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  1. Maybe they could build a 5 story observation “tower” like unity park, lol.
  2. I’m sure they want to make it a 2 lane road which will be a traffic nightmare.
  3. Looks like its topped out!
  4. Statue destined for the hotel.
  5. You must have missed the small print. It says we have no plans to service GSP so forget it.
  6. Just not feeling this Unity Park thingy. Don’t know why. Maybe because no tower canes are involved?
  7. There is a restaurant and dentist office as part of the development.
  8. This is the land that is currently being cleared. You would think that would already be in the city. There is a city limit sign right down the road at Roper Mtn. Ext. Anyway adding 450 apartments will add to the population unlike most of these annexations.
  9. Don’t know if this has been mentioned but lots of clearing at the corner of Pelham and Haywood for the apoartments, restaurant, dentist office etc. This is directly across Haywood from Spinx.
  10. Thanks for sharing. 24 years, unbelievable.
  11. Well, it shouldn’t be hard to sell 30 seats.
  12. Just temporary, it goes to $249 roundtrip. Still way too expensive for a five hour drive. Not only that, say you and someone else goes so thats $500 plus parking plus a rental car and you’re north of $600. You can drive for a couple tanks of gas.
  13. Exactly. Couldn’t agree more. What’s next? Non-stop to Columbia?
  14. Whooppee do. If I am going to Nashville and I do sometimes, I will drive. I can be there in 5 hours. Much less expensive and a lot less hassle. Very disappointing announcement. Certainly something I will never use.
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