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  1. Uptown is much more than it used to be- without Epicenter. I think the format of Epicenter needs to be drastically changed. If I find myself at a restaurant or even a bar uptown, I guarantee you it’s not at the epicenter. Uptown still has some ways to go, but whoever suggested it closes down at 5pm and is basically an office park does not have an accurate depiction of the reality of what Uptown is now.
  2. Not the easiest shot from the freeway.
  3. For some reason I thought ‘Sup Erica was a Charlotte restaurant. Had no idea it was a chain. Nashville has so much development outside of downtown. Their core seems small but their development goes way outside of their central core.
  4. Add me to the list of people who dont understand the beotching of people complaining about Southend “losing its identity”. I’ve been in the city since 2006- and Southend largely always seemed like the edge of uptown with mostly Warehouses. Common market was great- but I feel like now, with all the new development, Southend is finally getting an identity. I find myself there more now than ever, whether it be to grab a beer with friends, eat, ride my bike, shop at the grocery store, go to the gym, etc: I never would have done most of this stuff in Southend 10 years ago. Some people just complain, because they have a complain quota to meet. I would understand if we were tearing down old architecture in Plaza Midwood, but turning wearhouses into breweries, and turning parking lots into true office development with possible retail is not a reason to complain.
  5. Is that building on the left going to happen? It appears to be at least 8 stories.
  6. According to the renderings it looks as though it will be a pretty basic screened top- maybe some really cool LED lighting? Either way, just finish it already- my OCD Is driving me insane.
  7. Yet they still haven’t completed the top? What is the hold up?
  8. Saw this on Instagram. Kind of gives you an idea of what the area could look like. So surprised to see this type of development right here- but it was bound to happen eventually.
  9. Sunset over Spectrum in Southend.
  10. Just ignore him. Seems he pleasures himself to people getting mad about his lame downvotes. I’d say 99 percent of the time the members of this site are super mature and are actually capable of having discussions. Don’t let him ruin the experience here.
  11. Moving at a good clip. 6 floors and we are already over halfway up.
  12. Snapped this, passing by yesterday. Movin’ on up.
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