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  1. I always thought it was strange how the rebranding took forever
  2. Jernigan

    Orlando Transit

    Lymmo is the first BRT system in the country. That should be a point of pride but unfortunately the ITS seemingly hasn’t been updated since day 1. No excuse for the lymmo to sit so long at lights (Washington is the worst). Would he helpful if the only signalized intersections were Robinson and Central with the rest being stop signs for the cross streets so the Lymmo (Or micro-mobility!) could breeze on by
  3. It’s hard to think that Holden Heights is in the same universe as Parramore outside of maybe a tiny 1-street subdivision (Lake Arnold?) off the west end of Pineloch. The majority of it is accessed by Drennan and Holden and to that end makes it South of SoDo more than west of it. SoDo is already sprawling south largely thanks to BlueRock and If it wasn’t for the train tracks and some cul de sacs it won’t be much different than Wadeview or Delaney down the road. Its also not very diverse at all but will change as the longtime homeowners pass away and property changes hands. The school zone doesn’t help (Lake Pineloch Elem). Largely it’s still old white and redneck who just love their lake and minding their own business. I’m very confused by the original post.
  4. Jernigan

    Orlando Transit

    Let’s be honest - - civic investment in dedicated transit lanes - free market interest in bikes and scooters - buses with minimal choice riders that are actually hiding the homeless problem behind tinted windows and a parking garage transfer point SOLUTION - concert LYMMO lanes to bike scooter lanes with LYNX providing golf cart transit for anyone that can’t use the other modes
  5. A church owns a big section nearby and had a plan but haven’t heard a peep about it in years
  6. I also think this is an area that we romanticize the memories we have in other cities. Chances are, even as a tourist travelling from activity center to activity center, you transferred. If you weren’t on the right line in Chicago to begin with you transferred to the right one to get to the airport. You’ve also never taken Caltrain to SFO. One thing that will need to be figured out at Meadowoods is building a more comfortable station. Perhaps Virgin will help fund that. SunRail stations (especially suburban ones) are lacking amenities by design with the idea that you park and get whisked away by an on-time train. They also want to avoid it becoming a “hangout”. Waiting on an asphalt-surrounded pad isn’t going to cut it for a transfer station.
  7. It would certainly work. It’s not an ideal 1-seat trip but given the cost of airport parking the demand between a 1-seat and 2-seat trip won’t be very different. Frequency is more important than seats in the long run. https://humantransit.org/2009/04/why-transferring-is-good-for-you-and-good-for-your-city.html Let’s not use LYNX and SunRails missteps as a reason to worry. they’ve been absurdly bad together from the start and a lot of it could change overnight and hopefully will once the locals take over SunRail...one day
  8. Brightline is going to provide the East west. It’s going to be great. Downtown Orlando and Kissimmee will both have rail connections to Disney (New Disney Springs transfer facility) And OIA.
  9. Plans filed to redesign a parking lot on Jackson to make up for spaces lost due to construction of the new Lake Ave
  10. It’s 2020. Throw the baseball stadium in Seminole county and hope it’s near a sunrail station (looking at you Sanford).
  11. The current state of affairs in no way affect the NBA, convention/hotel space or investments...so I also see this as the only possible rationale.
  12. I can look out my window at I4 during rush hour and see the train speed by every 30 minutes during that time of peak traffic and it just makes sense to me. Running SunRail on nights and weekends when I4 is relative bliss just so people could theoretically have an alternative option on paper, on the other hand, is the kind of boondoggle that rail pessimists relish in. Let’s not feed that flame. We do have several hospitals on the line - which would provide some ridership. But I’d place major corporate sponsorship as a precursor to running the service so that the other trips are just fare box gravy.
  13. No idea but man If they could work Holden/Gatlin/Orange into a rad slow speed roundabout (Cmon even Deland pulled it off) that would be amazing.
  14. Is it still planned to be a Radisson?
  15. Sorry just catching up and thought I'd opine having been househunting lately. Southern Oaks: Lovely and established. The Pershing K-8 is within walking Distance to the Pershing Ave entrance. Tons of kids/families walking and biking with slow streets and ample sidewalks. You can navigate to Publix/Lucky's without any gaps but it's a hike and would be exercise and not leisure like you enjoy in Wadeview/Delaney or other downtown neighborhoods. The very frustrating part is the walls and subsequent gaps in connectivity. For an area that is already limited due to the lakes, they cut off every other section. It's insane - all the homes are nice and there's no reason to disconnect everyone for perceived status.
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