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  1. 30k is the magic number for retail
  2. Id love to see Southside torn down and rebuilt. I’m also happy that there are some new options on this side of downtown. But, Let’s make no mistake - Fort Gatlin shopping center is no more of a destination than Market at Southside. They just have a brewery parked next to a restaurant.
  3. Does the property include the gyro shop on the corner of 50 and Orange?
  4. LOL at anyone here who questioned their ability to raise funds…jokes on you.
  5. I can’t say for sure but I know FDOT froze up for a minute there last year when it looked like gas tax revenue was going to tank due to the pandemic. Things ended up not being so bad but that could have played a role.
  6. Per FDOTs site, it is still in design. You can submit a question through this link pretty easily if you’d like to ask for more info on timeline. https://www.cflroads.com/project/441145-1
  7. And finally you can enjoy happy hour at a Marriott Courtyard hotel bar and get your groceries at the same time
  8. Anyone else notice a sign on i4 East between Conroy and Kaley that references Lee Road as 432? I haven’t been able to take a photo to send it to the contractor - it’s in the middle possibly over future express lanes
  9. It looks like the new Publix is going to be “Publix at Pine Loch Center.” It would make sense that the Plaza Ecco name wouldn’t stick now that the apartments have been rebranded, but the turned Pineloch into two words so it may not be indicative of the plazas actual name.
  10. Have it U-turn in the retail plaza I kid I kid
  11. It’s crazy how stubby it looks from across the lake vs some other angles
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