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  1. Love Boston Market. Wish they would come back to Greenville.
  2. Speaking of tower cranes, the tallest building in Greenville was built without one, correct?
  3. Is the demand to Florida that high to have so many flights?
  4. Who in their right mind would walk on a sidewalk along Haywood Road.
  5. Smart, so they still didn’t get the back rent and no future rent.
  6. Will the DMV eventually move back to county square?
  7. So it looks like after the County office building is built no other construction for at least 5 years.
  8. I think we have Florida covered. Good to see Denver back but need more western non-stoos.
  9. Doubt there will be much building this year as building material costs are through the roof and in some cases short supply.
  10. apaladin

    The Gateway Site

    Just preparing for the playground equipment and picnic tables.
  11. Should have bet this.
  12. Just leaves a prominant empty space in a high traffic area. Hopefully someone will move in if anyone can afford it.
  13. Is that topped out?
  14. Not retail but downtown. Big secret I guess but 4 Big 10 teams are playing baseball at Fluor Field this weekend. Illinois, Maryland, Ohio St. and Michigan St. This is the same event that Furman used to host and participate. Of course FU has dropped their baseball program which I am still mad about. Next weekend the Big10 will be back when Michigan St. will return and be joined by Michigan, Northwestern and Purdue.
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