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  1. Honestly if the agency needs to be that secure, they can go to the burbs. It’s called a LULU (locally unwanted land use) and we wouldn’t want a power plant, prison or scrap yard downtown unless they can conform to code. Especially for a tenant lease!
  2. Bro I searched MPL2020-10001 through 10040 before realizing I was looking at last years permits. This project was the only that clued me In
  3. I could see Orlando Brewing moving south to the new plaza at Gatlin that will replace the current strip mall (west side of Orange) or taking the brewery placeholder spot for a new project at the concrete plant on west Grant. Pie in the sky would be for them to take over the entire vacant strip mall where Habit Burger was. Probably still too small though
  4. New dentist office being constructed on Michigan just west of the strip mall at Bumby. Anderson & Moopin are currently on Conway Road.
  5. Jernigan


    Final 2 phases do Mills Park in permitting - medical office and garage
  6. SIAP - 500 N Orange is again submitting a master plan to the city for renovation including an integrated parking garage
  7. Photo of the Grant Street townhomes and 2 photos of the new Venue townhomes on Jersey. The first one up looks really out of place right now. Sorry that they posted in this order - the Grant Street one is the photo in the middle...
  8. Am I the only that has had a drink and stared at this post for 3 minutes thinking it was one photo?
  9. Not sure how I feel about that rendering. Is it not brought to the street on Orange?
  10. It still doesn’t make a lot of sense. What’s the square foot difference in the two stores? It’s not like they’ll be clones.
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