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  1. It works well for professionals doing contract work, tied to a project or perhaps a court case, etc. Types that wouldn’t want to work out of a StarterStudio or Catalyst alongside freelancers. Industrious pulls off the high end coworking space as well. Its all an interesting shift for leasing agents. Essentially allowing space to be subleased.
  2. They won’t stay in Orlando as Bike only. They are playing nice and sitting tight for now while they work to get scooters here
  3. Those colors would have one upped everything ever painted in Mills/50 in one swoop. Funkytown. Sort of looks like a Disney value resort.
  4. I don’t disagree though they thought it was a good idea at one point. Do you think they’d have built it by now if the Starbucks location hadn’t become available?
  5. Would have been nice if the reporter had asked for an update on the SoDo one
  6. https://www.thedailycity.com/post/new-downtown-coffee-shop
  7. Fast Signs is opening a location in the former Panera at 296 E Michigan (Market at Southside)
  8. I wasn’t able to stop by but it looks like the new retail/restaurants at 20 N Orange have coming soon signs in their window with branding
  9. New hotel (Townplace Suites I believe) going up next to the Hampton Inn on Columbia.
  10. ARB deferred approving the proposed design. Growthspotter cites some of the reasons as being the bland garage and lack of groundfloor retail. Article also quotes the developer as being ready to break ground as soon as they got approvals.
  11. Wasn’t there a South Eola thread? In any case, The Paramount is converting the empty lot where the old mini apartment building was on Osceola and Pine into a dog park for their residents.
  12. Welcome, thanks, please continue to contribute. Great insights.
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