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  1. Jernigan

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Not to be negative but a whole lot of nothing from the new owners. keep your eyes on what Piedmont decides to do with the Suntrust Center and Church St Plaza but as far as this new owner goes for the former Cousins and Parkway’s like watching Blockbuster Video try new shelving techniques.
  2. Jernigan

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    Can’t wait to check it out! So good
  3. Jernigan


    Agreed - to that end, I’d expand to Polk before DeLand if you were just aiming for ridership
  4. Jernigan


    The part that got me was this: ——— The first two weeks seemed to bear out that promise. SunRail, which had languished at about 3,200 boardings each day, nearly doubled that number, thanks to the southern expansion. That’s just dandy, but SunRail’s disappointing numbers up to now suggest something else is at work. People just aren’t staying excited about the train. Initial enthusiasm is waning, not gaining, and it’s very possible that’s because the state isn’t doing enough to sell SunRail. ————- Which I read as - ridership is up since the expansion but it went down last time so we suspect it’s going to go down again and even though we don’t know that it will let’s make more assertions from there in fact let’s write a whole article about it. Again, agree with the headline I just think it’s timing and supportive arguements aren’t there and SunRail could use the media support that had some specific calls to action and/or criticism of specific players whether its government, employers, civic groups or whomever. The criticism here was pretty nebulous.
  5. Jernigan


    That was a pretty pointless article, IMO. I don’t disagree with the headline but it just said a lot of nothing
  6. Jernigan

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    The whole thing?! Or were some rooms closed off. Fergs was huge
  7. Jernigan

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    If it doesn’t happen on the east side of the tracks ...the Church St., Plaza building on the west side is planning to incorporate that kind of amenity for the train riders
  8. The Colibri/Egg&I space at SoDo Plaza will be replaced with a Spectrum store.
  9. Jernigan

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Part of the sales pitch to Walgreens is the downtown traffic may not be where you want it to be but if you wait your gonna miss out. They were able to close that deal and now that UCF is a certainty and the hotel is going vertical at Church, I’m sure they are salivating to do it again
  10. Jernigan

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Nuziata brothers have bought the train depot. Looking to bring in a national retailer. These guys pulled it off with Walgreens so I’m excited
  11. Jernigan

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    Burgerim coming to 131 N Orange strip.
  12. Jernigan

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Anything new on OMA moving to DTO?
  13. Jernigan

    Orlando's Hometown National Champions

    Probably the best thread for this random bit... I had a dream last night that I met Blake Bortles hanging out at a UCF game and he shared that he had bought the TG Lee plant and was developing awesome streetscapes around the perimeter.
  14. Jernigan

    X Orlando | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    Agree about Livingston! Also connected by bus lanes and green bike lanes. UCF will be running shuttles - not sure how late but they’ll be taking 408 so Link 13/104 that take an hour each are non-starters. “Hey I wanted to go downtown, why are we getting a tour of the VA?!”