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  1. apaladin

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    I suppose the apartment rentals will be north of 2k a month.
  2. apaladin

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    I keep forgetting that about the G-News, LOL.
  3. apaladin

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Good to see this project get going, but the article states a 10 story apartment building so didn't we lose a story? Thought it was supposed to be 11 stories? Thanks for the pictures and links, Gman.
  4. apaladin

    GSP International

    The article says the 550 horses will transported on 10 planes Later in the article it says they have chartered 20 planes, so is it 10 or 20? Since these are chartered and the event is 5 days long, wouldn't it make sense for these planes to be used elsewhere and the come back and pick up the horses instead of sitting at GSP for 5 days?
  5. apaladin


    Correct, I think he was just talking about going to both stores, not actually going inside.
  6. apaladin

    Stone Avenue/North End

    Walgreens now own Rite-Aid. Rite-Aids that are within a mile of an existing WG has or will close. Several in our area have already closed. Other Rite-Aids will be converted to WG.
  7. apaladin

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Thanks Gman for the pics. It's going to be fun watching this rise.
  8. apaladin

    Keys Building Renovation

    Yes-Haw was packed Saturday night. I guess they had a soft opening Saturday.
  9. apaladin

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    I was right!! Great news. This should be a pretty high crane, the tallest we have seen in quite some time.
  10. apaladin

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    I noticed that signs are up saying Falls St. will be closed July 9-13th. Maybe this is so they can construct the crane?
  11. apaladin

    Pelham Road Projects

    Top Golf is now coming out of the ground, steel beams being placed.
  12. apaladin

    GSP International

    I like Southwest, I am also disappointed on the minimal service they provide now.
  13. apaladin

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    OK if this is not holding it up what is? I went by today and the site looked abandoned. Not a single truck, person etc. nothing. Maybe financing, but shouldn't that already be in place? Yes I know I am both impatient and skeptical.
  14. apaladin

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Ok I will take your word for it.
  15. apaladin

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    I really don't see anything happening at this site the remainder of the year. Why would the choice of siding, which wouldn't be needed until way down the road hold up the start of construction? Hope I am totally wrong. Originally it was thought 3 cranes and 3 buildings would be under construction by summers end. Not happening. Why would the choice of siding on one of the buildings shut down the entire project for months?