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  1. Will it be another 7 years before we get another post in this thread? gman430 why did you end the drought?
  2. I think you may be a little too optimistic.
  3. ....but still nothing official. The USA Today is just reporting what some message board is saying.
  4. Still nothing official about the Kmart closing. So far just a rumor but wouldn't be surprised if it did.
  5. I was going to post this about the Bilo store. I know a couple of Bilo managers and when I told them this their response was "I don't think so, we just remodeled that store". So looks like Bilo will be there for a while.
  6. Explain that last line please. Spartanburg store has been closed for a year. Greenville is still open. Are you taking about the buildings?
  7. Why would any restaurant locate there and why would anyone patronize it? Bad idea. The Summit is what it is.
  8. Thanks for all the updated pictures gman430!!
  9. Looks like it has come to a halt.
  10. Is it possible that the tower crane for the office/condo building will be extended? I was down there last night and they are working on the 4th floor and it doesn't look like there is room for 13 more floors between the current fourth floor and the boom.
  11. I agree, this looks much too expensive to get built without a chain involvement. Hey, this could be proposed for the Gateway site and never get built too. Kills 2 birds with one stone.
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