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  1. Jernigan


    Love the main street programs but a lot of the process and accolades stuff has always felt like a sham. I get that the need to validate when your getting funding. The people make it great though.
  2. Boston Market at Southside has permanently closed. Five Guys has also finally closed. I posted a while back about a new restaurant that is planned to replace it (and reopen the drive through)
  3. Permit Number: MPL2022-10082 Project: Beacon Multifamily Address: 630 W AMELIA ST Orlando FL Description: (CVDRC) Master Plan application for the Beacon housing project at the corner of N. Parramore Ave. and W. Amelia St. Application Status: Open The Beacon at Creative Village – a seven-story 190-unit mixed-income multifamily development being developed by Banc of America Community Development Corporation in partnership with Atlantic Housing Partners. Ninety-eight percent of the units are expected to be affordable.
  4. This is a new permit application As far as other signs, they are working to move the tenant bank ATM (PNC?) from its current location on this project site to a spot adjacent to one of the existing 2 towers between Central and Pine.
  5. This is CP3. Permit Number: MPL2022-10079 Project: Pine & Rosalind Mixed-Use Development Address: 191 S ROSALIND AVE Orlando FL Description: Master Plan for a new mixed-use development with office, retail, and 400 units Application Status: Open
  6. Huey Magoo's Chicken Tenders - Oviedo (407) 977-0213 https://goo.gl/maps/JRe7DYXwX6nFbmHq7
  7. Yup. 225 and this is only like their 2nd in Orlando proper (other is near Millenia).
  8. Huey Magoos is now open. Ribbon cutting tomorrow but they were open at least as of yesterday, So good!
  9. And just like that there is now a structure up to the street
  10. Fantastic news - thanks. I would have been surprised to see this pivot by the developers who have been pretty consistent so far.
  11. The new F&D at Peel and Curry Ford is coming along. Is all of that space in front of it going to be a surface lot?
  12. https://www.orlando.gov/files/sharedassets/public/departments/edv/city-planning/development-applications/mpb/2022/september/110-w-jefferson-mpl/project-description-110-jefferson-street.pdf https://www.orlando.gov/files/sharedassets/public/departments/edv/city-planning/development-applications/mpb/2022/september/110-w-jefferson-mpl/a0-2-site-plan-ground-floor.pdf https://www.orlando.gov/files/sharedassets/public/departments/edv/city-planning/development-applications/mpb/2022/september/110-w-jefferson-mpl/a2-0-building-elevation-west.pdf https://www.orlando.gov/files/sharedassets/public/departments/edv/city-planning/development-applications/mpb/2022/september/110-w-jefferson-mpl/a2-1-building-elevation-east.pdf https://www.orlando.gov/files/sharedassets/public/departments/edv/city-planning/development-applications/mpb/2022/september/110-w-jefferson-mpl/a2-2-building-elevation-south.pdf https://www.orlando.gov/files/sharedassets/public/departments/edv/city-planning/development-applications/mpb/2022/september/110-w-jefferson-mpl/a2-3-building-elevation-north.pdf
  13. How was the sand/dirt? That is always my concern in that area - might need to wear eyewear. These businesses will slowly be replaced by other uses. Hopefully the city will limit entrances along the trail when they can.
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