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  1. BoA on CP / BoA One at night / Autumn Sunset / After Sunset
  2. Condoze34

    The Vue

    I've noticed from Avenue that the glass in the Vue tower does not have the same reflective (privacy) quality as Avenue or Trademark. On a sunny day, you can see right through it, unlike Ave and TM. I'm sure it will be pretty transparent at night too.
  3. Condoze34

    The Vue

    Depending upon your perspective, Trademark and Carilion should add nice 'filler' material between Vue and Tryon. This impressive tower will add a much needed three dimensional aspect to the skyline, taking it well out beyond the Tryon & College parallel corridors.
  4. I think it is a huge bonus having the stadium and arena uptown. It is a quality of life issue. Urban living has an element of energy and excitement to it and game days always heightens the excitement level. It would be good if BoA stadium could add more college football like the VT-ECU game this year. With the ACC football championship coming soon, that will be another very prestigious event for the city. Visitors and locals alike enjoy being in the atmosphere of the city center and if the venues were located on a large non descript parcel far away from everything, it just wouldn't be the same
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