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  1. Is DADs Magic Bus still going to be located there? Haven't heard any mention of that property being bought. Looks big enough where that would have to be included though.
  2. Just a question. Where are all these supposed traffic tie ups at? I live very near Wealthy and Division and drive that route everyday at prime traffic time (7-8am and 5-5:45pm) I never ever have any more problems than I did six months ago, or a year ago. Matter of fact, honestly with the extra turn lane on North bound Division traffic has been BETTER. Also just my two cents but when has any project ever been judged about its long term benefits in the span of thirty days?
  3. I work in the automotive business and can easily say Insurance is the number one factor that causes us to lose a sale. I cannot even count how many times customers have been quoted greater than $300 for startup and payments of between $150-$200 a month for the insurance, and this is after calling between three to four agencies that we deal with. From what I have understood and read, Michigan has be teetering between the number one and number 2 position for highest cost of insurance in the nation for over a year now. To here the quoted number of 3000 a year for insurance isn't that far fetched
  4. Anyone know whats going on along Division, just south of Division and Wealthy. They are tearing down a bunch of buildings like crazy on the West side
  5. Are they staying out in that area? Or just closing up shop? I always wondered if there was enough business at that location. Been there a few times and it always seemed way to big a building compared to the amount of customers that where there.
  6. http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.php/topic/115913-tillman-properties-potential-new-use-for-630-s-division-ave/ USPS bought this property a month or so ago
  7. Not sure which thread this was discussed in (looked around but couldn't find it). I Live near the building on Division that was recently being discussed as a possible site for the Post office, and as of last week the "for sale" sign is now gone. They are also doing a lot of sidewalk repairs which if I remember correctly are things that have to be done when a property is sold...? Anyone have any inside info..? Man I really am hoping this Post office thing was on the money.
  8. I am 100 percent positive it's New Holland. The wife of one of the owners has been around town talking about how they where opening up at the Market. :-)
  9. Couldn't have said it better, thanks for putting my thoughts to keyboard.
  10. Not sure if posting to the right place, but drove by St Marys/Mary Free Bed and looks like they have moved in some heavy machines for the building of the new addition.
  11. Baggers Daves is good, and the beers are local, but as to the fact that they claim local sourced food..... that just means they buy it from Van Eardens or a like company, which is a local supplier but not from local sources. That's what bothers me about them, they are making that claim of local sourced but honestly it is a just a play on the words "Local". Other than that I love any new restaurant that ventures downtown :-)
  12. Drew explain to me how he came in and took this womens property? It was listed for sale by a Realtor ANYONE could have came in and bought it!! Black, White, Asian or any ethnicity you want to name! Facts are Facts the property was left in severe disrepair, the business is/did fail. No RICH WHITE developer stepped in and pushed her into the situation she is now in. Sad I agree but the facts. A court appointed officer who is handling the affairs of her husband is the one that made the decision to sell the property, to place the blame on anyone else after those facts to me is wrongly placed. If y
  13. Grew up in the area, moved and after all these evil people "Fixed" the neighborhood all I can say is ....WOW! I could not have said it better myself! We can all feel bad for her situation but the facts are no evil developer stepped in and took the property, it was listed on the GRAR website and EVERYONE had the chance to step in and make an offer or buy it. As to how and why it went up for sale is not some EVIL developers problem, that has to do with the courts..... big difference in my opinion
  14. Loving the plans and the location. On the other hand that Wealthy overpass is beyond bad. It definitely has out lived it usefulness. Is there a time table for rebuilding it?
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