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  1. Southend’s burgeoning skyline this evening.
  2. Not a bad looking building. I would like something super modern for the next projects at LU.
  3. Found this on “Charlotte through the Years”. It’s amazing how much focus has been put on Charlotte’s central urban core in the past 25 years. This skyline went from a Slightly Larger Greensboro type skyline to a major city skyline in that short of a time period.
  4. Burnt orange, blue, spires, designs in recycled glass, every shape possible. All of my favorite visual aesthetics in one shot.
  5. If this isn’t the original design for the roof, then I’m not sure what is going on here. It’s definetely not the newest flat roofed rendering. It’s not a v either, from several angles it almost looks rounded downward towards the center. If that’s the case, the building will turn out better than both renderings in my opinion.
  6. Money doesn’t buy taste. Reminds of riding through Myers park and seeing how some of these millionaires decorate their beautiful houses with giant inflatable Christmas decorations.
  7. Sorry for the quality, but looking at the building from the sides is the worst.
  8. You can be grateful for the the headquarters and disagree with their signage. The tower they occupied is basically Charlotte’s Chrysler building, and should have been respected a little more. I’ve been very pro Truist, and I’m pro their lighting scheme, but this diminishes the architecture of one of Charlotte’s classiest buildings.
  9. I cannot believe this happened to one of my favorite towers. I have a deep feeling of outrage, which doesn’t happen too often. Tact and taste is what is missing here. Not a good look Truist. Please re-evaluate this decision as it’s not going to go over well with the public.
  10. Noticing tonight, on my drive in from the west side, Deloitte also will have and LED light scheme. This skyline is LIT.
  11. I don’t mind the lighting. I feel that it would be super effective just to light up the top, as opposed to doing the sides of the building. I don’t think this building has the design for a lit up outline like Duke Energy. What I’m worried about is the signage messing with the overall aesthetic of the building. I guess we will see.
  12. My Favorite Ring City Downtowns: Shelby, Lincolnton and Salisbury. SHelby, Concord and Salisbury have pretty expansive historic districts. It's not a ring city but if you have a chance to visit downtown Hendersonville, it's worth the drive from I-26.
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