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  1. Jernigan

    Captial Plaza III

    Yes - CNL3 was proposed for the City Hall area across from CNL 1 - even had a tentative plan to move the Downtown YMCA there. No news on it for a good while
  2. Mark stays on top of things more than some others reporting the news but I think it’s a safe bet that Mark wasn’t up to speed? If the developer puts up a sign with “G Orlando” I’ll be in the confused club.
  3. Jernigan

    Orlando Transit

    Wheels touts being safer with a lower center of gravity and a new model that comes with a helmet. But the bike looks low - as in might not see you
  4. Wish the Publix plaza block had better pedestrian walkways to connect Delaney Park/Wadeview Park and SoDo for that matter to the new retail.
  5. Pipers was the Sponsor/spot for WAKA postgame parties.
  6. Jernigan


    Glad you found an alcove there. There aren’t too many places immune to the NextDoor/Ring/friendly neighborhood Facebook group horror show.
  7. And Radius, Creative Village, 520 Church, N Magnolia hotel, Orange & Robinson apartments....
  8. Jernigan

    Orlando Transit

    Wheels seems like it could outlast the others. 20mph is a huge advantage when you pay by the minute. The safety features and some other initiatives they have are pretty legit and while Orlando is currently letting anyone play ball, these are the things that could land them exclusive dealings with municipalities or transit agencies.
  9. Jernigan


    Another terrible mayor using the pothole index...
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