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  1. Costs have probably doubled this year. Just too big of a project. A much smaller version could happen one of these days. 10-20 years?
  2. It’s dead, throw it on the pile. That pile is getting pretty high, gonna have to start another.
  3. Because that’s what they do.
  4. Outside of all this, they like it. It has no chance with all this nitpicking, the height reduction is just downright hilarious. What in the world does that matter?
  5. So what’s next for this project to move forward?
  6. Anyone know why and how long the road(Phillips?)that runs beside the QT on hwy 14 over to Gibbs Shoals is going to be closed? It’s been closed at least a couple of months. It’s a popular cut thru when 85 is backed up which is daily. TIA
  7. It did say by November, not in November.
  8. That’s all well and good but how about a new destination, one we don’t already have service to?
  9. Wonder how many years it will be before people stop using Covid as an excuse?
  10. I still have a believe it when I see outlook for this project.
  11. Thats a no brainer. The Gateway site is a buy/resale property only. It will never get developed.
  12. Doubt that apartment building will ever get built. Too tall.
  13. In case you didn’t know Carrie Underwood has been in Greenville all week rehearsing for her new tour. The first show is at the Well Saturday night. They interviewed her from the Well on the Today Show this morning.
  14. It’s easier to find a new manager than a. Executive Chef!
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