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  1. I am confused (honestly, this is not intended to be sarcastic). I don't understand why people are against getting $40 million from the government--hasn't it already been earmarked for this purpose and if we don't get it someone else will?
  2. And really, we need both options. Bike lanes would promote a more healthful mode of transportation, but not everyone is physically capable of riding a bike, or may not want to ride that far, or in 2 feet of snow...So the bus is a great alternative.
  3. I think the other positive piece (in addition to being more environmentally friendly, being more convenient, etc) is that the money is coming from the federal and state government. It isn't like Grand Rapids can say, yes we want the money, but we want to do something else with it. We either get it for the silver line, or we don't get it at all. So voting yes means $40 million for GR plus a slight increase in millage. Voting no means no $40 million. Is that right?
  4. Yeah, and the increase in taxes for the enhancement is tiny! Here are the facts (and sorry if someone posted this already, I didn't read through all 107 pages carefully to see ) The Cost: Renewal: 1.12 mills costs the owner of a $100,000 assessed value home $4.66 per month Enhancement: 0.16 mills costs the owner of a $100,000 assessed value home $0.75 per month Furthermore, the economic return is estimated at 400%!!!!! (I think we have a winner). So VOTE YES May 5!!!! Remind your friends! (Info from the Friends of Transit Vote Yes flier)
  5. Well, this doesn't have anything to do with hamburgers, but there is a really great conference coming to GR this summer. It will be a wonderful opportunity for people interested in green development AND it will attract a lot of attention to GR. Its called GreenTown and there will also be one in Chicago in the fall. Here is the website if you want to participate: http://greentownconference.com/. On the website, the say GR was chosen because it is a leader "in the sustainable movement and are on the forefront of creating eco-effective communities." GO Grand Rapids!
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