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  1. It's up. Doesn't look very high.
  2. One thing I dislike about the Greenville News is they will have an article like this about a place of business and never mention where it is. They do it all the time.
  3. I get emails all the time from Allegiant about their low fairs and direct flights to Orlando and other Florida destinations.
  4. They should ask the Embassy Suites how their rooftop bar/restaurant is doing!! It is currently the go to place downtown.
  5. Links to videos or the same.
  6. So no announcement today? Any idea when?
  7. Just think what the Greenville city population would be if the city limits were not within walking distances at some points.
  8. #2 or #6. #6 is too different looking I am afraid. #4 looks like a lot of parking lots. #5 looks like the proposed affordable housing. #2 looks great but probably too modern looking for the DRB. I think you are correct, it will be #4 or #5.
  9. Love this view. Just got my season ticket renewal in the mail!!
  10. Almost 3 years to build an 8-10 story building?
  11. Nice!! Thanks for the pics!
  12. All for new development, but doesn't Greenville have enough grocery stores? Then again I guess you never have enough.
  13. Don't think you will be getting mountain views from a 3 story building in downtown, LOL, especially since it is already below Main St. level.
  14. Thanks Gman, you da man!
  15. Saw it this morning. Looked short. Will they install the other sections now or wait and do it as it goes up? Seems like it would be easier to do it now.