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  1. Updated rendering of EA complete with outdoor gaming video wall
  2. There’s a lot i don’t like about LYMMO but you sound like the Winter Parkers that thought SunRail would bring in crime. Do you really think the issue was less 2 years ago because of the arduous trek down a dozen blocks?
  3. Personally I’ve seen panhandlers become more hostile lately. I walk around the CBD most weekdays and while I didn’t feel physically threatened at a busy corner like Church and Orange, I probably would have been - er, I definitely would have been if on a less busy area or a different time of day.
  4. Yeah Grant Kaley and Gore will be the connections from Orange Ave to the trail along Division
  5. I love a good race but man I can’t relate to this. I don’t think I’d ever want to settle just to have a competitive election.
  6. She does seem awesome and authentic and it's a nice concept that would be fitting and tons of other good feel reasons why. But to step back - did the FBC Mortgage guys (Nunziata?) fail to deliver on "MAKE ORLANDO GREAT AGAIN" or whatever they plastered up on the chain link fence with their survey link? And is that concerning? These guys delivered on getting Walgreens to buy in years before they might have otherwise. I really did expect them to make something happen there. Maybe it's just a sign that Buddy, Thomas Chatman and the boogeyman aren't plotting against downtown retail and we just still need 12-15K more heads in the beds.
  7. Bumping this from last week (I posted it but then someone posted something about some kind of museum so it got lost in the shuffle). Check out that MPB Staff Report though. Some things to note based on the images JFW shared and other comments: - The street on the right side of the rendering is a new private driveway on the project - NOT Lucerne Terrace that is pictured on the right side of the map image. Those homes aren't going to disappear or anything. - That little parcel on the northwest corner of Lucerne Terrace and Grant is supposed to be an additional set of townhomes just like the ones recently built and under construction on the east side of Lucerne Terrace. - And lastly - I'll say it again - could Orlando Brewing be moving here? Their current site was sold to Orlando Health and they would have to vacate in the next few years.
  8. I voted but almost didn’t. I wouldn’t blame Buddy - I’d blame the lack of any interesting candidates running against him. The landslide was to be expected.
  9. The moving of that imaging center from across the street is a big win. The former has already been purchased by a company that is planning retail which will connect the small retail stretch north of Kaley down to Kaley.
  10. That’s all I got. Fresh building permit applied for. Cmon Craft & Common - you know you want to take over that old Starbucks in Sodo
  11. FoxTail is back on for the former Mama Bs site just south of Gore
  12. Jernigan


    Is that accurate? I can’t imagine there was ever going to be a light rail from Debary to Poinciana.
  13. Location is perfect for anyone from south heading to an evening event downtown. You can usually snag a parking spot in front on the street.
  14. Deadwords Brewing Company (OBT & Central)
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