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  1. Agreed, no downside for me. Just got back from metro DC and bought several things there. They're the IKEA of clothing stores: quality not always fantastic, but fashionable and cheap. They always seem to locate in the most upscale centers in an area, so I'd look for one at Friendly first...but probably not before Southpark gets one.
  2. Someone opened their car door into mine, apparently with approximately the force of a small tank. Seriously, this dent's off the hook. Could someone recommend a place in Greensboro to have it repaired? I'd like to go with the whole paintless dent repair thing, but I just need a recommendation for quality. Thanks! Note: tried to post this to Triad Off Topic but flubbed up somewhere. My bad.
  3. hey all. longtime lurker, new poster. I noticed on Four Seasons' Wikipedia page that the third level of Belk is to be "closed off" this year. What have I missed? That said, I'd really love to see Four Seasons make a bona fide comeback. Friendly Center is pleasant and convenient...except when it's cold, rainy, or both. Not to mention that visiting stores in different sections pretty much necessitates extra driving rather than just riding an escalator or two. As far as new enclosed malls go, I'm also thinking HOT, but not for severrrrral years. TTC and Northlake have gotten lukewarm responses, after all, and that started before the economy went so sour. Last note: it really is a shame to see the Shops at North Elm falling short of its potential; no tumbleweeds in the parking lots, but close. If any of y'all are up that way I can't recommend Robust-Ah! highly enough. AWESOME coffee and cozy couches.
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