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  1. 576 feet, didn’t make the cut... they shoulda added those spires
  2. It would be amazing if it could somehow be in uptown
  3. I actually think this is great... US Bank should also take over the existing Ally Building once they leave... these moves would allow for a new speculative building to be constructed to hopefully attract a corporate relocation ultimately adding more jobs. And exactly like Ricky_davis said, this was the only building available that could serve for a mass corporate relocation in a type A office building... build another one and another company would come
  4. Panthers night games in Charlotte will be incredible! Too bad there are no prime time games this season
  5. My apologies if this has been explained before but could somebody explain what happened to the two hotels on this site? Is one of them being completed (the one that is further done)?
  6. So on the website it says that sun country flies to Charlotte, can anyone shed any light on that cause I had no idea they flew to Charlotte?
  7. You should go check out their bowling lanes at the casino! It’s pretty cool
  8. The owner of the Hurricanes probably thought it would be easier for them to gain corporate sponsorships and fan support in Raleigh where they are the only professional sports team in town as opposed to competing against the Panthers and Hornets for fan support and more importantly corporate sponsorship dollars...
  9. Hopefully this banana move is better than the last banana move we got
  10. So hypothetically let’s say the land issue gets pushed through and Catawba now has the land in North Carolina to build their casino. They can only operate as a Class II facility until they agree to a compact with the state of North Carolina. Class II means bingo based. So they can have slot machines that their backend math model is based off of bingo patterns as opposed to random number generation as is the case with Vegas Style machines. The Catawba tribe can also operate a poker room but cannot have any table games like blackjack, roulette, etc... (a casual player most likely won’t be able to tell the difference in the slot machine that it is based off bingo vs a random number generator unless if they were to pay close enough attention to the help screen or in the corner where there is a bingo patter shown). The significance of Class II vs Class III is that Class II the tribe does not have to pay taxes to the state as a percentage of net win per slot machine, whereas for the Class III games they do. I work with the Cherokee Casino operation and let me tell you they are wonderful people to work with
  11. Yea but that doesn’t matter for the runways for Charlotte... the current VC-25 (Boeing 747-200 variant) are specifically designed to be able to land on shorter runways in the event of needing to access a region with only a short runway available or a rough combat zone.
  12. They’re building an identical tower!!!!
  13. British Airways is awful, I just flew them from London to Oslo, it was one of the worst flying experiences, tight space, old plane, and you had to pay for even water! As much as we complain about US carriers they are still way better than at least British Airways
  14. Too expensive to operate because of fuel efficiency in large part to their massive size and 4 engines. Airlines are moving towards more smaller fuel efficient planes that they can run schedules more frequently between two destinations. For example, instead of having two daily flights let’s say between LA and London on a Boeing 747-8 or A380, Airlines now are leaning towards flying 4 daily flights between LA and London on A350s or Boeing 787s. And their operating costs believe it or not will probably be less with 4 daily flights vs the two just because of how expensive the jumbos are vs the smaller more efficient transcon planes. A380s are a great idea in theory because of slot restricted airports like London Heathrow so airlines figured they can try to pack as many people in a single slot as possible, but the cost of operating the planes just haven’t made it entirely too worth it for the airlines. That’s why Emirates converted their new plane order to smaller planes like the A350 instead of ordering more A380s, which that decision killed the A380 program because Emirates was the largest operator.
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