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  1. This would be cool and bring a lot more activity up the alley which would be good for Alley Taps since it's kind of hidden back in there.
  2. If Amazon is going to have space for the Libertarians to cage fight the Anarchist will they have to get a special zoning exemption?
  3. I still think it would be awesome to designate a two or three block stretch of SoBro as a shopping district that's closed to street traffic like the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica or even Market Square in Knoxville. It seems like that would be a great area for a shopping district.
  4. It's our ace in hole for the Amazon HQ2 pitch- Hey Amazon I here you like boxes. We've got the boxes!
  5. I can assure you it was much louder and more disruptive than a next door neighbor mowing their lawn. I live on a busy street that has the constant hum of pedestrians, traffic and emergency response vehicles. It's one thing to have a few emergency vehicles go by a few times an hour with sirens blaring or fireworks that go for 20 minutes, it's quite another to have the sustained level of noise pollution we were getting last night. As far as hearing world class music, it's mostly the just the low end that cuts through. Didn't bother me that much but I can see how people that have kids or have to be up early for work would have a problem with it. It's usually not that bad so maybe Beck was just rocking extra hard.
  6. I live about a 1.5 miles from the amphitheater and from inside my house with the TV on I could hear it clearly enough to tell which songs he was playing. I actually turned my TV up to drown it out. It seemed to be louder than most concerts coming from Ascend but I like Beck so I didn't mind this time.
  7. I like to joke with my SEC friends that Vandy has a bigger endowment than their schools and could have a good football team if they really wanted to but instead spend their money on "silly things" like children's hospitals.
  8. I drove by it this morning and thought to myself "my god, if your going to do something that ugly at least make it subtle!" Uggh.
  9. Johnny Fritz has a great song and video about the Stadium Inn. (warning- the video is appropriately creepy and almost NSFW and involves a guy in his whitey tighties) I'd be glad to see it go though. "Come one, come all and watch the world cave in. Right through the windows of the Stadium Inn"
  10. We could just put it on top of the convention center, there's already grass there! Just level it out and add some bleachers.
  11. How about ... East Nashville West EaNashWe East Bank North North PSC CowTown NoEastBro Sorry, those are all the terrible ones I can think of off the top of my head.
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