAVY that he expects regional tax dollars for the arena from Chesapeake and VB, then WAVY asked the other city managers/mayors if and why they'd support an arena at Military Circle and all they had to say was that there has been little to no discussion about an arena. Pretty embarrassing really, it made Chip look sorta clueless and dishonest. WAVY said it would take a vote from each city council to support the arena. Chip said in about 4-6 weeks we will have a "clearer picture of where we are with this." My faith that VB and Chesapeake join in on an arena at Military Circle is little to none. Just like the surf park, the casino, light rail, and pretty much everything else I've ever gotten my hopes up for in this region, I just don't see us pulling it off.
  5. Between the surf park News and now WAVY article about the arena uncertainty with competition from Richmond, I don’t have much hope for any of our big projects at the moment. All we seem to be good for is warehouses and apartments these days
  6. https://www.pilotonline.com/government/local/vp-nw-surf-park-financing-0921-20220921-t4vssxuosnebbdlvdn7wwcqpwm-story.html “The developer of the mixed-use Atlantic Park project set to break ground this fall on the former dome site hasn’t been able to obtain traditional financing for its proposed surf park and is concerned it may threaten the success of the rest of the project, according to a Virginia Beach Development Authority document.”
  7. They’re taking over the whole building at 80k sq ft. Pretty awesome. It would be cooler if it were atop the new block 2 tower or somewhere visible in our CBD like Gateway tower. Either way, It’s dope, and I hope they run out of space there in the next 5 years and expand even further. Next announcement hopefully is 500 more jobs.
  8. Pembroke Square office tower ftw
  9. https://www.virginiabusiness.com/article/a-new-look-at-va-beachs-atlantic-park/ We might finally finally be onto something here.
  10. I think NFK is doing better than ever.
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