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    Interested in helping downtown columbia,sc grow for the better. also im into news braodcasting.

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  1. growingup15

    Columbia Transit

    Richland County drops bid for 2nd mall, considers light rail commuter service
  2. growingup15

    North Columbia/North Main redevelopment

    Some more development coming to NoMa/Cottontown Retailer to open in Columbia’s N. Main Street/Cottontown corridor. More may follow
  3. growingup15

    South Main Street

    No i would rather see that tower get a refurbished modernized look. Instead of tearing it down. It's a dense residential and a little short residential wouldn't really suffice.
  4. growingup15

    Columbia Transit The Soda Cap Connector i like that name. Also it's kinda cool we're gonna be getting this free line running through the city.
  5. growingup15

    Main Street/CBD Developments Miss Cocky moving to Main Street
  6. growingup15

    Bull Street Common Ok now this looks like it's gonna be nice when this is finished at Bull Street it's gonna bring a lot of for traffic to that area. 2 thumbs up.
  7. growingup15

    Main Street/CBD Developments

    I can email Matt Kennell about it and see what's up about this. The last time i emailed him about it he said that they were tweaking the first one because of structure issues. But that it was still on.
  8. growingup15

    Columbia Photo of the Day

    A picture I taken of the Tower at Main and Gervais the BBT tower.
  9. growingup15


    I love it a lot. It's gonna be so dense down there in the next couple years. Canalside along with the Kline City Center and big box stores next to it all coming together. Next we just need the Riverfront to get started. The quicker the city get the Riverfront built things will really start talking off in Columbia because right now it's untapped land ready to bring in some serious development.
  10. growingup15


    I took an Uber rider home at Canalside so i decided to take a quick few pictures before i got called for another ride.
  11. growingup15

    Kline City Center

  12. growingup15

    Main Street/CBD Developments

    This is nice.
  13. growingup15


    Ok? Same thing
  14. growingup15


    I see that the garage of that new student dorm is already getting up quick on Pendleton St.
  15. growingup15

    Columbia Transit Yay Columbia is making the steps forward i was hoping.