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  1. I guess my issue is that, in my mind at least, there's no place (literally and otherwise) for a national retailer, particularly a big box store, on East Grace in particular. Unless they spent a not insignificant amount of effort and money on preserving the architecture on that stretch. Despite its current status of diamond in the rough, E. Grace remains perhaps the most picturesque street in all of downtown. A little farther west into Monroe Ward are several lots on East Grace (near Foushee) that could accommodate a national retailer or even just south of East Grace over on Main o
  2. I used to think the same way but honestly I don't think we should necessarily aspire to bringing national retailers in. We have enough high quality, home grown businesses to occupy the area. National Retailers serve nothing but to attract suburbanites in which isn't bad, per se, but it shouldn't be the end goal. We should develop the city for the city. Think about the success of Carytown. It's largely been successful without those national retailers (though they are starting to pop up more and more). There's no reason we can't recreate something like that on East Cary -- in fact, it's al
  3. I take it you've never been in there? It's probable one of the few decent, non-trashy corner store/independent convenience stores that has existed long before the hipster "market" concept (Harvest, Union Market, etc) took off. Sure you're not going to find your free range grass-fed organic indie-music-loving beef there but they do have a pretty bright, clean space with decently priced products, a serviceable deli (nothing compares to Nicks) and a surprisingly decent craft beer selection (mostly local stuff so probably not going to see any hard-to-find out of state beers). Plus, I'd
  4. FYI, the TriBeCa townhomes are actually on the opposite end of Harrison. Not sure if that's official considered Randolph but it's right next to Randolph if not.
  5. 540_804

    Libbie Mill

    The only reason I mentioned Monument Square is because it claims to "meet the elegant traditions of The Fan District’s stately mansions and graceful townhouses." I think it fails pretty handily in it's attempt to reference some of the classic Monument Ave/Richmond architecture.
  6. 540_804

    Libbie Mill

    I drove past the development a couple of days ago and I have to say this: any reservations I may have had about this project are now gone. The development team knocked this one out of the park! If the rest of the development looks as good as the first few buildings, this will be a grand slam! From what I've seen, this project gets right what so many others in the area get wrong: the materials used, the proportions, the architecture -- it's all there. This creates the historic, town square feel better than West Broad Village, Monument Square and even Rockett's Landing failed to achieve.
  7. Thanks for the pics! Love this weekly update thing. I, on the other hand, actually don't like how the First Freedom Center looks. The prefab brick panels (the lines in the facade are a dead giveaway) look embarrassingly cheap. How is it that the Belle Summit development, aimed at the affordable and moderate-income tenants is one of the only new construction buildings that uses hand-laid bricks?
  8. So this is a bit old news (from spring) and isn't exactly Richmond related, but in a way it is. It really made me think "what if?". In March/April of this year, Capital One proposed a new headquarters tower in Tyson's Corner: Just imagine if they built that in downtown Richmond! According to the press release they have 1800 employees in the area. They employ almost 12,000 in Richmond!
  9. Just checked this one out a few days ago. It's up to 2 or 3 stories now (maybe even topped out) but it seems like this one is going incredibly slow compared to some of the other projects out there.
  10. Mini Price Storage purchased land in the area though I'm not 100% sure that's the exact lot you're talking about.
  11. So this is pretty awesome. It looks like the boutique hotel opening at 201 W. Broad is going to be Quirk-branded (as in Quirk Gallery). http://www.timesdispatch.com/news/local/city-of-richmond/boutique-hotel-planned-for-downtown-arts-district/article_969eeac9-4b1f-527d-aa88-2d7eb83d199d.html
  12. Does anyone have any information about the development on Harrison St (between Grace and Broad) across the street from the construction in the Ukrops parking lot. I'm talking the building behind (and attached to?) Panda Garden. It looks like they've added a couple of floors to the buildings. You can see a little of it in the video I posted above. The buildings in question
  13. Glad you liked the video. I didn't really intend to make it (just happened to be driving to Chipotle with my dash cam on) so it's not the greatest. For some reason Youtube isn't allowing 1080p playback on the vid.
  14. Here's a quick dash cam video I made of the Grace Street VCU corridor today. It shows some of the progress of the construction projects in the area. The vid is a little shaky but that's because it's mounted to the windshield and the roads are rough; blame Richmond not me!
  15. I'm never in that area during construction/work hours so I can't confirm. However, I did notice that the construction barriers that had been blocking the left hand parking (and most of the driving) lane on 3rd street have been pushed back onto the sidewalk. If it were an active construction site I imagine they wouldn't move the barriers every night.
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