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  1. Another victim of the mass hysteria, misinformation, poor decisions. If Clemson and SC can play 10-11 games why can’t they play each other? The real reason is the SEC does not want to pay the guarantees for out of conference games with few or no fans. If they pick and choose what ooc games they play then they have to pay for all the ooc games. Covid, safety etc excuse has nothing to do with it. I’m mad because they cancelled the Furman/Tennessee game too.
  2. Another year plus to finish? I guess they have a lot of work to do inside with security etc.
  3. Nobody is laughing about people dying. Again you missed the point.
  4. Like I said no need to wear a mask outside. Everyone knows if you sneeze or cough in public and don’t cover it you could be shot on site.
  5. Why? The CDC says you have to be within 6 feet of an infected person for 10 minutes to catch it. No need to have one on outside. You are not going to get it or give it to someone by just walking by someone.
  6. I expected many would be disappointed with this encouraging news and politicize it and it only took a minute!
  7. Encouraging news. CDC director says he absolutely wants his grandkids in school. Pfizer is hoping for a vaccine by October and the US has ordered 100 million doses. https://www.yahoo.com/news/coronavirus-updates-us-flying-blind-123340647.html
  8. That’s funny. Real news source? Does one exist that isn’t biased to some degree?
  9. I do take it seriously, wear a mask etc but believe it is overblown and all these figures are suspect to say the least. There is so much information and misinformation it is overwhelming. We have suffered the loss of my father-in-law who passed away alone in a nursing home because he was alone for 2 months as no one could go see him. Now my mother in-law is in the same situation begging for someone to come see her. Which is worse? Trying to keep the virus away from them are keeping their loved ones from them? For me it is the latter. To me the way we are treating people in nursing homes is deplorable. Yes I know they are high risk, but again which is worse?
  10. Dozens of scientists, see the quote below. I take what Fauci says and doesn't say with a grain of salt. He certainly has his own agenda. dozens of scientific papers speculated that, like the flu, the coronavirus would melt away in the heat, sunlight, and humidity and we could all relax for a few months until a second wave of infection hit us in late fall.
  11. So I guess they were wrog again when they told us the summer heat would help.
  12. I choose to respectfully disagree but honor your opinion at the same time.
  13. I don’t but a lot of people, institutions, hospitals, doctors, drug companies, scientists etc. do. It is very tempting for anyone to get 3 times the money they normally get with the stroke of a pen. It is serious by all means but it has gotten blown way out of proportion and has become a political football. Yep again you can find a worst case scenario and report it to promote any agenda regardless of what that agenda is. Where are all the stories about the thousands and thousands that have survived with little or no problems or the ones where the case was very serious but still recovered.
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