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  1. This will prolly be built before County Square breaks ground if that actually ever happens.
  2. Geesh, what a mess. Build a Walmart.
  3. What season? They havent had flights since summer. No flights scheduled thru June. Las Vegas is not a seasonal destination, never has been, never will be. I just checked again all the way thru July. The best flight is 15 hours thru Denver which is ridiculous. It is not seasonal, it has been cancelled at least for now.
  4. ......and GSP has lost their non-stop Las Vegas flights that only lasted a short time. Very bad that Frontier started the Vegas flights and quickly yanked them. I guess it was just for publicity.
  5. They are moving some dirt at the Comfort Inn site. Should not be long before construction starts. Anyone ever see any renderings for this?
  6. I accept but we will need to vote on it a few times.
  7. Looked at this to day and I just don't see how the current crane can do more than a couple more floors.
  8. Don't understand soliciting opinions from residents. The only ones they are gong to hear from are the negative nancys. Why don't they just do a referendum and let people who don't have a clue vote and vote it down? This would give everyone an easy out." Well. we tried but the people didn't want it".
  9. John Castile, former Furman basketball player.I feel better now.
  10. Agreed, FU does need to beat WC. Most people regard the kenpom ratings as the best ratings srevice and they currently have FU #72, CU #99, USC #103 and WC #126. BTW FU and WC play 2 weeks from tomorrow night(Friday 17th) on ESPNU. They play again on Saturday Feb. 22nd at the well.
  11. True it has provided a boost. A shame the basketball team can't continue this. Paladins are #1 in the state this yeat!! A shame Coach Brownell and Coach Martin refuse to play Furman but understandable. A game at the well between FU and CU would be good but not happening.
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