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  1. Snow tomorrow? Uptown this evening.
  2. Here is a never before seen angle. Kidding, I do post this one A) because it’s an easy shot. B) because there are so many projects to update on in this shot. As they would say in my hometown “look at them cranes! Charlotte sure is growin’”.
  3. I love how this project and the Grand Bohemian are giving the illusion of older buildings in this side of uptown. Love both projects!
  4. A Tornado “unfortunately” took it out yesterday.
  5. Bingo. It doesn’t. Some people reach for the negative things. Charlotte has a great skyline that punches above it’s weight. Period. It’s super symmetric when viewing it from a distance because most don’t consider sky house as part of the skyline- it’s too distanced from the cluster. The center of Uptown is changing- there is no arguing that. Whether someone wants to understand that or not- is up to them.
  6. What? The skyline is super symmetric.. and why does it even matter if it’s balanced? What skyline is perfectly balanced lol. .nothing is being thrown off by adding another 600 footer where it’s at. A sleek office building most southern cities aren’t building.
  7. From the west, the “crown” is almost complete. Still not sure how the final design was approved with that box on top being taller than the actual crown. The box is highly visible coming into uptown. It’s almost like Crescent said “it’s alright, from down below you won’t be able to see it”. Not a good look for that company.
  8. LU2 is an architecturally pleasing little tower.
  9. Lots of blue. LU 3 should add some diversity.
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