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  1. Here's a better picture of the house on Brevard. ...I used to own it. hmmm...It won't take my picture. Is there a particular picture format I need to use? Thanks, Dubone! The picture is attached.
  2. Last summer, Levine got the deadline in his agreements with the city and county extended. So the park and parking deck(s) are still possible. http://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/blog/queen_city_agenda/2012/08/city-county-cut-6-million-from.html
  3. Yes, they are. The MTC will hold a public hearing on March 28th. Here's their proposed rate increases to start on July 1st: http://charmeck.org/city/charlotte/cats/fares/Pages/ProposedFareIncrease.aspx
  4. Comparable recent construction uptown might be UNCC Uptown which cost almost $150 million. Why would this new building be so much bigger and better for $127 million?
  5. I think the federal funding process is why the city doesn't want to do this in stages. To go back to the federal government for additional funds for each stage is painful.
  6. Hey Chris --

    I'm meeting with Daniel Levine on Saturday. He plans to show me his plans for 1st Ward. He is wanting to buy my property soon. I'd rather wait a couple years until the economy recovers, and the sea of surface parking gets transformed. Don't know if I'll have that luxury.



  7. Did the City Council postpone approval of Levine's Park and Parking Deck proposal? Are there ramifications for the County Commissioners' approval and UNCC's building?
  8. So this is not using Tunnel Form technology, correct?
  9. Does anyone know the outcome of this presentation? Is the city going to consider TIF style financing to support the deck?
  10. If Levine gets this, what are the chances that Novare will come back and build its next tower at the original Novare 1st Ward site? Does Novare still own its 1st Ward site, or did the property go back to Levine?
  11. John Swofford, ACC Commissioner, was interviewed at half-time of the first ACC game today. He seemed to trully enjoy the Charlotte experience this week. They kept showing different parts of the facility. It's too bad the roof leaked water on to the side of the court during the second game.
  12. It's exciting how the LRT has been received, and how crowded the trains are so far. What is the current proposed timeline for the Northeast line? What would be the timeline if they built it to NoDa first, and then to UNCC? What would might a "fast track" timeline look like?
  13. With the trains packed in the first week, is it too early for CATS to start considering/planning expansion of this line. I know they could run more trains more often, but what would it take to expand each station platform to allow 3 or 4 train cars? Would CATS seek to get federal funding to do this? Would it be added to the request for funding of the NE LRT line or remain separate?
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