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  1. UCF Football Attendance

    Big football game Saturday. UCF is knocking on the door of the Top 25 after a big win at Maryland
  2. Future home of train platform
  3. THE Orlando Photo Thread

    Ace has been open since May
  4. Just another perspective from my walk down Palmetto to Orange County Brewers today
  5. Per GrowthSpotter, the Mama B's at Orange near Gore is becoming a Foxtail Coffee Company. No timeline yet and they have yet to decide if they will demo the building or totally renovate it. The article also mentioned that Crescent Lucerne is now going as "NOVEL Lucerne" - Here's more on that from the apartment's website:
  6. Kissimmee | St. Cloud | Celebration

    Some quick candid pictures from Kissimmee. In the foreground of the first photo is the garage for Toho Flats and you can sort of see the Sunrail ^ shaped canipies in the background by the existing Amtrak platforms. The second photo shows the Main Street facade on the garage that blends in with the existing Main Street across the street (Pleasant)
  7. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    As much as our transit is lacking, I disagree with the above 100%. Transit doesn't have to be door to door to door like when you go from house to car to work to be great. If Amazon had that requirement then they would just build in the burbs. CV is walkable to LCS/SuNRail even in August. The Lymmo Lime Line also makes that connection if someone can't make the walk.
  8. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    Sand Lake and Orange. - build off of SunRail station for employee housing adjacent to worksite as well as employees around region - Proximity to OIA and Freight rail - able to assemble a acreage that meets requirements - Future rail transit improvements in planning (to OIA) or in discussion (to I Drive)
  9. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Surveying happening at the Cambria Suites location
  10. Other Metro Area Projects

    An update on the building renovations near Curry Ford and Bumby:
  11. Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    I'm more curious as to the concept - do you forsee an existing brand or a new one taking that space?
  12. Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    According to their FB page, Market on Magnolia should be opening anytime now if not already. 9/4/17: "Open next week"
  13. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Seacoast or Seaside?
  14. Irma

    Some photos from Wadeview Park. Many trees lost just like after Charley