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  1. Haha yeah not a tower - pulled that from the GS article. They added the retail and the 10th floor which satisfied some of the cities concerns
  2. BishopBeale (or BBD now) would know - Jill Rose over there is handling the retail herself. Excited to see what they are working on landing. Rosalind is such a wasteland for street life which is insane considering our signature park fronts 2 blocks of it.
  3. From an article about 336 N Orange in Growthspotter today... ”JP Beaulieu, Director of Retail Services for Bishop Beale Duncan, said MMA's retail concerns are not uncommon among multifamily developers even though demand has been strong at some newer buildings, like Modera Central. Others, like Camden North Quarter (formerly The Sevens), have struggled to find tenants”
  4. Northwest corner of Orange & Robinson 327 unit building with 9-story garage 3883 sq ft retail use 676 parking spaces with 152 reserved for church parking
  5. Jernigan

    How close are we to being a "real" city?

    We’re 7500 students away
  6. No idea. Maybe someone at Payless would know. They are still listed as a location on the corporate website and there are no permits pulled for 300 E Michigan or 290 (the office tucked behind them).
  7. The Suntrust on Orange at Miller has closed. Checked out OCPA and sure enough it sold on 10/29. Also, 2900 Delaney (Delaney and Pineloch) is annexing into the city and seeking office-low intensity zoning
  8. Jernigan

    Trails / Bicycle Infrastructure

    Lyft is hiring a Market Manager for Orlando for their bike and scooter program
  9. Jernigan

    Orlando's Hometown National Champions

    I wouldn’t call it extremely unlikely. Barring a bowl game meltdown I think we will he favored in every game.
  10. Unfortunately she’s actually a transportation planner… Fortunately in different county
  11. To circle back, this is proposed to be a 15 unit, rear loaded, 3-stories townhome development
  12. Jernigan

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Anyone else getting a chuckle out of this? It just all feels out of touch with reality. The fact that the same people who are now dealing with an emergency as their customers reject their stoic lobbies are the same ones charged with launching version 2.0.
  13. Agreed, it’s mostly about the retail. If it has good retail then it will serve me better than Steelhouse or Residence Inn. That said, those other uses bring in foot traffic.
  14. Jernigan

    College Park

    Try Summerlin until it ends (Harding) then Harding to Delaney make a left and then a right on Grant.