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  1. varider

    Virginia Beach Light Rail and Transit

    Very frustrating and disheartening news. Slowly but surely losing hope in the region.
  2. varider

    Virginia Beach Arena

    (WAVY) With a September deadline looming, it now appears the developers hoping to build a $200 million arena at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront have found new financial backers — this time from the United States and not from China.
  3. varider

    Norfolk Outlet Mall

    to throw in my two cents an ikea would be a game-changer for the region. i think the nation is starting realize you cant underestimate this region. we have major league potential and big city pull if we can change the attitudes and mindsets and perceptions and start to really brand our beautiful waterfront area to continue it along the journey toward one of americas most unique and charming regions
  4. varider

    Waterside District

    Impact the view of what? The black water on the river??? I would rather see a booming waterfront district than an open plot of land in front of a river
  5. varider

    Virginia Beach Light Rail and Transit

    Yeah it's definitely feeling like things are changing around here for the better IMO! I actually rode the Tide for fun yesterday morning from Newtown and I was happy to see a few people getting on at every stop! It's a no brainer that if they expand thru TC to the Oceanfront the ridership would break 10K a day on average especially during the warm tourist months. I truly believe that we are set up so well for medium density TODs at a lot of the current and future stations. It would be nice to get the Navy Base line and the Town Center line up and running by 2020/21 and hopefully start to the Arena/ Oceanfront by then. Its weird to me that they wouldnt be in a hurry to get to the Oceanfront... unless the arena project isnt realistically going to be built anytime soon.
  6. varider

    Norfolk Development 2 Updated development sheet
  7. varider

    The Icon at CityWalk Luring private employers such as ADP, the governor said, will add stability to the economy. “We have to diversify, bring in new businesses, think differently about economic development,” McAuliffe said. Mayor Paul Fraim called the deal Norfolk’s “largest job announcement in a generation.”“Any city in America would have died to get these types of high-quality, well-paying jobs in the heart of their downtown,” he said. McAuliffe said ADP’s decision to come to Norfolk is a coup for the city, the region and the state. Officials believe the deal will help land others for Hampton Roads, and the governor said negotiations are underway for other “major projects.” “This announcement will bring a lot of future announcements to the city of Norfolk and to this region,” he said. _________________________________________________________________ Huge win for DT NFK in my opinion! It seems to me that the downtown market is building momentum. The small public investments in infrastructure over the years really laid the foundation for DT Norfolk to take off in the coming years. However, I am disappointed in VB politics for leaving the Tide stuck at Newtown RD. I cannot understand how a city of over 450,000 residents (500k+ in peak tourist season) will put its citizens thru another referendum after a majority vote just to build a 3 mile extension to Town Center!? The area is shaping up to be one of the great regions in this nation. The Oceanfront and the City of VB is already relatively congested at times. We are supposedly getting a $250M arena, $240M 15th street pier project, a $100M dome site project, $80M hyatt district on 27th street $260M cavalier redevelopment, the new apartments on 25th street IFLY, etc. Well over $1B of proposed development just within a few blocks. With all of that going on, we are going to have debate over and over again whether or not we should extend light rail. Oh, what a region. Either way, I am very excited for the future of the area and I hope that we can keep building momentum toward a new office tower at the old courts site and maybe a mixed use project across the street on the corner. Would die to see a 35-40 floor building in Norfolk one day.
  8. varider

    Old Beach Village 2 Jack Pope of Hampton Roads Housing Co. is proposing to build 320 apartments, a rooftop pool and a fitness studio on Baltic Avenue between 29th and 30th streets. Pope plans to invest $60 million . He’s asking the city to build a parking garage and provide an incentive grant.
  9. varider

    Premier Apartments Progress

    Yeah, I was thinking 9 stories?!? Could they at least reach double digits! Either way, I'm excited for Phase VI and I think that it will significantly add to the urban feel even though it won't add to the skyline. Dyer was opposed to spending a measly $2M from the TIF fund and the EDIP to support the project. He just won't quit.
  10. varider

    Virginia Beach Light Rail and Transit

    After watching the Council session tonight, I cannot begin to fathom why the State has to, in essence, beg Virginia Beach to move forward with light rail to Town Center. Transportation secretary repeatedly stated tonight that the $155M offer that is on the table right now will be diverted to NoVA if we do not continue moving forward and staying on schedule for a 2019 opening of the extension to Town Center. I was left with an uneasy feeling after listening to Dyer's illogical suppositions. I was under the impression that we had gained a sort of momentum toward progress and investment in big city amenities, but after watching tonight, I would not be surprised one bit if 20 years later the eastern terminus of the light rail line was still Newtown road.
  11. varider

    Virginia Beach Arena

    18 more days and we will have a verdict!
  12. varider

    Virginia Beach Arena
  13. varider

    Virginia Beach Arena

    Agree! I'm concerned, as well. Anyone else that is excited about this project should write a letter to council to show support for this endeavor! This is the opportunity of a lifetime for the entire state! People would drive hours and hours from all over to see a show or an event in Virginia Beach. Lets make it happen!
  14. varider

    Virginia Beach Arena
  15. varider

    Virginia Beach Arena