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  1. Jernigan

    Other Metro Area Projects

    It hasn’t been approved or anything.
  2. Jernigan

    Loch Haven/Ivanhoe Village/FL Hospital

    I guess it fits in here but Florida’s Hospital is rebranding to AdventHealth. They’ve applied to update all their signage around the campus.
  3. Jernigan

    Orlando Fashion Square [Renovation in Progress]

    Context sensitivity
  4. Jernigan

    Orlando's Hometown National Champions

    Unmotivated Baylor QB being unmotivated
  5. Jernigan

    Orlando's Hometown National Champions

    Lol. Alabama was a big deal at the time but no one is saying that we should be respected because of our 2000 or 2010 team. No ones wearing their Liberty Bowl patch at UCF. But what’s the point if you can so easily pivot to “Auburn wasn’t motivated” which is ludicrous the way the game played out. A team that isn’t motivated might come out the gate lazy and then turn it on (like we did against FAU) but Auburn made a comeback, took the lead and then...I don’t know what you think...maybe they decided to become unmotivated again for the 2nd half?
  6. Wasn’t it? Even if it just a huge correlation, I can’t think of many positives around the word when it comes to civics
  7. Jernigan

    Other Metro Area Projects

    Still see a missed opportunity to connect it to Belle Isle to the east of it like Baldwin is connected to Audubon but that said, with this development style, I wouldn’t blame the neighborhood for seeing that as only a negative for them.
  8. Jernigan

    Other Metro Area Projects

    Website for proposed development across Orange Ave from the Sand Lake train station.
  9. I planted tbe Division Ave question at the state of downtown a few years ago and it caught the Mayor off guard. He didn’t seem against it but it sounded like it was harder than it seems. All businesses on the street would have to agree (or at least a certain percent).
  10. Jernigan

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    Downtown location revealed to be inside Orange County Brewers
  11. Jernigan

    Lake Nona - Medical City