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  1. You know what...you just made my day.
  2. To throw out more information, it sounds as though low-cost finishings are installed. Idea behind that is you remove those finishings and then install what you want. What I struggle with is the price difference I've now been told.
  3. I don't know the reason behind that, but maybe send me an email jhaugens at gmail dot com. I can't seem to do anything on this board yet...
  4. If they are available I haven't found the sites that would list them or they are way out of our range.
  5. We are open to the possibility of waiting on buying a place. I understand that investors tend to be viewed as more bad than good. I will live in Charlotte and do want to make a contribution to the city. I'm not going to sit here and make excuses or sell something to you but I couldn't let my convictions of what I believe be crossed by the dollar in this case. Our goal would be to improve versus abuse. If it doesn't work out it doesn't work out. I wish there were more properties like that in Chicago, the typical three or four flat building. Renovate the property to efficient standards,
  6. Wow, I never thought of that. But at the same time you would think there's some arrangement setup by the developer to open lending for this. Well you would HOPE that's the case it was arranged before things went sour. Anywho, there is far more information we need to retrieve before truly pursuing this. I actually would love to find a reasonable home near uptown and fix it up. Our thoughts are to buy into property for investing purposes but that's long term plans. There are a lot of developments we do like it's just hard to live in Chicago and only look at websites!
  7. Have there been any specific details about the "naked flats" being offered from Bloc90? We contacted My Town Home and we've already received info that conflicts with the what the website says, but some info was not on the site so it helped. What was said is that as long as the purchase of the unit was made before it had passed the point of it being a "naked flat" it would be sold as such. This is an incentive since we do not have a defined idea of what we want just yet. The info that conflicted was that cabinets were the only things required to be installed by the purchaser, but the
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