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  1. Pffft Tell that to those happy pedestrians in the rendering.
  2. I read on NextDoor that the East Coast Wings location is rumored to become a drivethru Panera. This would replace the existing Panera in the Market at Southside strip. With Bealls and Panera possibly both gone...would be a great time to tear it down The SoDo vision plan has a much nicer idea
  4. Creative Village [Proposed]

    In think what will be more of an impact is how close the highway will be to buildings. Right now you only really experience that on the ramp around OUC. What's lost in relative height will be gained back and then some.
  5. Lake Eola Neighbourhood.

    I'm all about them selling Kaley and having it converted into something like Plant Street Market.
  6. Construction at 1731 S Orange and a trailer now on site at 2121 S Orange
  7. Uptown

    I sort of felt that way about Post Parkside. Far enough away to have 2-way streets, buffer from Wall Street/Church Street noise and 7-day a week amenities like the park and Publix. I could get on the 408 in less than 5 minutes with no real traffic getting there. That said, I lived there before World of Beer and some of the other night life.
  8. UCF News

    And Butch Davis at FIU
  9. UCF News

    Just an update... Basketball's hometown star BJ Taylor (Boone) will be out a few weeks. 7'6 phenom Tacko Fall hasn't played yet due to minor injury but will be playing anytime now. Coach's son and Michigan Transfer Aubrey Dawkins out for season. Tough start off the court and NCAA is now seriously in doubt - though Dawkins has done a lot with a little last year. But how about football?! 10-0 hosting 9-1 USF on Black Friday. Game should be a sellout and will be aired nationally on ABC. How about that? UCF vs. USF on ABC. I don't know where UF/FSU will be airing but it's clear that there is no more "Big 3" in Florida. Even FAU/FIU are doing a nice job with their new coaches.
  10. Uptown

    I'd love to hear more about what she loves more about the area (or is it the building/amenities). Outside of that popsicle store, Lake Eola is our gem.
  11. Lake Nona - Medical City

    I'm not sure I haven't seen it myself. A friend asked. I saw a white subdivision wall on Google street view and asked her if that was it and she said, "No, the wall I’m referring to is an actual wall made of white bricks as opposed to a fence. It is much taller and stately."
  12. Lake Nona - Medical City

    Does anyone know what the giant white wall is that is being built off of Lake Nona Blvd on the left if you are driving towards Narcoossee?
  13. Would be great if Embassy Suites can do something more than the posters in windows that they have now on their west side facing Rosalind. Ideally a 2nd entrance
  14. If you had four hours

    If you had four hours to show a friend from out of town around Orlando, how would you spend them?