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  1. good post Steve I think it would be worth a geographic study to see where people actually stay for Cap One and that other bowl - I'm sure the Boheme and second tier downtown hotels fill to capacity, but would also suspect that majority stay in tourist areas. Have a hard time believing that moving the game would be a deal breaker on travel plans, or impact travelers' attendance in any way. that said, I can and do appreciate the tradition of having the bowl games downtown and how locals feel about that. it certainly is fun to go to games downtown... regarding value of season tickets
  2. i sense butthurt bowl games generate their revenue university overall is far greater asset upgrade BHNS and host bowl games there if we even want to keep them until citrus sports demonstrates firepower to attract NFL tenant away from another city, they need to understand their place
  3. the citrus dump and paramore-west area are forsaken. there is no major tenant tear it down and put money into SSS for OCSC and/or upgrades to UCF stadium
  4. In other news, Orlando was also left off the list of proposed host cities for the US World Cup bid. Anyone care to venture a guess as to WHY? FCS is just a dismal organization that has become nothing but a drain on the local economy. Time to disband that pack of looney tunes and let the real business men take it from here*
  5. OmniKnight

    Amway Center

    i would come closer to saying that the 'gaps' remain for the purpose of interior construction. at ucf's new arena, there was a massive gap in the front for moving equipment and materials in/out until the very last phase. your theory is certainly plausible as well though. perhaps differen't gaps serve different purposes.
  6. Just to comment on a couple of your points here: 1. UCF averaged 44,018 fans in 2007 and only slightly lower for 2008 (40k, because of a low-consequence thanksgiving weekend game to finish the season). So the 25k/game average number is slightly misleading. In fact, BHNS has been very near or at capacity for every game (but one) that UCF has played since moving on campus. 2. You've bought entirely too much into the Sentinel's garbage headlines about the construction of BHNS (probably the ONLY thing you've been exposed to related to the stadium - but that's not your fault). The simple
  7. ummmm..... at the risk of this being slightly OT (as this is an 'Attractions' thread)... I'll offer my thoughts. Mods, feel free to move to a new thread if you like. sorry - but the half billion dollar project is absolutely not an option at this point in time. perhaps in 10-20 years when Orlando is up for bid on one+ professional sports teams (baseball and/or football). at that point, it would be a GREAT idea and far superior to the location of the Citrus Bowl in every possible measure. Actually, the smart choice would be to doze the Citrus Dump. It's a terrible venue, in a ter
  8. interesting that disney watches both sea world and universal build these state of the art coasters, and all they can muster is american idol experience.
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