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  1. Once nice thing about the Southside project is that they’ve already torn down a billboard
  2. Other Metro Area Projects

    Please don’t get too creative with your work...Lockheed_Neophyte.
  3. Creative Village [Proposed]

    They have to go a certain degree. Millennial preferences and stuff. Downtown UCF goes against everything UCF used to sell itself on. Both schools are just adapting to changing market conditions.
  4. Creative Village [Proposed]

    Our Target can sell National Championship gear Seriously, though...we are used to carrying a chip on our shoulder about downtown retail but UCF is going to change everything overnight.
  5. Turns out these things take a while. Rosalind is down to one lane for crane removal from 6am this morning until 6am Monday morning. I guess Friday rush hour did make more sense than Monday
  6. There’s also Freahfield Farms, Target and Walmart grocery all extremely close.
  7. New as in 7-8 years ago when they did the wood floors and the cheese guy? Or do they have a new urban store?
  8. Disassembled cranes are being loaded onto flatbeds this morning on Rosalind. I’m not sure who decided Friday during rush hour was a good idea to close 2 lanes but off they go
  9. Lymmo isn’t going to compensate if you have a problem with being around homeless
  10. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Per GrowthSpotter, the Travellodge is under contract and set to be redeveloped as a larger hotel
  11. Yes, but not due to the demo. There was a proposal to completely redo that station with the brown building in the background becoming the convenience store and adding more pumps. I thought this was still the case until I saw the developers website that they were marketing it as retail, bank, fast food etc with drive through
  12. Trails / Bicycle Infrastructure

    As long as the interest in cycling far exceeds the mode share, more infrastructure is needed. Bike lanes and share the road signs are enough if you’re goal is the 1-2% using bikes as transportation. Bikes aside though, Robinson needs the diet. The speeds are crazy for a road that, curb-to-curb, is no wider than Central right across the lake. A cycle track makes sense to me but I’m sure there are other things you could do with the excess space once the lanes are narrowed.