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  1. Wow... Good to see this forum is still going strong!!! There's been a lot of quality development in Gainesville recently, although none of the major projects have gone vertical yet...
  2. Unfortunately, both UF and FSU fans are notoriously fickle. Many college teams would love to have a three, four, or five loss season. For many fans of the powerhouse Florida teams, this isn't good enough. I guess we've all been a bit spoiled over the years. Even if we have a losing record (don't see that happening anytime soon), I'm standing behind my Gators. By the way, I believe Firemick did intend his comment to be a joke.
  3. Any opinion on the power plant smokestack lighting idea I suggested above?
  4. There was a rendering of the Cacer Center in yesterday's Gainesville Sun, although the rendering was not put on their website. If I see one, I'll post it. I have a question for everyone: A friend of mine suggested uplighting the smokestack on the downtown GRU electric plant. He suggested uplighting the stack in a deep (Gator) blue, possibly with an orange hue near the top. If done tastefully, I think this would be a fantastic addition to the city. It would be visible from Archer Rd. over the trees, from both ends of Main St., and from East University. Watcha think?
  5. TJ, You're a Lincoln High grad, huh? Our biggest rival! I went to Columbia High in Lake City. And, of course I'm a UF fan. I guess we are just going to have to agree to disagree about sports. Other than sports, I have nothing but respect for your opinions on the board. Oh yeah, Name: Rocky Age: 24 School: University of Florida - Master's in Real Estate High school: COLUMBIA HIGH (the winningest high school football program in the state!!)
  6. Other news: Shands healthcare is planning to build a new 200-bed cancer treatment facility. Shands has already purchased the property, the site of the hideous University Centre hotel. The hotel will be demolished next spring (It's about time!! I will be there to watch!!). The new Shands facility will be 6-8 stories. Here is the Sun article: http://www.gainesville.com/apps/pbcs.dll/a...1/1078/DAYBREAK
  7. Here's an article and rendering of the downtown project I spoke about above. Quick summary, the city is selling a surface parking lot for development. http://www.gainesville.com/apps/pbcs.dll/a...001001/1078/rss
  8. Man that game was rough!
  9. No, the sail would have been just an architecutural feature. Would've been pretty cool.
  10. I actually had a chance to do some pre-construction work with the glass/glazing contractor on the Arnold Palmer Project. Originally, there was going to be a 250 ft. tall sail-shaped spire sticking out of the top. This was eliminated early in the design stages. It would have been the tallest structure in Orlando.
  11. TaureanJ, You're not weird. You're just passionate about your city. Are you a member of any city advisory boards, etc. in Tally. If not, you should be. Tallahassee could benefit from your enthusiasm. Many of us rant and rave on sites like this, but I strongly feel that most of us could greatly influence our communities if we decided to get involved. Word of caution: once you do get involved, you begin to take city issues very personally (if you don
  12. Yep, that's the one. I'm trying to be patient.
  13. The city of Gainesville is selling a downtown parking lot to a condo developer. The developer is going to build a 12-story (you heard me right), 120+- unit mixed-use condo development on the site. I was at the Community Redevelopment Agency meeting when this proposal was approved, and it actually looks like this project is going to happen. The project will be built on city parking lot #10, which is located just south of the Market Street Pub. The site is framed by SW 1st Ave on the north, SW 2nd Ave on the south, SW 1st St. on the east, and SW 2st St. on the west. This will be yet anoth
  14. JRadeker, Yes and no. The city created an online database that lists all minutes, agendas, etc. of public meetings. Unfortunately, the information is usually about a month behind. It is a great place to learn about past city issues. Browse to www.cityofgainesville.org, click on Legislative Portal on the left, then click on Legislative File Search. From there you can search key words within the city's database. It's a good resource. Hopefully they'll keep it more up-to-date in the future.
  15. jweisbrot, I attended the Lot 10 CRA proposal. Were you there? Which company are you with? Well, the CRA staff has selected a favorite proposal for Lot 10. The staff still has to present their recommendations to the CRA board, which will then present to the City Commissioners. I was very impressed with two out of the four proposals, and I strongly feel these two would be great assets to the city of Gainesville. Glad to see all the interest on the forum.
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