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  1. True, D&W is almost finished. But other than that Benner has no one else signed on to the project. No PF Changs, No walgreens, no Kohls, no bed bath and beyond, no crate and barrel, nothing. Keep in mind D&W has nothing to do with Benner. They bought that lot them selves and did it all on their own.
  2. Right now Village of Orchard hills is a "dead project" Infeld (BDR) is trying to sell off some property. If the project does happen (3-5yrs from now) it will be about 200,000 sqft instead of the 400,000+ sqft they where planning on.
  3. Benner is going to run into more trouble with the PF Chang's site. Their site plan shows the building facing the Beltline. and not in towards the village. He has sold this thing as a lifestyle center but now as he moves forward he is going to develop this like all his other properties on Alpine: a strip mall. The city has already voiced their displeasure about this to benner, but i think he is going to bring the plan forward to the commission anyways.
  4. on hold, at least for now. They are trying to sell off some land to create some cash flow. It will never be the 400,000 sqft it was first going to be maybe 200,000 sqft if it ever gets off the ground.
  5. Benner, Lamar, and Spartan closed on the deal late last night and early this morning.
  6. I never said i wanted him to fail. I want this project to happen, i think it would be great for west mi. forgive me for not believing the guy when he says he has financing, even if it is "creative financing," given the economic conditions we are in right now.
  7. with this guy having one of the worst reputations in town i would not believe a word he says. Yes both D&W, and PF Chang are ready, but benner has no money to complete the project. Yes they are trying to come up with "creative financing" but he has not been successful in that venture so far. He is still working at it. Will he be successful? Its anyone's guess.
  8. I know PF Chang has always wanted that site, as do a lot of people, but from what i heard Benner only has spartan stores signed on to the project, and he is out of money, and can't get access to his bank money. Spartan is getting ready to walk if things don't change soon.
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