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  1. This is on Mick Jagger’s Instagram today. Did anyone around him notice? Either way, very cool.
  2. I dig it. Charlotte’s skyline is already impressive, but at night time it’s really going to draw attention to those passing through.
  3. Most restaurants across the country are extremely short staffed- so they probably didn’t have a choice in the matter.
  4. Comparisons are always fun. -First pic: July 2015 - Second pic; this afternoon.
  5. From this afternoon. We have about a 36 hour window befor the smoke from out west moves back in, so I have to take advantage of some blue skies. Love what this development has brought to Southend.
  6. Speaking of comparisons… first pic was around 2010, second pic was from this evening.
  7. I find DEP to be delightfully complimentary to the DEC. Some of us have been scarred from the disappointing value engineering of other projects. Hopefully there won’t be anything glaringly obviously value engineered with this building once we see the finished project.
  8. The view from the Van Gogh Immersive Experience at Camp North End.
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