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  1. I think the owners of Sonny's and/or Croc's were hoping to open an "oyster bar" next door at some point, it may be preparations for that. Why not stop in and ask?
  2. Saw a car parked outside the former Rock Water Tavern (nee Spice of Life) recently around lunch time and stopped to see if they were open. They weren't, but the new owners were nice enough to give me a tour. They plan on re-opening as a sports bar with food, late nite DJ and occasional live music. They will keep the name Rock Water Tavern and plan on being open 11am -2 am Monday thru Saturday. My guess is they will open sometime this summer or when the colleges start back early Fall.
  3. This will be SCC's fifth campus: main, Cherokee, Tyger River (Duncan), Union technology center, and now downtown. While I understand the desire to revitalize downtown, I'm not sure it's the County's responsibility. And as I've said before, if SCC wants a downtown presence, I'd prefer it buy or lease one of the many vacant buildings in town. Beaumont Mill comes to mind, but maybe it's not quite 'central' enoug for the powers that be. In any event, if the county agencies currently in the Evans Building must be moved, I'd like to see them stay downtown as well.
  4. Arcadia is getting a Dollar General store across the street from the old mill. Article in the Herald-Journal. http://www.goupstate.com/article/20100618/ARTICLES/6181007/1086?Title=Dollar-General-store-coming-to-Arcadia-community
  5. I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post this, but I was browsing the city's website and saw this on its New Developments page: http://www.cityofspartanburg.org/index.cfm?PageID=80&ParentPageID=78 "Stewart Park Activity Center {sodEmoji.|} Plans for an Activity Center started with a vision to improve conditions in the Highland neighborhood area in Spartanburg. The City has partnered with the Mary Black Foundation and the Highland's community on the</SPAN> $2.7 million project. The Activity Center will be a facility designed with meeting rooms, computer labs, and a kitch
  6. Good point. I bet someone will try as V-COM nears completion. Remember the Piedmont Steakhouse once occupied the building on the NW corner of Magnolia and Daniel Morgan. The old Baber-Rhyne building next to the train station had a sandwich shop for a long time, and the building across the street housed the Whistestop Cafe for a few years. The Baber-Rhyne might be a good spot for something new, especially if the city lets people park near the train station/railroad museum.
  7. I agree, I wish they'd never disconnected Converse Street to begin with. I think it was done about ten years ago when the Marriott was under construction and developer Arthur Cleveland had plans for a 9-hole golf course in that area. I was looking at Spartanburg on Google Earth recently. The satellite photos are a few years old but reminded me that Converse St. not only previously went all the way to Daniel Morgan Ave. but was actually 4 lanes wide.
  8. Yes, that is good news. I think it's worth highlighting that the article mentions crime in the area has declined 68% since the neighborhood association began its activities. Also, I think this area is near the planned Midtowne Heights housing project for which federal funding has been approved. (See other thread by that name).
  9. Maybe they didn't like the peace sign....:-(
  10. Here's the website for Blues Boulevard. Not much to the site yet, but it does say they're open Sunday afternoons and also mentions a full menu. Has anyone tried the food yet? http://www.bluesboulevardjazz.com/
  11. The aerial photo in the Downtown Developments thread shows a large empty lot opposite Rockers on W. Main. I wonder who owns it and if it might become a parking lot.
  12. No, but I've lived in Spartanburg County for 12 years and only recently became aware of where the Girl Scouts' property is. That must be a prime piece of real estate, being one of the few undeveloped tracts on the westside.
  13. I don't know for sure, but my sense is that the Arcadia lofts are doing fairly well. I usually drive by there when I'm going to a movie on the westside, and the parking lot is usually about half full. I think the site's proximity to I-85, Business 85, I-26, and westside retail are all factors.
  14. It's great to see an old building put to new use. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Wofford or Converse found a use for the renovated but largely vacant remnant of the Beaumont mill.
  15. I'm curious what the $600,000 renovation entailed. If anyone here visits the new-and-improved Wild Wings, I'd love to hear your observations.
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