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  1. Well, damn. I can't say I expected anything like this anytime soon. While I'd love to see this happen asap, if it does get built it will probably be after Bellemeade Village has been finished so I'm gonna be holding my breath until then.
  2. God there's going to be so much construction activity over the next few years with all these projects that have broken ground, and even more if any of the proposed ones also get built.
  3. Nice! And yes, from what I can tell it's going to occupy the L-shaped parking lot around the Exchange building, but not including it, since they don't own it.
  4. So with this development doesn't that use the last available land in Southside? I guess they'll have to start building across Lee St. or possibly towards Elm if they want to build more housing.
  5. Well according to the city council meeting he apparently wants to add more retail along Eugene St. but it's all contingent upon the city redesigning to road to allow for more on-street parking. Frankly, Eugene St. (like most roads downtown not named Elm) reeks of 1960s-1970s era urban design and could definitly use a road diet to add more sidewalk space and parking.
  6. If there's no demand for the project, that's Carrol's problem. He's a professional and he does this for a living so I'm going to assume he knows more than random internet forum people. It's also kinda hard to say there's no demand for apartments downtown when the Greenway complex and Cityview are both almost completely occupied. Your entire argument would require that four(!) seperate companies all be delusional at the same time, and since three of the current projects are currently under construction (none of which are receiving city support), that the banks that financed them are delusional as well.
  7. God, this is a massive project. I have a hard time imagining how much it will change that entire part of the city.
  8. Good lord, that's quite a development he's got planned. I'd love to see the site plan of it, though. But really, what's already shown is lightyears ahead of what's on the site currently/was on the site with the exception of the Dixie Building (RIP). I really don't think you can understate how much all these projects will affect downtown. This will be a major boon to businesses in the area and hopefully spur more devlopment on neighboring properties.
  9. Or demolish the building and then decide not to build anything as is the case far too often in the US. I dunno, I'm skeptical about any project he's attached to since he's been talking about building something on that side of town now for like eight years and nothing has come from it so far.
  10. This is beyond ridiculous. Every single topic in the triad forum has turned into this. Cityboi is from Greensboro, he's boosting Greensboro. Yeah, boosting can be annoying sometimes, but this is a forum about CITIES it's to be expected. Hell, it's why most of us are here to begin with. And on top of that, at least he's not starting flame wars in every topic on the forum about the most minute stuff. Zalo, grow up. All you do is harass every single post Cityboi makes because you despise Greensboro for some utterly bizarre reason (seriously, who the fudge holds a grudge against an entire city?). Greensboro did not kill your puppy when you were a child, it didn't make your mom leave your dad when you were 12, and it didn't steal your Playstation 3 when you were 14. Greensboro and Winston-Salem are both nice cities with their own positives and negatives and it'd be nice if everyone could actually have constructive discussions about them instead of arguing about stupid bullcrap. In regards to the brewery: It's be great if they decided to locate in the area, but we have to be realistic about the odds. It's so common to hear news about potential economic developments for the region that don't end up panning out that I've just started ignoring them until an official announcement is made.
  11. You know, smaller projects like this really can't be overstated. There's a lot of demand for space on Elm St. but people often forget just how much unused space there already is in a lot of these buildings. The Southeastern Building renovation, the Scuppernog(spelling?) books building renovation, the (hopefully) Cascade Saloon renovation, and this will really help liven up the whole corridor.
  12. Well, that's great news. It's really nice to see the property around the greenway get developed since it's in such a good location. There's quite a lot of development going up around this corner of downtown already, too, with the greenway apartments, the Deep Roots store, the new greenway apartment expansion, and what ever it is Roy Carrol is planning.
  13. Any idea when we'll get renderings of the project? They've released the plans for Lebauer Park recently and it looks great http://cfgg.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/lebauer-park-book_final.pdf and I really want to see how it will end up interacting with the PAC.
  14. Honestly, I'm sick and tired of the city overturning their plans because some developer decided to try their luck and buy property that wasn't zoned correctly and then act all indignant when the residents who often times helped design the zoning plan get upset about it. If Trader Joe's really wants to open a location in Greensboro there are about a dozen other locations they could realistically look at without pissing off the neighborhood. Greensboro does not need another shopping center. If this is some way of putting a Walgreens there I really wouldn't be surprised. Another developer tried to build a Walgreens a few years back on a piece of residential property at Cornwallis and Lawndale that had been mistakenly rezoned when the city revised the zoning system a decade ago, and it led to a similar fight that the residents seem to have won.
  15. They're dated to August 2013 so they might be a bit out of date. Notable, however, is that the overall amount of rooms listed in the rendering hasn't changed, so it's possible they might've made the building wider. edit - Paying closer attention to it now, the elevations are completely whacked out of proportion. It shows the parking deck at being seven stories (as tall as the Jefferson Building's parking deck) yet being shorter than the ESC, which is only three stories tall. I'm guessing these were just quickly drawn up to give a rough idea of what they were planning, and nothing more.
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