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  1. What is going in at 401 Oberlin? Also, are there any links to the proposed West Apartments? I'm totally unfamiliar with those. Thanks!
  2. My office is up above Hamlin Drugs, directly across the street from the space where "The Remedy" sign is. Three co-workers said that they discovered that it would be a 24 hour diner that serves breakfast food (among other diner-type food). How exciting, if this is true! I've been dying for 24 hour food in downtown! Anybody have more info on this?
  3. Thank you! I would suppose BOJ would stand for Cajun Fried Chicken?!?!?
  4. I love Cosi, there are a number of them in DC, and I agree that they, or something similar, would be great for that location.
  5. no offense, and with all due respect, isn't this thread about Fayetteville Street?
  6. Yep, I just passed that this evening, as well. I hope this isn't one of those "remodeling" situations where they never re-open.
  7. One thing that bugs me about Big Ed's is that they close at noon on Saturdays. I wish they'd extend their hours. I love Elmo's and I eat there nearly every time I go to Durham. Its such a fantastic place, and I think they'd do wonderfully in the old Daryls spot on Hillsborough St. It would cater to more than just a downtown crowd, but also the NCSU crowd. The NCSU area, to my knowledge, has no "diner" type establishment. I'm sure there are loads of other good downtown locations for Elmo's as well!
  8. I got one and I live near the Brownstone Hotel and Pullen Baptist Church, so its making it just outside the downtown proper at least! I'm gonna head back over there, but like everyone else, the hours just aren't good for my grocery shopping habits.
  9. I drove by Pooles Diner tonight to get some semi-late-night food (it was about 11:30pm, Saturday night)) and the lights were out and there was a sign on the door that said "restaurant for sale". Does anybody know anything about this?
  10. Yeah, seriously. I was offended by the website. It was rediculous.
  11. I beg your pardon. But while blacks have taken the word and used it with a positive connotation (which is completely fine and acceptable), I don't think its breaking news that when white majority uses the word "hood" it is mostly used in a negative connotation. I think that is the case with many words, including the "n word" with blacks and the use of "queer" by gay and lesbian people. I know that if I used the word "hood" in a conversation with some of my black friends, aquaintances, and co-workers, they would be offended because of the perception that its being used to degrade a predomina
  12. I feel that calling Southeast Raleigh the "hood" is degrading, as well. There is a much more mature way to talk about Southeast Raleigh. Let's be adults, here. There are plenty of good and decent people, poor and non-poor, who live in that area and I don't think any of them would appreciate it.
  13. Hey everyone, I was down on Fayetteville Street today for lunch and I took a bunch of pictures... not great, but I thought I would share. Enjoy! I'll use a couple of posts to post the pictures.
  14. Wow, sounds like a really nice shopping center. Its too bad we lost the neat Burlington Industries building for it. I've always preferred Friendly Center over Four Seasons, but it wasn't actually the first Ben and Jerry's. There was once a Ben and Jerry's on Tate St, back in the day. It closed sometime during the mid-90s.
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