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  1. 1. No I was not trolling 2. in general I support development, and especially In Shockoe Bottom. There are way too many empty lots and derelict buildings. 3. Sometimes people who support development will differ on individual projects. In this case I actually support the new development, all I said it was a "shame" that the nice brick work would go. 4. I want the city to grow as well, but after living in Norfolk I am weary of the “just bulldoze it and build something better” approach. The city did that during urban renewal, and it has taken decades to restore something urban downtown, with mostly characterless rapidly built buildings. If someone back then had taken the time to save a few more buildings, might have had a better bedrock to build off of. So before just unloading on someone, maybe appreciate they might have a different take on something specific rather than just lumping them in a giant group?
  2. Sampson coating adds a historic and charm layer to the neighborhood, and demolishing it down to a parking lot would be a travesty. Building could easily be converted to either apartments or office space, and perhaps both. I for one will miss it when it is gone, too much of Manchester is turning into the same style of architecture and keeping the historic industrial infrastructure adds character that frankly many of the new developments lack.
  3. And this is the old Brick building they tore down, shame the side of the building had more character than the facade of most new buildings
  4. Hopefully they can use the existing shell of the departures terminal (the original airport building) I dont usually like brutalist style, but it has charm that I havent seen at any other airport and would be a shame to get another bland airport building like is in style nowadays. https://www.reddit.com/r/norfolk/comments/ura4jr/norfolk_international_airport_postcard_from_1974/
  5. And it fell through https://www.wtvr.com/news/local-news/vytal-studios-cancels-manchester-move-richmond-bizsense
  6. I asked made to comment to some people that work in Manchester, and was told that the owner is "old school" and doesnt want to sell or move. I hear they have a pretty large group of loyal regulars that live in the older parts of Manchester, so might make sense. I do agree that the view is their best asset, but they had years to buy that property and they didnt.
  7. The addition is in full swing, will need to get photos, but Buffalo Wild Wings itself closed at that location. After multiple experiences with the quality of service there over the past year, not really going to miss it. Hopefully they can get something nicer when the addition is complete
  8. https://www.colliers.com/en/properties/railyard-at-lamberts-point/usa-hampton-boulevard-25th-street-norfolk-va-23508/usa1061200
  9. Groundbreaking for the Factory happened on 11 April 2022, at the entrance to the Wallops range:
  10. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20220228006048/en/Rocket-Lab-Selects-Virginia-for-Neutron-Launch-Site-Extensive-Manufacturing-Complex Rocket is about the size of the Falcon 9 or Antares, but unlike the latter it will fly back, land, and be reused.
  11. Heh, this casino revote reminds me of Virginia Beach and light rail. Certain politicians didnt like the original vote in support of it and called for a referendum that ended up ending it. Generally, I would go with "we voted and the people responded, move on" and wait a decade before any revote. I will also admit that I strongly opposed the casino. The issue with the "destination" developments like casinos is that any visitors they bring in mostly stay on the property and dont go out and interact with the local businesses. The jobs they bring are mostly hospitality oriented, and in places like Virginia Beach where I grew up the jobs weren't filled by locals. It might be offset by increased taxes, however if you incentivized the developer with tax breaks to come to the city you have essentially undone that.
  12. View of the basement at the Commodore.
  13. Really liking Richmond so far, but just a weird time to move with the great p-word still going on. Some old railroad tracks in Shockoe Bottom, wish we had this many trains still in the area
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