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  1. Was down there today and snapped this. Its added a nice density to the area.
  2. Not sure I like the facade. I'll have to wait and see it finished. But I walk by this twice a week. It sure adds to the area around the library and Batten though, its kind of closed it off and made it its own little world.
  3. I have not been here in years and lost track of all of this due to being consumed by school, but I was on the 4th floor of the ODU library today and looked out the window and was like Holy Cow! They finally did it! I remember we spent years moaning about this not getting done. I'll get pictures next time i'm up there to show you what it looks like from ODU.
  4. The pdf is sideways, how do you get it turned 90 degrees?
  5. Im falling for Soccer big time! I want the Major League Soccer to go big! I hope Virginia beach comes together and gets an MLS team! I would get season tickets! Soccer really has a change to grab hold of America this decade! Ohh if only we had more luck during the Ghana game! I wanted just one more game to pump up the popularuty!
  6. I want an MLS Expansion team, that's really something to be pushing! It has much more potential than the UFL which is destined to failure like its predecessors
  7. Hi, I love Hampton Roads, but just like urbanlife probably wont stay. Im starting to like Minneapolis-St.Paul and may move there in the future.
  8. Why is that? Explain position!!
  9. 3:30? It starts at 4. Im sure you could shuffle on over to harbor park
  10. I RSVPed for the walk, who else is going?
  11. Good, hey varider, sorry for vanishing, i ahve been quite buzy. Im good for next sunday, but i can do it earlier. I was actually in downtown last fri sept. 11, but that was on short notice and i could not stay for all that long. Didn't remember seeing the tracks that fully installed on monticello though!
  12. William and Mary beat UVA today.
  13. Once car trains are for the start. If the need arises then they will quickly upgrade.
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