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  1. This is how I understand it as well. It's more that she's calling a process foul on the city rather than fighting the actual development. She just wants more transparency and if you follow the Downtown Norfolk Civic League meetings regarding this, there hasn't been much from the city. Most of the residents' questions are either unanswered or vague, yet the city is rushing it through the process.
  2. Yeah, not a fan either. The entire allure of St Paul's would be mixed use and a chance to expand downtown. If you're just going to add residential, you're not really expanding the downtown in terms of amenities. The infamous St Paul's plan includes the right mix of retail. They should have waited for a developer that would have incorporated commercial space on the first floor but it appears some on city council didn't want the developer to walk so they caved.
  3. I don't know why this is such a surprise. We've been talking about this for a few weeks that Star Hill is basically a beer kiosk in the middle of a glorified food court. That said, I run down there at night and the riverfront is already activated by this place with tons of people walking around (and it's not even officially open yet). So while we all know they're not going with what they sold us, it looks to be doing its job and will most likely be profitable.
  4. Not really sure. The demand is from retirees and assisted living patients so that's a specific demographic. Part of the demand isn't all on location either. It's the amenities and treatment and lack of retirement communities in nfk that is drawing people there.
  5. Hearing the groundbreaking will be in the fall. Demand is high, they've sold out of units, and there is actually a lengthy waitlist to secure one. Pretty confident this project will be green-lit and shouldn't have any issues.
  6. From what I understand, Starr hill is basically just a large kiosk in the middle of the market, a glorified beer stand. It's not the brewery that was initially advertised. That is turning out to be the case with most of the establishments announced.
  7. Checked out a few of the new places recently: Jack Brown's burger joint: Small space but was packed on a Sunday night. Great beer selection and delicious and reasonably priced burgers. Solid addition to Granby. Will absolutely go back. Didn't realize it wasn't really a chain. There are two in Harrisonburg and one in Richmond. Concept developed by two JMU grads I believe. Benny Damato's Pizza: Another solid addition to Granby. Really small space but they serve the huge slices you get up in DC that takes two paper plates to hold. Shold take care of the late night crowd. Also didn't realize that it wasn't a national chain. They claim to be home of the VA slice with other shops located throughout the state. Brick Anchor Brew House: Decent beer selection and really nice on the inside as they did a good job of trying to get away from the Jack Quinn's look and made it their own. Food and service (and they were nearly empty but took forever with many of the wait staff standing around) wasn't that great though.
  8. It's not the best option in a downtown area. First floor commercial space instantly activates the block and increases pedestrian traffic. Otherwise, you're basically killing the flow of foot traffic. Granby Street is a model for this as all of the buildings all have commercial space on the ground level. The more they do this in other parts of the city, the more likely the downtown area is going to expand. That's the major issue with the residential development in St. Paul's. It's basically a huge block of ground level units which creates a wall in the middle of quadrant to be developed (if they were to build mixed use on either side of it). You almost always want mixed-use in any project.
  9. Yeah, at some point there were negotiations with CVS to go on the corner spot but I haven't heard anything on that in about a year so I'm assuming that was washed from the plan.
  10. Learned a little more about this project this weekend. Buddy just bought the Royster building and will renovate it, which is where he'll be moving the existing tenants (who want to go there, there are some tenants who may move to Wells Fargo). There is an idea for a second tower near BOA (possibly on the green space near the ATMs) but that is far from set in stone and may not come years down the line. His primary focus as of now is renovations in the two buildings.
  11. Ghentite

    Tarrants Bay

    Aside from this, a huge mixed-use development in fort Norfolk is making it way up the city approval chain. It will be located on the water (with a large new marina) behind the Riverview Lofts and the Fort Norfolk Medical Center, next to Plum Point Park along the Elizabeth River Walking Trail. Keep an eye out for it.
  12. This isn't Sim City. I think we can all agree that the Waterside Sheraton is an eyesoar from the outside but it's not going to be torn down anytime soon. I don't have actual numbers but anytime I've been through there (spring, summer during wedding season) it's ALWAYS packed with people and it was recently remodeled on the inside as well. It's actually a very nice hotel. I don't see them handing the keys over to the city anytime soon. And even if they did and the city raised it, do you actually think anything would get built there anytime shortly after. Not with the way our city works. It'd be a vacant piece of land that would sit for years while the city argued over the proper use of it. That would make us even more frustrated. The Sheraton is generating money for the city, let it be. If anything, the city and any prospective developers need to take advantage of all of these visitors it brings to the waterfront. But I disagree that tearing it down is in any way a solution.
  13. Sorry. I can't put his/her name out there. Just thought I'd share what I heard with you all.
  14. This will continue to be delayed. Hearing Cordish is having a hard time attracting new tenants as the whole "entertainment super center" concept is getting old and is losing money in other cities. They are contemplating turning some of the proposed commercial space into residential. If the city is ever going to pull out and open things back up to other developers, this is a prime opportunity.
  15. Actually, nevermind. Just received this note, "The land transfer sale to S.L. Nusbaum has been pulled from the City Council agenda and will be delayed for a year."
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