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  1. I found a little more info. It was orginally 450 units, then went to 382 to the current 320. Was originally planned to have senior living and retail, restaurants but think it is just apartmrnts now.
  2. Found it but doesn’t totally load. Can see the schematics then keep getting an error message. I’m sure it has changed since that post is over 2 years old. It says 382 apartments but IIRC it was cut back to 300 or less.
  3. Did anyone ever find any renderings of the big project under construction at the corner of HaywoodHowell and Pelham. Pretty sure its a lot of apartments. Not sure if any retail but its going up quickly now.
  4. Never will happen. Maybe some apartments, maybe. The other stuff, No.
  5. Yes they are going to start thinkng about beginning cnstruction in the next few years. Think about it, this has been in the works with no results as long as the old auditorium site,
  6. Don’t get me wrong, you all know I love tower cranes but when this building is built it will block the view of downtown, or much of it from Church and Unuversity Ridge,
  7. Wasn’t GSP close to 2 million passengers at one point? Why is Southwest capacity numbers so low compared to others. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them pull out of GSP which would not be good.
  8. These are pretty ugly, not the least bit inviting.
  9. Happy but wish it was twice as high!
  10. Wow! Could see just ss much from ground level. Trees, a warehouse and a parking lot. Wow! Just Wow! Where else you gonna see this?
  11. Why is the tower if you want to call it that costing so much?
  12. Where did Southern Tide move?
  13. the Zac Brown Band is in town all week rehearsing for their first tour of 2022 whick kicks off here in Greenville Friday.
  14. If you only have a handful of flights per day they naturally will be full. Variety, convenience and options are over-rated. It also make the flight to take easier if you only have one option. No decision making needed. Airlines are smart.
  15. Always thought this project was over hyped, unnecessary and too expensive. Money could have been used better elsewhere.
  16. Turned out very nice.
  17. Correct, there will be 8 teams here with 2 advancing to the final four. 6 games total just like this past weekend.
  18. Not only do the men return in 2026 the women are here next year.
  19. Not the color of puke I’ve seen. If you want puke colored visit the Asheville civic center. I swear those are the same seats when it opened in 1975.
  20. The tournament will return in 4 years-2026. I think the city, Furman and the Southern Conference should be commended. They even used the Furman PA announcer and clock operator for all the games.
  21. According to the Well’s website doors for the Sunday session open at 3:15 a full 2 hours before the first game tip at 5:15 between Duke and Michigan St.
  22. Don’t know what the problem was but they didn’t open the doors until 35/mins before tipoff. You can’t get 15-16,000 peeps in in 35 mins. When we got to our seats there was 6 mins left in the first half of the Duke game. It was gettng pretty full by then and full by halftme. It was crazy.
  23. Filling up as the day goes. Will definitely be full tonight.
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