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  1. Jernigan


    Growthspotter had an article
  2. Jernigan


    I don’t think it made it into this thread but Altamonte Springs is looking to sell off their city hall and municipal complex adjacent to their train station to a developer interested in meeting their criteria for a mixed use proposal.
  3. Jernigan


    “freedom” is relative
  4. Jernigan


    Call your elected officials! FDOT owns the tracks and the trains so the only thing in the way From having more service is more funding
  5. Jernigan


    Train schedules released for Phase 2 south:
  6. Jernigan

    Other Metro Area Projects

    It was dead well before Mica lost.
  7. Southside. Interesting that this exit from the Publix plaza lines up with an entrance into the new development at Pineloch. I’d love to see the original plaza transform via well placed mini outparcels and a main “street” connection between Michigan and Pineloch...this could continue that concept if that happens.
  8. Jernigan

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    Oh the subject of Cali Burrito but also several other spots come to mind, why aren’t more of these shoppes subdivided? Is it just because more tenants = more headaches and operating costs? The other example I think of is the old Tijuana Flats on Summerlin. Watching them build out the Asian place now and the thing is huge and doesn’t need to be.
  9. Jernigan

    Hourglass District

    What a terrible article.
  10. Jernigan

    Creative Village [Proposed]

    UCF/Valencia peaking out over the OCSC stadium
  11. Jernigan

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    Per GS - Winter Park’s CFS Columbian coffee shop is going to come to Church Street next to Cali Burrito
  12. I hope they open a Pizza @ Suntrust Plaza @ Church Street Station
  13. A lot of offices are also reinventing themselves from their 89s/90s look. Even law firms are ditching the mohagany. They can get their new space to their liking instead of having to pay for the bulk of the renovations where they are now.
  14. Jernigan


    I mean if they turn the giant solar array shaped fuel island cover into a mural it will be the most Mills/50 thing ever. Gas pumps? I see painted art boxes.