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  1. This was a great place for all things Tallahassee. Maybe it can come back?!?!
  2. Any news on the Tallahassee Mall? I thought it was being auctioned off. Maybe turned into a casino?
  3. ^ i agree. Zings! are for wimps. man up, write a letter and sign your name.
  4. ^ I hope the Jags stay in Jacksonville. It would be a major black eye for the city if the team left. People need to show up and support them! I was there last weekend (drove over from Tallahassee area) and there were lots of empty seats. The NFL is North Florida is a real asset and will be sorely missed if it goes to LA. One more thing, the tickets are not that expensive when compared to college... especially when "booster fees" are factored in.
  5. They have built five floors so far. I believe those were for parking, so now they'll start on the living spaces. I have got to take my camera in the car with me and take some updated pics... maybe this weekend.
  6. Here is a website that details one of the up and coming areas of Tallahassee, the All Saints/Railroad/Gaines District. It is a collection of funky shops and independently owned restaurants. Railroad & Gaines There is a lot more development planned in the area. Plans include a new hotel (not the Marriott project) on the corner of Gaines and Railroad in addition to the broader Gaines Street Revitalization.
  7. I do not believe so. The banner was recently put up (about a month ago). I have to walk over to the fence and see if I can see any activity going on below. I'll post some pics when I do.
  8. Here is a link to the Tallahassee Area Chamber of Commerce that have some cool pictures of the planned development for downtown. Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce Action 2010 The pics of the Plaza confirm what I thought regarding its placement. That is one nice looking highrise.
  9. Here are two pics of the progress on the Tallahassee Center/Gameday development I took while stopped at a red light on College Ave. There is also one of the site where the Plaza will be. Pictures of Tallahassee Center/Gameday & The Plaza They cleared the site for Tallahassee Center/Gameday about two weeks ago. This week they started building. Regarding the Plaza, the sign was put up probably a month ago. I believe they will be building it in the location behind the sign and in front of the Brogan Museum... which is interesting since I think currently that area is a retention
  10. Hey everyone! I am currently in law school at FSU and it looks like I will be in Tallahassee after graduation. As a result I started paying more attention to local issues and the redevelopment of downtown is a big one. Plus, having grown up near some cities with good downtown areas it is especially interesting to me. Anyway, I am new to this board and thought I'd just post a few updates on what is happening. Commission Permits Village Condo Project With that development being permitted there are now a total of five downtown condominium projects: 1. Tallahassee Center/Gameday 2
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