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  1. Optimist Hall is fully decorated for the Holidays. Looks Great! Definitely too cold to be outside tonight, so everyone was inside.
  2. Insane development right through there. This area will look incredibly dense and urban in a couple years….….…..with wooden power poles and power lines.
  3. Do we have renderings of the Jim Gross project? I feel like they were released at some point.
  4. Again, Charlotte is top heavy with iconic towers. It’s ok to have filler. These “for once” comments are nonsense, unless you’re only referring to apartment buildings- which of course, are never iconic architecture.
  5. This is about density, not about an iconic tower. Charlotte has a lot of iconic towers- a lot more than almost all of its peer cities. I think it’s good that we have towers that focus on density and ground level retail.
  6. Anyone know what this one will look like?
  7. Was uptown for the HOLA Festival, and took the opportunity to snap a few pics of Charlotte’s newest tower. Beautiful Fall Afternoon!
  8. It’s striking how dense the southern portion of the uptown has become in the past 12 years.
  9. It’s more relief for me. I drive to Shelby quite often as I have family there. Traffic always bottlenecks in Gaston County, usually past Mcadenville. With more lanes, traffic will flow better for years to come. And hopefully soon the Shelby bypass will be finished, as Shelby’s traffic causes the most delays on getting to Asheville from Charlotte.
  10. Can we please not turn this into a conversation about Charlotte vs Raleigh? This is a big development that people come here to check on updates and talk about the project in the thread.
  11. My best guess would be this would be around the same height or slightly taller than Duke Energy Plaza, given that it’s 42 floors. They appear to Have about the same amount of height after the last floor. Given that this one is 2 floors higher, my guess would be 605-620 ft.
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