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  1. smithc5

    Columbia Transit

    Does Cmrta offer park and ride? If not they should consider it. It could increase the number of people who choose to take the bus.
  2. An exit could be built at the Hardscrabble Road overpass at I-77. This would help relieve congestion at Exit 22 - Killian Road.
  3. I-20 to be widened from I-77 to Spears Creek Church Rd in NE Richland. Finally. the state
  4. smithc5

    Economic developments in the Midlands

    Verizon Wireless' 1500 employee caller center in Forest Acres is relocating to a new $40 millon dollar facility in Kershaw County. What can Richland County do to attract and maintain businesses within the county?
  5. smithc5

    A new tower for Columbia?

    I agree, the next tower won't come until businesses show interest and come to Columbia. The next tower should be built in the current location of the current NBSC building. It's a great location for density. Office towers are nice but more apartment living downtown would be beneficial also.
  6. smithc5

    A new tower for Columbia?

    is wachovia still planning to go forth with the $5 Million dollar renovation of the glass building on main. is the 29-foot glass structure still a go ahead?
  7. smithc5

    A new tower for Columbia?

    i also recommend a new tower be built along sumter but closer to richland street. we need a tower to help fill in the gap between main and boa. hopefully the next project will also be a signature tower for the capitol city.