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  1. Norfolk International Airport

    The new Airbus A321LR might be good for Norfolk, as it is a small (B737) sized aircraft capable of flying over the Atlantic to Europe (although barely) Norfolk could benefit from being a low cost hub alternative to the big East coast hubs like JFK/Dulles/ATL ect. Edit: The probable upcoming Boeing 797 Middle-of-the-market (MOM) aircraft could also do so, as it will be capable of transatlantic flights and will be 757-sized (and I know I have flown 757s into Norfolk before)
  2. Premier Apartments Progress

    Found a random image from this link:
  3. Virginia Beach off-topic

    Honestly, I don't think Virginia Beach has a chance for this second HQ (or any other city in Hampton Roads). However, I can see Mayor Sessoms push resulting in other benefits for Virginia Beach, as it puts the city on Amazons map as the company increases the size of its web services (cloud ect) having access to the fiber line is a real incentive! Plus, would be nice to have a thriving ecosystem of multiple businesses (co-located for the fiber and Amazon web services) than one MASSIVE company. That is how you get a silicon valley.
  4. Progress for last month on the Telefonica site:
  5. Globalinx Data Center Moving to VA. Beach

    Land clearing has definitely begun on this site: From
  7. Virginia Beach Arena

    I have to disagree on this one, the article seems to present an honest evaluation of an issue (traffic) without turning the article into a hit job. Also notice that the push for light rail in the article that would probably fix the problem. Living in a couple college towns I can see how big events majorly disrupt local traffic, this is a conversation we should have now to mitigate the problem and enhance the stadium and beach area.
  8. Hilton Norfolk at The Main

    I think the overhang is a bit too much, and the massive size of the convention center adds bulkiness, but the latter is probably necessary to make it financially feasible to attract conventions.
  9. Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    And notice they dont go near enough to ODU...... Edit: Sorry only went off the one image, seems there are a multitude of options that do include ODU.
  10. Virginia Beach Development

    Or the hotel/apartments at block 9.....
  11. Virginia Beach Arena

    Small tidbit from the pilot article signals big promise:
  12. Virginia Beach Light Rail and Transit

    Oh boy:
  13. Norfolk Light Rail and Transit
  14. Norfolk Courts Complex Progress

    Went by the court for the first time two nights ago (visiting 757, live in C-ville now) and what amazes me is just how BIG it is, the renderings just dont show you the scale of how tall the court building is, for some reason thought it was much shorter. Would have taken pictures, but it was 10 at night and in a car = bad picture anyhow.
  15. Virginia Beach Light Rail and Transit

    Does the EIS still cover the private part anyhow? Just thinking it would be silly to get funding for part of light rail and have part of the line fall through because of financing issues.