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  1. Yep..and most of the drivers live around Mooresville too.
  2. I'd like to know what they are telling people who put their deposit down years ago.
  3. Website has been updated with Sepetember 2005 being the beginning of contruction with upfit above the parking deck being December 2005. New heads up will be given when project is delayed again.
  4. Don't know if there is something wrong with that map, but there are sure a lot of empty stores in that mall (names don't come up when you roll over them). I like how there is a store named after SouthPark Mall in there (SouthPark Optical at Northlake)
  5. NASCAR said they were impressed by the turnout in Charlotte.
  6. Well, Altanta only had 100 people show up to show their support for the HOF. (And if you see pictures of it...they didn't look like race fans...looked like people pulled off the street). Hopefully, Charlotte will show up...
  7. Well, there certainly won't be room on Harris Blvd..that is for sure. Who wants to take bets on far the traffic backs up Harris Blvd. Old Statesville? Farther?
  8. I don't know how they can "battle" for it since the developers have picked the site for it at Lawyers and Mint HIll has approved it.
  9. It was planned for the expansion of the convention center....so it would probably sit as it is now.
  10. Well, when (if) they build it in Charlotte take some seed and sod..and climb up on the roof of it
  11. According to an article I read, Pei's firm did not do the Atlanta HOF. E. Verner Johnson & Associates did it. http://www.atlantadowntown.com/NewsNascarBid.asp Edit: In the CBJ article, it talks about Pei right under the paragraph that talks about Charlotte's HOF (so it is referring to Pei designing Charlotte's HOF, not Atlanta's) I thought that sounded really weird that the same archtiecture firm would be designing two competing bids..talk about a conflict of interest.
  12. How do you know that is grass? It could be a roof that is painted green.
  13. Atlanta finally has some renderings out... more images at http://www.halloffameatlanta.com/
  14. I think Daytona's desgin shows you the caliber and quality of architect Charlotte hired. Daytona (and Richmond, for that matter) wanted the building to look like a track....and their architect took that literally. Charlotte's architect wanted it to look like a track and took it figuratively, and we ended up with a beautiful building.
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