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  1. Pelham Road Projects

    Thanks for the info man. I saw it today and was wondering if it was Top Golf. I too thought that TG press release said they still had Greenville on the radar but would have to look for another location.
  2. Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    According to the front page article in the Greenville News today(Monday) everything has been approved except the staircase into the plaza. The condo/office tower will be 15 floors.
  3. Proposal: 708 S. Main

    What are the chances this will ever get built? 50-50? After the Pinnacle on Main and other projects I guess I am just skeptical when companies announce big projects and then announce "groundbreaking" way in the future-6 months plus..
  4. The State of Downtown Retail

    Furman on Main. Good to see Furman increasing their presence in downtown. https://news.furman.edu/2017/11/08/furman-on-main-opens-in-downtown-greenville-bookstore/
  5. Pendleton Street [between West End and West Greenville]

    Years and years ago I used to live on Perry Ave. Believe me there is nothing historic there or at least nothing worth preserving.
  6. Agfa redevelopment

    I agree with man, some height here would have been nice. Greenville is surely the capitol of the U.S. for buildings less than 8 stories.
  7. New downtown federal courthouse

    Thank goodness this is not the new courthouse. That would be only slightly bigger than the current one.
  8. Another Grocery Store. Really?

    Lowe's will not be a "small" grocery store.
  9. Another Grocery Store. Really?

    I have to travel Pelham Rd everyday and it's just another customer I will have to keep happy. So I guess it's a little selfish of me.
  10. Another Grocery Store. Really?

    Lowe's Foods on already crowded Pelham Road. Just think we have enough grocery stores now, not to mention the ones already under construction.
  11. BB&T building/lot redevelopment

    The BBT building has virtually no windows. What they do have are hidden. Surely they will add windows, decks etc for apartments, but that sounds like a major job.
  12. Greater Greenville Economic Developments

    Supply is not down, there is already 6 months worth at least in storage tanks. If a few days of interruption of part of the production causes major shortages then the U.S. is walking on a thin line to catastrophe.
  13. Greenville Annexations

    I'm sure Mauldin will if they haven't already.
  14. Greater Greenville Economic Developments

    So while I was at work for 3 hours tonight gas prices jumped 25 cents up to $2.50 a gallon. I guess now this increase will increase production and flow and everything will be ok. No all this does is give the oil companies billions in profit by selling the same gas they were planning on selling for $2 dollars a gallon for $2.50. This won't do anything but give the oil companies windfall profits. I'm sure they are not through either. Look for prices to be back to $3 a gallon by Labor Day where the oil companies want it.