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  1. Signature Tower

    According to William Williams and David Kaeline (sp) (who used to work for MDHA )who now works for Tony the groundbreaking is in May and 144 units are sold. It is definately happening, no question now. Tony has everything on schedule.
  2. Signature Tower

    Nashville needs some downtrown shopping as well, or the purpose of moving downtown is basically nil. Why live downtown if you still have to drive to Green Hills to shop?
  3. Signature Tower

    The last day the parking lot will be open on 5th and Church is January 1st, 2007. Construction starts sometime after that.
  4. Signature Tower

    Publix was rumoured to build a store across from the lot where the baseball stadium is going off of Gateway Blvd. This is the green lot next to the power plant with the brick facade.
  5. Signature Tower

    I have no doubt this project will happen. Turner construction does not sign on to do just any project.
  6. Signature Tower

    William spoke to Tony today. Everything is right on schedule. Ground breaking is in January/early spring. 1/3 of the units are reserved, and the hotel portion is still on track. William took a tour of Viridian today. Encore completed by July 2008.
  7. Signature Tower
  8. Signature Tower

    Anymore speculation who the hotel tennant is? Could it be the Intercontinental? Could they choose Signature Tower over WES? Hmmmm.... I can't wait to find out.
  9. Signature Tower

    Must be nice.
  10. Signature Tower

    Has the 6.5 million dollar penthouse sold yet?
  11. I thought this was a done deal. I have driven by before and I never saw anything.
  12. Signature Tower

    Tony waved at me today from the Signature Tower sales office. He was seeing clients. I bet this building sells out fast. I predict we see a sign soon, and I bet ground breaking is actually sooner than January 2007.
  13. Signature Tower

    I seriously doubt MDHA would adversely affect or effect a man putting $200 million of investment downtown. Nashville has been known to make big mistakes though like losing American Airlines hub, and the Nashville to London plane route.
  14. Signature Tower

    I just got back from a week in Phoenix/Scottsdale/Tempe AZ and I just had to drive by and see the model. I got there about 7:15 or so and I just looked in the window. It is quite impressive. I think Tony will get his 5 votes. I am going to be 46-47 by the time this beauty is completed, so I am not going to wish the next 3 or 4 years away! I am not ready to push 50 yet! West End Summit, Terazzo, Icon, Encore, West End, Suntrust Plaza, MTA City Center, The new Federal Courthouse, The unamed sliver building, Adelicia one and possibly two, and so many other projects are going to break ground and be completed before this building is finished. By then we should also see the new Sounds Stadium, Schermerhorn, Hampton finished. The key here is patience. Phoenix with 3.1 million people in it's msa, is a lot larger than Nashville, but the skyline is rather small for a city it's size. Our Downtown and Midtown are about the same, if not a little larger than Phoenix. What they really focus on is the natural environment. They have no billboards, and all buildings must reflect the natural landscape. Even McDonalds had very nice buildings that reflected the natural surroundings. Remember, this is Frank Lloyd Wright country. The only drawback is the amount of cars. It is not too pedestrian friendly unless you are in the residential desert areas. Frank LLoyd Wright did not like a built environment that did not put nature first. There is about 200-250 square miles of urban sprawl meaning that 50 or more miles in any direction is made up of the built environment sandwiched in the valley inside the mountains. The lack of high rises makes it possible to actually see 20 or more miles away! It is almost impossible to get lost. Coming back to Nashville really shows how different parts of this country are. The 3.1 million people of the Phoenix area would not allow a 1047 foot building block the view of a scenic mountain! I love the idea of Signature Tower, but let us not forget the beauty of the green valley that Nashville sets in. I hope that with all of these projects, we add some greenery and beautiful landscaping to our new urban projects. This is a lesson that Atlanta is learning. With all of the mega towers they are building, they have forgotten the pedestrian and the natural environment.
  15. Signature Tower

    The final height is not that much of a concern to me as much as the start date to see that old surface parking lot go. I think another tall tower will follow. Jacksonville, Charlotte, Orlando etc... are experiencing the same thing. So many people at my hotel are impressed with Viridian. They are gonna freak when they see the Sig. Tower!