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  1. Apartments=year round residents year round residents=retail demand year long, year round amenities demand There fore less low quality touristy shops on the beachfront
  2. So pop quiz! This is Virginia beach history related, anyone know what this is? (No cheating with reverse image search!)
  3. False Infrared Sentinel -1 satellite imagery from 26 March to today showing land clearing on the site:
  4. Gif showing False color infrared shots from the ESA Sentinel 2 Satellites from December to April of the Suffolk construction site. Open to animate.
  5. As someone who has to fly RyanAir out of Stansted Airport all I can do is
  6. Three Notch'd is a pretty good brewery, they started in Charlottesville and really stood out in a town full of great local beer. I highly recommend trying it out when they open. https://threenotchdbrewing.com/
  7. You can use a shuttle system to disembark passengers and send them to a separate area for passport control, they do that here in Europe for a lot of smaller airports (and in Europe, the vast majority of flights are international) {quote]It is not economically feasible to fly smaller jets across the Atlantic. They usually fly 767s or 777s.[/quote] Airlines are actually interested in smaller, longe-range aircraft that would fit well in Norfolk. Look up the Airbus A321LR/XLR or the future Boeing NMA/797. Even existing Boeing 757s are being repurposed for international flights, I
  8. May 5th 2018 shot of Town center from Planet's Skysat! https://goo.gl/b2NuLq
  9. Looking at their website, Olympia looks.... like a typical Virginia Beach Office suburban developer. You know the office park adjacent to City Walk ( the Convergence Center, office buildings right by I-264 ) Pretty much what they own/lease: https://olympiadevelopment.com/available-properties/
  10. The new Airbus A321LR might be good for Norfolk, as it is a small (B737) sized aircraft capable of flying over the Atlantic to Europe (although barely) Norfolk could benefit from being a low cost hub alternative to the big East coast hubs like JFK/Dulles/ATL ect. https://airwaysmag.com/industry/analysis-looking-at-potential-routes-for-the-airbus-a321lr/ Edit: The probable upcoming Boeing 797 Middle-of-the-market (MOM) aircraft could also do so, as it will be capable of transatlantic flights and will be 757-sized (and I know I have flown 757s into Norfolk before)
  11. Honestly, I don't think Virginia Beach has a chance for this second HQ (or any other city in Hampton Roads). However, I can see Mayor Sessoms push resulting in other benefits for Virginia Beach, as it puts the city on Amazons map as the company increases the size of its web services (cloud ect) having access to the fiber line is a real incentive! Plus, would be nice to have a thriving ecosystem of multiple businesses (co-located for the fiber and Amazon web services) than one MASSIVE company. That is how you get a silicon valley.
  12. Progress for last month on the Telefonica site: https://www.planet.com/explorer/
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