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  1. Yeah, I just drove by on 277 and they were glaringly obvious.
  2. Can we get back to topic. So, 42 floors you say? As it stands the project is at 640 right? Just a little taller than LU1. Would be awesome if it wound up taller than Hearst.
  3. Oh wow, I myself also thought ALLY was 380something. Anyway, today’s updates:
  4. Riding around Southend on my way home. This place is transforming day by day. Also- “The Edge At Sedgefield” at my favorite Harris Teeter. Amazing how nothing around there existed a few years ago
  5. I would like to see some antelopes grazing in this field to celebrate the release of “The Lion King”.
  6. Random shot of passing underneath the new FLyovers for toll lanes at 77/277.
  7. Is there anything more southern than a live oak tree? This one is right off of Tyvola in south Charlotte. It really felt 5 degrees cooler underneath. I’ve noticed a lot of Magnolias and Live Oaks in the SouthPark and Providence areas of Charlotte. Shelby also has a large collection of live oaks completely lining its downtown streets. Somewhat unusual for western North Carolina.
  8. Always loved this statue- It belongs in a large roundabout intersection in a neighborhood close to uptown. The Queen Charlotte Statue in the Airport is one of my favorite statues ever. I always thought a 100 foot tall one would look nice on top of Crowder's Mountain coming in from the West - a la "Christ the Redeemer" statue in Rio De Janeiro. Maybe one day lol.
  9. You do realize with all the offices coming in- that provides more possibility for condos or condos/mixed use buildings? We don’t need to learn anything from ATL- but I do like that building.
  10. Driving through this evening.
  11. Something seems suspicious. I know this could be an elevator shaft- but is the decorative top supposed to be 2-3 floors tall? Or are we getting a surprise RSA Battle House Tower spire added to the top? Hmmm.
  12. These renderings actually turned out better than I was thinking. Love all this brick coming to Southend. I wonder if this is intentional?
  13. Does anyone know the official height of LU3? By this rendering it looks about the height of ALLY.
  14. I was wondering why a man with camera was running down 277.
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