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  1. I just saw this article in the St. Pete Times this morning. 2 more condo towers for downtown Apparently Novare-Intown Tampa Development will be erecting two 34 floor condo towers in the general area of Skypoint. While most condo developments that come up are a bit shaky and I think the market in general is a bit shaky, I have to say Novare is probably the ones that will get built. They move fast, as they did with Skypoint, which is already up to the third floor I believe. They are also keeping the prices rather reasonable as they did with skypoint not jacking them up like other
  2. I'm glad someone to see someone finally speak some truth. It's great to see the influx of residential downtown, but downtown tampa as you said is basically a place to go work and leave. The biggest part of the problem is the bums and homeless people. I wouldn't pay 300K or more to live there unless the area was seriously cleaned up. The other day I drove down franklin and past the new Residences at Franklin. Right across the street some other types had setup a residence of their own on the sidewalks. How nice. One area that I think will have a great turn around with the increase in resi
  3. I read the article this morning and thought it was very funny. Things are turning out the way I figured they would. Everyone gets all excited over these projects, including developers and what happens. The units are all sold to investors who have to compete with each other for buyers. What they end up doing in the process is driving up the prices by buying low and selling high. In turn the next development comes in with a higher price tag. Basically what the investors are doing is forcing people out of the market and they will end up getting stuck with them. I was looking online and
  4. Well seems most florida politicians, Jim Sebesta aside, are stuck in the good old days of florida and refuse to admit that there are other needs in the state. Living in Hillsborough County I'm sickened by the constant attack on public transit. County commissioners continue to attack the local bus system, as well as refuse to support anything additional. They want to see the streetcar to nowhere shut down. While I agree the streetcar in Tampa is pretty futile in it's current state, if the loop that was planned were ever completed it could be a huge success. Even still for all intents and p
  5. So I'm not fully sure of the posting rules for news articles but I have to post this one from Baynews 9 about high speed rail. Bullet train taking a detour "The oft-discussed bullet train may be on the fast track to construction again. Voters repealed an amendment last November that would have funded a rail system in the state. But Bay News 9 has learned the high-speed rail could be coming to the state. State Senator Jim Sebesta, a long-time supporter of the bullet train, said it could be built without a cent from taxpayers." I'm glad to see the project is still being pursued.
  6. Not according to State Senator Jim Sebesta. He was on the news last night proclaiming how floridians are married to their cars and wouldn't use a rail line... at least in the Tampa Bay area. I beg to differ. I love my car but I'm not married to it. His comment would carry more weight in a time when gas was 1.00 a gallon not when it's hovering in the 3.00 range and can go up even further at any time. He'll be getting a long winded very displeased letter from me by weeks end.
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